Did you Ask?

Most people who aren’t getting what they want are failing to ask for it.


They’re creating their own misfortune simply by not having the chutzpah to raise the question.

This leads to a career of “If only”s and “I shoulda”s and “I coulda”s.

Regret and resentment set in for justification of despair and depression leading to a pity party of epic proportions.

Of course, we want to blame “Them” for our unfortunate failure to enjoy upward mobility in our careers and lives. After all, we ARE WORKING here in the trenches each and every day, and we DESERVE more and BETTER and pay and benefits and positional stature, don’t we?

It’s possible that “They” (The powers that be in the organization) are “keeping you where you are in your career”, but whose fault is that?

Have you asked THE question?

“Can I have a raise?


“Can I be considered for a position with more responsibilities?”

Until you ask these questions, everything will stay the same. The worst thing “they” can do is say: “No!” at which point you can choose to stay of go to place where the new “They”s will appreciate you more.

Before you ask the question, prepare yourself appropriately.

Build your case by documenting:

  • What you are currently bringing to the table?
  • What is your value to the organization
  • What things would you change if you were “them”?
  • What do you want (Raise (how much) or promotion?

Don’t come to this table willing to walk away without resolution.

I recently read an article about the fact that the average woman makes 78% of the pay for the same job as a man. the article was written by a woman who then went on to say that the primary reason for this is generally (not always) due to the fact that most women are not asking the question and negotiating higher pay . . . In fact, most MEN are also not asking the question . . . It’s simply that there are more men than woman who DO ask the question.

So . . . ASK!

Please let me know how it goes . . .

YOU are in charge!

Published by Barry Owen

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