Experience before you Leap

“I’ll find out if I like it when I get there . . . ”

This morning, I was “inspired” to talk about the “Business Decision” to move to a different Firm.

My observation of REALTORS and Mortgage Loan Originators hopping from firm to firm mystifies me, and it occurs to me that pretty much everything I said is applicable to just about anyone in any industry when the itch to move on needs scratching.

What’s so mysterious to me is the often whimsical approach so many of these nomads exhibit.

It’s as if the goal is more about getting AWAY from THIS place than moving to the “RIGHT” place.

I get it!

You’ve reached that point that you’re as mad as hell, and you’re not going to take this any more.

 Please indulge me for a moment and catch your breath.

Let’s settle down and consider reason before we do anything spontaneous.

Don’t quit until you know that you’ve got a better place to go.

After all . . . what if you go to the trouble to make that move only to find out it’s the same thing at a different address . . . or WORSE?

My advice is simple:

Do more than “Look before you leap” . . . THIS is IMPORTANT and deserves your full attention and consideration.

I challenge you to “EXPERIENCE” before you leap.

Here’s the formula:

Identify everything you LIKE  . . . and what you DISLIKE about your current firm.

Build a list of your NEEDS (Must haves) and your WANTS (Things you’d like to have but could live without if everything else is good).

Begin this list with all of things you like about the firm you are leaving.

Based on your needs and wants, build an “Interview questionnaire” to guide you through your first meeting with your future Leader/Boss.

Yes! You are going into this interview with the intent to interview them just as their job is to interview YOU!

In this way, you and they will efficiently determine to what degree this new relationship could be a “good fit.”

Assuming all is well, request a 2nd meeting – This time with people currently at the firm doing the work that you will be doing.

The ideal scenario is for you to have the opportunity to “shadow” one of these folks for 1/2 a day.

Ask to be able to sit in on a Team Meeting . . . and a training session.

and finally . . . find out who it is that REALLY runs the place and meet with him/her . . . This is probably the Boss’s administrative assistant or the receptionist or the comptroller.

How do you know who this person is?

Ask any employee!

At this point, you might be thinking that this is too much work . . . to which I quip:

How important to you is working at the right place?

Small price to pay to be in a happy, productive business environment.

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