Find Your Way!

Are you ready now to lay 2013 to rest?

It’s been a great year . . . 2014 is already looking to be BETTER. Given the forward momentum I sense.

What will YOU do differently beginning January 1, 2014?

I’m not talking “New Years Resolutions” because when we name a personal and intentional shift such, (IMHO) we doom it to a short-lived flash in the cosmic pan. Exercise trainers and facilities, Weight control programs, and myriad other “Paid accountability programs” will experience a HUGE boost in revenue in the next 2 weeks as a direct result of “New Years Resolution” making writ large as the midnight bell rings in 2014 . . . most of those memberships won’t be utilized longer than a few weeks and will be cancelled by April.

My experience is that we often make “New Years Resolutions” on the fly . . . under pressure to answer the question: “What’s YOUR New Resolution?” . . . We scramble for an answer and blurt out whatever comes to mind (indubitably while under the influence of some bubbly or a frozen concoction that helps us hang on).

Let’s go about this in a different way by being more INTENTIONAL and ON PURPOSE with a resolute COMMITMENT to do whatever it takes to shift.

Diana Nyad is the first swimmer to successfully swim from Cuba to Key West after nearly 40 years of failed attempts. She never quit and even as she was facing this daunting endeavor at the age of 62, her mantra was:

“Find Our way!”

She uses the word “Our” instead of “My” as she acknowledges that this goal (and ALL goals) was not a solitary pursuit. she had a team of 30 specialists supporting her and attending to the details associated with the many environmental and circumstantial threats they would encounter along the way (weather, Sharks, Jelly fish, hypothermia, etc) . . . Every member of her team knew that they must find their way through whatever they encountered along the way . . . no exceptions.

Quitting was never an option.

In the TedTalk video below, Diana talks about her simple 3 principles:

  • Never EVER Give up
  • You can chase your dreams at any age
  • It looks like the most solitary endeavor . . . but it takes a team

It’s SO cliche . . . “It’s the journey, not the destination . . . ,” and Diana does a good job of bringing that cliche REAL . . . bith for her swim and for ANYTHING in life that MATTERS.

So I ask you now:

What LASTING and SIGNIFICANT change will you incorporate into your life way in 2014?

What level of ACCOUNTABILITY will you allow to be sure you live up to your commitment?

WHY is this change important?

Who will it affect?

How will life for you and the people in your life improve?

When you encounter resistance/obstacles along the way, will you commit to finding your way through?

Let’s DO this!

PS: My “Swim” in 2014 has 3 components:

  • Self
  • My Professional Practice
    • Honing my Niche as I serve home Buyers and Sellers
    • Building Pareto Realty – The Vital Few’s Brand throughout Middle TN

I’m looking forward to serving you in 2014 . . . and odds are good if you’re reading this post, we’re on the same team 🙂

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