Celebrate yourself!

Yesterday was my birthday!

This year, I decided that I would clear the day and commit to no appointments or obligations even though it was a Monday and there are myriad things that “could/should/need to be done.

Yep! I unapologetically played hookie from EVERYTHING . . . and when I woke up this morning, it appears that the world did just fine in my 24 hour absence.

20160808_090116My partner in crime was my daughter Allison, and she was stellar at keeping me on the task of celebrating myself and doing what I want to do rather than doing for others . . . even when it came time to decide where to eat. I did as I always do and asked her what SHE felt like eating, and she refused to answer thereby forcing ME to choose. So – Loveless Cafe for breakfast¬†followed by a short drive on the Natchez Trace Parkway to the “96 Bridge” . . . then a nap at the house followed by Hot chicken at Hattie B’s . . . then she had soccer practice during which I read and wrote – then to Dalts for dinner and capped off the day watching 3 episodes of Criminal Minds.20160808_095526

Along the way, I enjoyed hearing from literally 100s of my friends and colleagues through Facebook,  Linkedin, text, and phone calls.

Today, I awakened with this feeling of having a completely “new lease on life” with the fresh outlook that I believe I am where I am “supposed to be” personally and professionally . . . even as I recognize that I have a LONG way to go.

By no means am I writing this such that I can brag . . . more so, this post is about YOU!

When’s the last time you played hookie for a day for no other reason than to Celebrate YOURSELF?

While I highly recommend doing so on your Birthday EVERY year, I hope you’ll take the bait and do it NOW!

Don’t wait!

The world won’t implode without you for 24 hours, and you’ll find yourself refreshed and more effective on the other side.


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