Can you create motivation within other people?

I think NOT!

Motivation is either there or it’s NOT!

We can cultivate it, enhance it, prod and poke it, but if it’s not there, you’re chasing your tail.

So many sales people get this WRONG!

How often do you answer a call from that pushy salesperson whose mission is to convince you that you DESPERATELY need to buy her widget, or else your whole world will fall apart and your competition will surge ahead of you and leave you eating their dust . . . because YOU didn’t “GET IT” and failed to buy THIS NOW????

In fact, not buying this will make you look STUPID and inept because EVERYONE else will have one but YOU. You’ll be a boring laggard . . . “Old School” . . . a veritable dinosaur in your life and profession.

Uh-huh! It’s that tactic of guilting you into it.

Guess what?

Remember QR codes?

They were ALL THAT some years ago . . . I didn’t buy in because I thought it would be a passing fad – a flash in the pan of cool tools for marketing. SO many sales people did their best (Bless their hearts) to convince me that I was wrong and EVERYONE else was RIGHT.

I held my position and stayed strong even at the risk of becoming “functionally obsolete” . . . and soon enough, the tumultuous furor began losing it’s momentum in the face of the gaining searchability (thank you Google) of the internet.

There was no amount of cajoling that could convince me otherwise because I had ZERO motivation to adopt QR codes into my portfolio of marketing tools.

Think about this as you work your way through your day . . . Begin every encounter with a simple question:

Does this person have any motivation whatsoever to invest time, energy, or money in what I have to offer?

If the answer is a resounding: “NO!” . . . Move ON and seek someone who does.

If the answer is: “Maybe” or “Yes” then shift into discovery and relationship building mode.

How great would life be if every autodialed sales person were required to begin every call:

“Hi! This is Barry Owen a REALTOR with Pareto Realty, Do you have any motivation whatsoever to buy or sell a house now or in the near or distant future?”


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