It all begins with knowing who your are and what you stand for

When an ice storm hits Nashville, everyone in town understands the importance of traction.

Without it, you’re gonna slip and land on your butt (or worse) . . . Your car will not change directions when you turn the steering wheel (If it moves at all), and very little productivity happens because literally the entire city shuts down.
The truth is that, under those conditions, it is not safe to be outside. All of the authorities issue daunting statements mandating that EVERYONE should just stay where they are until conditions improve.

Of course, there are those invincible people who (with foolish pride and bravado) scoff at all the hype with proclamations that “A little snow and ice isn’t going to stop ME from doing my work today!” These are the people who make the evening news because lack of traction is indiscriminatory . . . It affects everyone regardless of their lineage and/or self perceived SuperNaturalHerodom. These folks are Legends in their own minds.

A tractionless environment will school these folks with quickness and certainty of the force of gravity . . . and the pain and suffering that derives from delusional thinking that they’re exempt from the laws of physics.

Many business owners ARE these folks who have built business with no regard whatsoever of the need for traction. Gino Wickman recognized this and wrote this great book about it.

For the past year, I have been a participant in the 6th class of the Catalyst Program offered by the Nashville Entrepreneur Organization. This is the ONLY class of its kind in the universe.

For the entire time I have been a member of Catalyst 6, the experts have consistently and persistently encouraged me to up this book and READ IT and DO what it says to do in concert with everything else I learned during the program.

For whatever reason, I chose, until last week, to ignore their caution and wisdom . . . I’ve been one of those reckless “Legend in my own mind” thinking business owners slipping around with very little traction for the past year because I was of the mindset that “I can do this all by myself.”

I’m a smart guy!

Innovative and forward thinking . . .

Certain of my Roles and GOALS . . .

with a VERY clear vision of where I want to go with my life and Business . . .

and even with all that going for me . . . not nearly the traction I want.

I’ve been working and working and working with very slow forward motion (I’m inherently impatient) . . . In truth, my wheels have been spinning.

Well . . . I bought the book a couple of weeks ago and started reading. I made it to page 35 . . . “What are your core values?” . . . and STOPPED!

The core values are where the rubber meets the ROAD (not ice). They provide the traction.

Once you clearly know your core values, suddenly many decisions become easier.

The people . . .

The Systems . . .

The Tools . . .

All resulting in less spinning of wheels and more traction.

I’m elated by the fact that when I turn the steering wheel now, my business turns in the right direction.

Of course being a person of little patience I’m now perpetually tweaking the chassis so as to get more and more traction . . . I want this baby to turn on a dime if needed.

How might this apply to your life and business?

I hope you won’t do as I did by waiting a year to pick up your copy of TRACTION.

Without it, it’s much less safe out there.

Strategist-CEO of Pareto Realty Inviter-Facilitator-Practicer of Open Space Technology Opening safe space for people & organizations to self-organize around issues & opportunities Invite-Listen-Love

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