It’s not ALWAYS true that “You pay for what you get!”

Sometimes you get a bargain . . .

Sometimes you feel gypped . . .

One man’s bargain is another man’s gyp . . .

It’s all relative to your expectations.

I personally am astounded by people who think a $7.25 cup of coffee could possibly be worth it because for me, it’s just another cup of coffee.

I think the most expensive gasoline is totally worth it because it makes my car feel like a race car . . . while others are aghast at the prospect of paying SO much for a gallon of gas.

“EXPENSIVE” is often as much about the experience as it is about the product, and it’s only “Worth it” to the right people.

Regardless of all of the above . . . If you’re the “Seller” or service provider, the most important differentiating factor for being Worth it to more people lies in your consistent delivery of a smooth process.

When you transform “just another purchase” into a unique EXPERIENCE, fewer people will be concerned about the expense.

When “they” refer you, they’ll say something along the lines of:


Just as I was editing this post, I noticed Seth Godin’s post today – Hmmm

Can we talk about process first?

With respect to my work as a Real Estate Sales Professional and advisor/Coach/Principal Broker, 80% of my value to my customers is PROCESS oriented . . . wherein lies the emergence of the notion that the folks who succeed the MOST in the “Worth it” department are exceptional Strategists who treat each customer/client with an individually tailored experience.

When folks tell other folks that you seem to have a¬†Solution for anything that everything that arises during the process, you’re WORTH whatever it is that you charge (and more).

This ain’t rocket science!

Pssst – connect with me if you’re in search of a strategist for ANYTHING real estate whether you are considering Buying or selling a house or are and agent seeking a reliable Broker/Mentor.

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