It’s a whole new world

JayJay hasn’t seen anything quite like this in his whole life.

jj boots Do you like his snow boots?

Snowy weather was forecast all week, and we Nashvillians were skeptical because the weather folks often get it wrong . . . because there’s this imaginary “Freeze Line” that runs East-West through the middle of the state. That line moves unpredictably and steers storm systems around or through Nashville.

The meteorologists all tentatively called for snow today with forecasts ranging from “less than 1/2″ to 3-5″ . . . Quite a range.

The snow started @ 6AM, and we have a solid 5” on the ground with more falling at a steady pace . . . and expected to continue through the night.

This could end up being an Historic snowfall for Nashville.


Most folks are already stir crazy as their wings are clipped WRT to being able to hop in the car and drive around town. We don’t get snowed in much.

So, what do you DO when you’re snowed in?

Do you play all day?

Watch TV?

Doodle on the computer?

Play in the snow?

or do you “work from home”?

I figure that by the time the snow clears and we’re able to come out of hibernation, we will have done all of the above.

As much as we’d like to think that we are extraordinary forecasters of the “weather” in our personal and professional lives – I’m not sure any of us have better batting averages than the meteorologists because we ALL have a freeze line over which we have minimal control.

It’s how we respond that matters most.

Mainly, it’s safety and warmth we require . . . and food . . . and love

How’s it going in your world today?

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