Denial of Self-Sabotage?

What is it that you do that’s counter-productive?

What are your bad habits that hang out with that dead moose under your desk/Bed/Dining room table?

Ah yes! You DO know what these things are, and you can’t help but know about the dead moose because it’s really stinky, the cloud of flies is oh-so-distracting.

Every day, you do your best to ignore or justify these bad habits, even as you (in the recesses of your mind) acknowledge to yourself that maintaining your relationship with these productivity destroyers is causing you to miss out on opportunities.

YES! You are limiting your possibilities with this commitment to these unsavory practices, BUT . . . the problem is . . . doing these things is FUN. In fact, doing them makes you feel a bit rebellious. Your self-talk tells you that you work so hard that you DESERVE to let your hair down once in a while.

I challenge you to confront this rebel within you.


NOT on my watch!”

Even the best “Time-Blockers” on the planet face these demons. In some ways, these seemingless flawless performers do it differently because they schedule it into their rigidly time blocked days.

Like the 5:00 cocktail EVERY day which immediately interferes with whatever business is at hand. Effectiveness plummets!

Maybe it’s turning on the TV for “Background Noise” to “help you focus”?

Dichotomous at best!

Well now! THAT”S definitely self-deceit.

If you think you’re not doing this at some level, I beg you to take another look.

Denial is blinding.

For the rest of us who KNOW we are practicing self-sabotage, here’s a little tip to identify and cure this toxic behavior.

At the end of every day, ask yourself these 2 questions:

“Was today better than yesterday?”

“What one less thing can you do tomorrow?”

But first . . . Let’s get rid of that Moose carcass!

What is the ONE single-most obstacle (Mindset or habit) standing between “Average” and “High” performance?

No denial allowed!

This work is HARD!

Published by Barry Owen

Strategist-CEO of Pareto Realty Real estate sales Professional Inviter-Facilitator-Practicer of Open Space Technology Opening safe space for people & organizations to self-organize around issues & opportunities BarryOwen.US Invite-Listen-Love

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