I’m going to make an offer

We REALTORS hear LOTS of folks utter: “I’m going to make an offer!”

Followed by . . . CRICKETS!



Not even a peep!

I think this is a viral ailment that mysteriously takes control of the person’s brain just long enough for her to utter those words and then shifts to an onslaught of selective amnesia.

We’ve learned not to believe it til we see it.

It’s not so much that we’ve become all crusty and jaded . . . It’s just that old saying: “Burn me once and shame on you . . . Burn me twice – Shame on ME!”

God forbid we hear those words and go running to our Seller Clients and make a HUGE deal about this GREAT offer we’re about to receive . . . only to eat a large serving of crow later.

This is a phenomenon that doesn’t make any sense (to me) whatsoever.

What’s the benefit?

If it were a negotiating tactic, the offer would certainly eventually show up.

Perhaps these utterers are Narcissistic Egotists who somehow get a high from toying around with other peoples’ emotions.

A sick, twisted satisfaction of witnessing elation followed by a slow and tortuous decline as the reality sets in that no offer is coming.

Of course, there CAN be valid reasons for failing to bring the promised offer.

Maybe the financing didn’t pan out, or the Buyer had a personal “emergency” or discovered the zoned school isn’t suitable

Whatever the case . . . This is yet another phenomenon in Real Estate Transactions that causes us REALTORS to lose sleep at night.

Enough whining, eh?

I think it’s now time to write another offer 🙂

Wishing y’all the best of weeks.


PS – If you know a REALTOR, go give him/her a hug today and show a smattering of empathy to help salve the wounds from the above referenced mind games 🙂


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