Could it be Dad’s Fault?

Some might say: “Rules are made to be broken.”

I’m sitting in Laguardia Airport where I arrived a couple of hours prior to my flight and have been fascinated by a behavioral Analysis research project.

Yep! I’ve been “people watching” now for 2 hours and have some very interesting observations.

Even in a terminal packed with impatient, tired, and potentially irritable people, there are plenty of nice and generous people. I’ve witness people pick up dropped items and chase down the unknowing lossee . . . folks offering unsolicited directions and assistance to help others who seem lost or confused . . . The man who paid the the difference for a lady who was a couple dollars short at the Duncan Donuts store . . . Amazing generosity of people sharing the very sparse electrical plugs, so everyone can stay connected with their peeps.

In all of this time, I’ve seen ONLY 2 “rule breakers” . . . and both were within a couple of minutes of each other in the same boarding line. Both “infractions” were people with 2 LARGE carry-on bags when the boarding personnel had repeatedly made it clear that, because the flight was full, only ONE large carry-on bag would be permissible.

The first lady was down-right belligerent as if she were entitled to break rules because they didn’t conform to HER desires. Of course, she could have checked the bags. The attendant offered to take them and check them right then and there . . . but she DIDN’T WANT to have to go to baggage claim at the destination. Sparks flew, and she was ultimately given the choice of one bag or no journey for her . . . She let them check her extra bag and huffed her way to a seat.

The 2nd was only a few minutes later – a man approached with 2 large bags. He had witnessed the first unsuccessful breach, so curiosity was piqued . . . Why would HE have any better success? He said his wife was pregnant and had a later seating number than his, and he did not want her to have to hoist that heavy bag into the overhead bin. The attendant understood and said that he still could not carry both bags on the flight . . . BUT because of her condition, it would be permissible for her to board with him and roll that 2nd bag on the plane thereby allowing him to hoist it for her . . . no infraction committed.

So . . . all in all, I am thrilled by the data gleaned from this research project and can only attribute all of this to ONE group of people.

Everyone in this airport MUST have FABULOUS, supportive, genuine, loving, FATHERS who taught them all the right stuff . . . and the golden Rule!


We owe ALL Fathers celebration of their contributions to who we are now 🙂

and we love them . . .

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