Amazing New GPS Innovation Revealed

Just when you thought all GPS gizmos were created equal . . .

How often have you heard folks mention that their GPS is just WAY too BOSSY?

If you don’t make the turns SHE wants you to make, she nags you incessantly to make a U-Turn . . . or attempts to redirect you around the block at EVERY street to get you back on HER course.

Essentially, she’s telling you that SHE knows the way and YOU DON’T.

Of course, “She” could be a “He” and you can have her/him speak in a variety of dialects and accents, but that’s about all we get for entertainment.

I use my GPS a LOT and love the feature that allows me to change the strategy for travel – Easy Route – Direct Route – Maximize Freeways – Minimize Freeways – Avoid Toll Roads etc.

and they’ve gotten great at identifying emergent traffic snarls and offering ways to avoid them.

So . . . If you’re the engineer working for a GPS manufacturer, and your boss wants YOU to come up with a GPS Innovation that will absolutely “make OUR GPS way more desirable than all the others”, what could you imagine that someone else hasn’t already done?

How ’bout this:

Make it FUN!

Sure . . . Make it more interactive (Think a Siri style “person”) such that you can engage in entertaining dialog while driving.

When you make good decisions that save time and reach your target at your desired time, she might congratulate you.

When you’re appearing to wander, she might nudge you back on course with wit instead of yelling at you.

What if there were a “Stealth Mode” of travel that brings you in the back way?

Perhaps a “Surprise me Mode” that takes you to your usual destinations in a variety of ways.

Make THIS, and I’ll buy it.

So . . . What can we learn from this relative to our own businesses?

There’s no need to “Recreate the wheel” . . .

I think it boils down to a handful of concepts.

  • Acknowledge that the process is relatively “Standard” and most professionals with any degree of success have that part down pat.
  • Make it FUN!
  • Make it Interactive!
  • Make it your personal challenge to SURPRISE (pleasantly) EVERY customer during the transaction with some sliver of “outside-the-box” creativity

The truth is, we don’t have to do much more than everyone else to be uber-successful . . . Much of the differentiation boils down to HOW we do it.

All we’ve gotta do is learn where our clients want to go and get them there with minimal hassle and maximum enjoyment.

There now . . . Innovation revealed!

Quit being so damned up tight 🙂

Published by Barry Owen

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