Building a Business and Raising Puppies

Raising 10 puppies is quite an adventure . . .

The birth is – well – VERY messy and even somewhat SHOCKING.

I’m not sure there’s ANY way to be prepared for that, but thankfully the Dam (Mama dog) instinctively knows what to do and does it with efficiency.

The best we humans can do is create a safe space and get out of the way and observe.

The next 2 weeks are all about FEEDING and SLEEPING.

Those puppies literally suck the life out of the dam 24/7 as they gain strength and awareness.

All we humans can do is take care of the dam by being sure she always has plenty of food and water.

Elsa consumed 75 pounds of dog food in 2 weeks of feeding 10 Golden Doodle Puppies.

The pups then begin gaining mobility as they learn to slither on their bellies . . .

Then their awareness awakens as eyes open and ears open . . .

Then they start WALKING on all 4s.


THIS is when the real mayhem commences as their curiosity takes them anywhere and everywhere they can go (and sometimes places we couldn’t imagine them going).

At 4-5 weeks, they start to eat solid food which means they begin to produce – FECES – aplenty.

Again, the Dam cleans this up (yes she eats it), and the humans become janitors cleaning up any residue.

It’s about this time that the puppies grow TEETH, and the Dam decides it’s time for them to stop biting her teets, so she begins to wean them.

By week 6, other than cleaning up, the Dam’s work is largely done other than watching overt the pups as they explire their environment and play and learn coordination and social skills from each other.

This morning , it struck me that this is the PRECISE cycle for an entrepreneur launching a business.

  • Conception
  • Birth
  • Nursing
  • Awareness
  • Mobility (Gaining legs)
  • Discovery
  • Socialization
  • Profitability

If you’re an entrepreneur, you’re the Dam!

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