Consistency + Intensity = Flow

The macho people in the world exude INTENSITY!

The marathoners are all about endurance.

Teams strive for FLOW!

While both of those are “necessary” for high performance in our Spirituality, physical condition, relationships, our work, and our over-all well-being, Consistency is the special sauce.

Intensity is our horsepower . . . It’s what pushes us beyond our self-limiting beliefs and capabilities.

Endurance keeps us in the game for the long haul . . . This is the diligence, the grit, the determination, the WILL to continue moving things forward even as the world seems to conspire against us.This is our momentum.

FLOW is that scarce phenomenon that we crave. It’s when the goal is clear and foremost, and ALL that intensity and endurance peaks with the whole team simultaneously.

These moments of FLOW are those times when we accomplish the impossible . . . When we are not only open to BHAG (Big Hairy Audacious Goals) possibilities, we achieve them – together – as ONE!

Below are links to 2 videos

RSA – Simon Sinek – Intensity vs Consistency

Will Hernandez talks practice intensity and speedh

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