Bite me once . . .

Shame on you!

Bite me twice . . .

Shame on me!

If you’re in the customer service business (which pretty much ALL of us are), one sure-fire way to prove you’re not irreplaceable is to bite a customer.

Most people are smart enough to patronize only businesses at which there’s no biting.

Of course, this is sometimes easier said than done . . . Comcast bites customers frequently with abysmal customer service, but they have by far the best product (Fast and reliable internet and TV) – Well – Until Google Fiber Launches here in nashville. Similarly, Verizon tends to treat new customers WAY better than their current, long-time customers, but they’ve consistently maintained the best coverage . . . and then there’s the IRS who has no “competition” in their industry of collecting taxes (Wouldn’t it be interesting to “privatize” THAT Governmental function?).

I got bit recently at a local business because I wasn’t “ready” when I reached the drive-through window . . . It took a whole 2 minutes for me to get ready, and the Lady very directly told me that i should have everything ready before getting in the drive-through line or park and walk in.


Bit once – I finished that transaction and pledged to myself not to use that branch again. After all, the next closest branch isn’t too much out of the way, and THEY have never bitten me.

In my industry of selling houses, there are myriad “business models” for sales people. Everyone “Generates Leads” to find new customers in differing ways.

Some methods are “Attraction Based” through marketing and networking and community involvement . . . and others are more aggressive “Hunt and Capture based” with cold-calling and door knocking.

One of the Cold Calling strategies consists ¬†of calling Home Owners whose house has been on the market and hasn’t sold and their listing has expired or been withdrawn from the market. There’s a whole nother industry built around this practice with very sophisticated, internet based “Lead generators” that systematically identify these properties immediately upon expiring or being withdrawn.

These systems then spider through the internet to discover the telephone numbers of everyone in that home owner’s family tree and deliver to the agent’s in-box a fresh list first thing every morning.

These agents “dial for dollars” several hours every day blindly calling these phone numbers without having the foggiest notion as to whom they are calling or knowing anything about the house.

Their sole mission with the call is to convert that Lead to a Listing appointment.

The sad truth is that way too many of these agents “working expired and withdrawn Listing” are more aggressive than they need to be. Some might disparage the ability of the seller’s prior Listing agent (doesn’t go over well if that agent is a close friend or relative) . . . and others “badger” these poor, unsuspecting Sellers . . .

To top all of that, there are several of these folks in EVERY market, so most sellers whose listings have expired or withdrawn find themselves BARRAGED with multiple calls from these predators.

a fair number of these calls cross Legal and Ethical boundaries because any property that expires or withdraws from the market could still have a contractually binding listing agreement with an agent . . . Contacting these sellers directly may constitute “Interference with a contract” . . . and speaking poorly of other professionals is ethically wrong and distasteful.

IMHO this approach is akin to biting these Home Owners.

For sure, the home owners will associate those calls with the name of the firm thereby pledging never to do business with THEM.

The sad truth is that this practice also effectively blights the general public’s perception of the professionalism (or lack thereof) of all Real Estate Sales People.

The folks who do this stuff don’t see anything wrong with what they’re doing . . . and the ones who don’t do it don’t understand . . . alien business practices.

disclaimer: Not all agents “Working expired and withdrawn listings” do it as above . . . Some actually invest the time and energy required to verify the details of the property and that it’s not been re-listed and ask that all important 1st question: “Hello Mr Seller! Are you currently in a written representation agreement with a REALTOR?”

DON’T Bite the hand that feeds ya!


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