Did you forget to take a break?

Now that you’ve taken care of everyone else . . .

What have you done for yourself recently?

Last week, I treated myself to a week on Cape Cod with my Family.

I arrived Friday Evening, and this is the first photo I snapped from our waterfront deck.

I intentionally insulated this experience by completely unplugging from all technological communication other than taking photos. On the first day, this was not easy. I found myself thinking dangerous thoughts about all of the mayhem that would likely ensue as a result of my absence from the biz. Upon waking Tuesday morning, I resisted the HUGE sense of “responsibility” I felt and suppressed my urge to check in with the business world.

How could I be so irresponsible as vacate my post as CEO and Principal Broker of a thriving Real Estate firm? I felt AWOL and was certain there would be unconscionable repercussions.

Guess what?

I’m back in the office this week, and I’m not sure anyone missed me while I was gone.

There’s a right way to take time off.

Don’t try doing it on the sly!

Don’t apologize or make excuses!

DO get someone in the office to cover any calls while you’re gone!

DO tell all of your clients when you will be gone and when you will return (No obligation to disclose where you are going).

Bottom line: If you’re going on vacation, go on vacation . . . no strings attached.

You deserve this!


You DO!

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