Hire a Professional

I cannot BELIEVE I am writing this post.

My livelihood depends on Home Buyers and Sellers hiring me or one of the Vital Few Real Estate sales professionals of Pareto Realty.

Every minute of every day, we work tirelessly to be the best REALTORS we can be.

We pride ourselves on our knowledge and dedication to learning as much as we can, so we can deliver nothing but the best service to our loyal clients.

After all, we are “commissioned” to serve and protect our Principals (Home Buyers and Sellers).

Indefatigably, we study the Local, Regional, and National trends in the economy as they relate to the health of the housing industry . . . from housing starts (New construction), to new products, to the myriad and always morphing mortgage lending guidelines and products.

Day in and day out, we encourage Home Buyers and Sellers to hire a Real Estate Sales Professional rather than going the route of “DIY” in the form buying a house unrepresented. We have great passion about this not because we are defending our commission income as much as to protect these Home Buyers and Sellers from the harm that so often happens when they go it alone without professional representation.

Throughout my 26+ years as a REALTOR and Owner/Principal Broker, I have witnessed many unrepresented home buyers and sellers suffer egregious angst and financial damages because of “innocent ignorance” or worse . . . being taken advantage of by “opposing” savvy parties.

Almost always – by the time they call me for advice – It’s too late. The damage is done, and there’s no easy way of inexpensively (In terms of time, energy, or money) extricating them from the tangled web of a transaction they’ve contractually committed to perform.

So . . . Why can’t I BELIEVE I am writing this post?

As I prepare to go out of town for a week later this month, I’ve been searching for a friend (any friend) who would be willing take care of my 4 GoldenDoodles while I’m gone. This is what I’ve done EVERY time I’ve gone out of town with very mixed results . . . I seldom got regular updates, and a few times thought the dogs had been neglected . . . yet – to “save a few bucks” I didn’t hire a professional dog sitter.

The peace of mind of knowing that my pups are in great care along with photo up-dates and fun anecdotes is worth whatever it costs . . . Signing up for Rover.com now

Whatever the need . . . Hire a Professional!

Lesson learned (AGAIN)!

How often do YOU need to re-learn this?

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