Don’t forget WHY you started looking for a new house

Buying a house is no small task.

Most folks begin with an urge to move and start poking around on the internet. They might attend a few Open Houses . . . drive through a bunch of neighborhoods . . . and will likely end up talking to family, friends, and work associates about the intrepid adventure upon which they are embarking.

Engaging a REALTOR ups the anti. This requires profession and clarification of motivation.

The REALTOR will ask lots of questions and provide step-by-step guidance throughout the process. As the vision of that perfect house becomes more clear, Buyer motivation to move the process along escalates. This is EXCITING and even EXHILARATING. The Buyer can literally see it as if she’s already bought it.

but first . . . not to dampen the party, it’s time for somewhat of a reality check.

A visit with a Mortgage Lender will reveal financial qualification . . . a “Do-Able” price range.

REALTOR and Buyer then take a look at the Buyer’s wants and needs in a house (House features, neighborhood, etc) and then measure all that against the price range.

What are the odds the Buyer can find THAT for that much money?

Let’s assume the planets seem to be in perfect alignment. Based on the pricing trends in that PERFECT neighborhood with the CUTEST houses, the Buyer should be able to get what she wants within her financial qualification.

Now It’s time to go lookin’

In Nashville and throughout Middle TN, the odds are NOT in the Buyer’s favor that their dream house is just sitting out there waiting for them to come along. There’s work to be done and MUCH patience to endure.

The problem isn’t Money or desires . . . It’s simply a lack of HOUSES available for sale.

So . . . there might 15 other Buyers in search of the EXACT same house, so when one of those houses does come on the market, there’s COMPETITION . . . Who will “WIN” that house?

It’s not uncommon for a house Buyer in this market to make offers on 3 or 4 houses before actually winning one.

Sometimes, a Buyer will want to QUIT! Yep, out of sheer frustration, she may just resign herself to believing that her dream is not to be . . .

I say: “not YET!”

BUT . . .

Don’t quit now! Let’s pause for a moment and remember WHY we started this process in the beginning. Remember that MOTIVATION and EXCITEMENT?

This is NOT a sprint . . . Let’s stay with it . . . I KNOW that the right house will come along at the right time because it almost always does. Don’t give up.

Need more motivation?

Mortgage Interest Rates are at the BOTTOM.

House values are going in only ONE Direction – UP!

Haven’t you always heard that it’s best to “Buy LOW?”

If you wait, the power of your money will decrease exponentially as a result of this “double-whammie” of increasing prices and interest rates.

We’re in a “sweet spot” for buying a house in Nashville.

Of course if you need to sell a house, what better market could you imagine than one flush with motivated and minimal inventory.

If you have even the slightest tingling of an itch to make a move, let’s talk.

We can have you moved in just in time to see the Daffodils bloom in the yard.

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