Convenience Trumps – Well – EVERYTHING

We are not addicted to!

We are addicted to the convenience provides.

My daughter’s laptop was stolen from her car on her way to Nashville for a visit.


She will only be here for a few days, so I wanted to get a new one for her before her departure.

I remembered that I had bought the computer from Amazon about a year ago. Yesterday morning @ 6:30, I logged in and quickly found record of the purchase under the “orders” tab . . . clicked the “buy again” button, selected the home address for delivery and confirmed the payment source, selected the “Free with Prime Same Day Delivery” and confirmed the order.

Last night @ 6:15, a little red car drove up the driveway in #OwenHollow (The dogs alerted me) and the driver left a box on my rear stoop . . . The car retreated, and I retrieved the box with Jessica’s computer 11 hours and 45 minutes after I placed the order.

My time investment in this transaction was no longer than 2 minutes.

I didn’t have to research what kind of computer to buy because Amazon remembered that for me.

I didn’t have to enter payment information or where to deliver it, because Amazon already knew.

I didn’t have to drive to a store, because Amazon delivered it precisely as promised.

Mission accomplished . . . conveniently!

As the story continues, I noticed Jessica’s cell phone screen has a spider web of cracks and asked her if it was usable . . . She said it was, so she just kept using it instead of asking for a new one. Yesterday morning, I called #T-Mobile (I LOVE T-Mobile) and by-passed the AI “conversation” because I knew that would be less convenient than talking to a real person. The Lady asked my passcode . . . which phone line was affected . . . Was the phone damaged by water (No!) and what was the damage to the phone (Accidental screen cracks) . . . verified that the phone was covered by insurance, updated my address on file, and transferred me to the insurance rep who confirmed that it was covered and where to deliver the new phone . . . That whole exchange was less than 5 minutes, and the phone will be delivered today. CONVENIENCE!

Tuesday 6/11/19, I attended #NARTechEdge here in Nashville. One of the presenters was Shay Hata. This was a day full of useful ways to leverage technology, and there was a poignant undertone of discomfort because there are many “disruptors” in the real estate industry these days . . . HUGE companies which seem to be formidable forces that are challenging the livelihood of the “traditional” REALTORS and firms. Shay’s talk was just the salve we needed to hear, because her focus was on this idea that we can all win by being the “convenience” alternative by having dialed in processes and delivering consistent PERSONAL services to Home Buyers, Sellers, & Renters. Shay is thriving in the Chicago Real Estate market with her small team of experts who all understand the importance of making this process as convenient as possible . . . This convenience happens through consistent, simple and effective communication which keeps the client informed. Informed clients make better/faster decisions with confidence.

THAT – my friends – is convenience . . . for everyone involved.

Quit worrying about what the competition is doing. If you’re the most consistently convenient choice, you’ll have no viable competition for the right people.

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