10 Golden Rules for Career Success

Would you like to be INSANELY SUCCESSFUL?

I’m gonna make this promise to you . . .

If you follow these 10 rules each and every day – with every decision – you WILL achieve your desired level of success.

From Richard Koch’s Book The 80/20 Principle – The Secret to Achieving More with Less

Please note that I mentioned “YOUR desired level of success”.

Not someone else’e version of success . . . YOURS.

Because if it’s not YOURS, your odds of achieving it are extremely minute.

The motivational speakers and “coaches” want you to believe that your goal is “Rich and Famous” because that’s how THEY make more money by coaching folks to be not who they are.


You red that right.

My suspicion is that most people’s version of true success includes a comfortable quality of life with low stress and anxiety.

The first step is one that only you can decide to take . . . Be yourself!

ONLY after choosing to be yourself will the “10 Golden Rules of Success” have traction.

We love YOU . . . not the someone else you think we want you to be.


Published by Barry Owen

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