Birthday – Anniversary – New Year?

Whatever you call it, your annual celebration invites the most sacred introspection of your year.

When you’re born, you have a Birth Certificate which is legal proof that you were born . . . and when.

Same goes for a Business (Firm License) or a Wedding (Marriage Certificate) . . .

On that date from the day of birth, each anniversary affords this wonderful opportunity to:

  • pause and reflect on the past
  • appreciate and assess the present
  • and imagine the future.

These Annual celebrations are times for celebrating the successes and challenges of the prior year and reminiscing about all of the progress through the years. We marvel at the accomplishments and usually note how quickly the time has passed.

and then we think about TODAY!

  • Are we where we want to be and doing what we want to do?
  • Are we honoring our own self-worth and holding true to our purpose?
  • Are we getting the MOST out of our short time in this Human existence?

And we wonder what’s next?

I believe the Birthday is a fabulous time to Re-ENERGIZE . . . Re-FOCUS . . .

Take out the garbage by assessing everything we are doing and identify the few things that truly MATTER and pledge to begin the day of our next year with a resolute commitment to attending to MORE of what matters and less of what doesn’t.

Tomorrow is Pareto Realty’s Birthday. Our little firm has made HUGE progress in the past year (our 3rd year in business), and we are now reflecting and preparing to dive into our 4th year.

There’s just something very liberating about this for me . . . I get to PAUSE and BREATHE this weekend and focus only on the things that matter most to me and Pareto Realty . . . and to align my thoughts and actions appropriately.

I can already see where we’ll be September 13, 2014 . . . and it’s some kinda wonderful.

Do you Celebrate your Anniversaries . . . or are they “Just another day”?

Give it a try . . . At each anniversary, “Pause your game” to Reflect, Assess, and Imagine.


Published by Barry Owen

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