Curiosity begets Gold Mine Discoveries

The internet has changed my note-taking habits.

Well, in truth, it’s changed MANY of my habits – some good and some not so good but that’s a story for another time.

Nowadays we can “google” just about anything we want and receive the instant gratification of plethora information.

This has helped me maintain better focus as a participant in classes and webinars/videos because rather than taking copious notes resulting in me missing (while writing) the next things that are said, I simply write down keywords. Some time later, I pull out those notes and google the keywords for more information.

This technique of active listening with curiosity has led me to some fascinating new (to me) information and people I might never have experienced otherwise.

Last week, I watched a great video that was referenced in a post on the Open Space Listserve (email).

I wrote down “5 Breaths” . . . and a week later, the google search brought me to THIS graphic:

6_breaths_architecture-page-001Looks like the speaker wasn’t aware of the 6th breath “Holding the WHOLE” 🙂

When you are feeling the need to get something done and want/need a group of people to help, THIS offers a fantastic “process Architecture.

  1. THE CALL – Name the issue – Call the question
  2. CLARIFY – Clarity of Purpose
  3. INVITE –
  4. MEET
  5. ACT

Do more of this, and you’ll get more done 🙂

The BONUS of this whole thing is the veritable GOLDMINE of information on the rest of this website.

Meadowlark Institute

May your curiosity never wane!

Oh! and INVITE more . . .

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