Customer Service Pet Peeves

When I call, a human doesn’t answer the phone . . . EVER!

I fall into a vortex of phone menus.

They gather all the information – my account number etc – and when when I finally get to a real person, I have to give all that info again.

The website offers Chat for support . . . but there’s no response when I submit a query.

I go through the whole process of setting up my payment for the thing, I am buying, and the system freezes and tells me to call them.

The tech support people answer a different question than the one I ask.

The person doesn’t speak my language.

They don’t sound or act like they care.

I get the feeling that I am inconveniencing them by calling.

That new piece of equipment has no – NADA – NIL instructions other than the “Easy Setup Guide” which doesn’t work.

They assume I can write code and learn how to use this thing intuitively.

The support website has old information and downloads that require “updates” immediately after installation.

I use the on-line scheduling, so I won’t have to wait . . . and when I get there, I have to wait.

My water glass has been empty for 15 minutes.

The answer: “It’s Corporate policy”

and the list goes on . . .

Here’s what to do with all of this information.

Every time you are disappointed with a customer service experience, provide that company candid feedback and give them a 2nd chance.

If they screw up again, provide the ultimate feedback . . . FIRE THEM!

There are plenty of fish in the sea . . . no point in accepting lousy customer service.

There now . . . This wasn’t a blog post . . . It was a rant, and I feel much better now.

Thanks for listening!

OBTW . . . Don’t let YOUR business provide the above described level of customer service lest your company die on the vine.


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