Maybe it’s time to get wobbly

Even the top notch notch performers have bad days.

In fact, some of these elite masters might even have a bad week – or bad month – – or bad year(s).

Tiger Woods won Major Tournaments in every year from 1996 – 2009

Then this:

2012 (3)
74. AT&T National
73. The Memorial
72. Arnold Palmer Invitational

2013 (5)
79. WGC Bridgestone Invitational
78. The Players Championship
77. Arnold Palmer Invitational
76. WGC Cadillac Championship
75. Farmers Insurance Open

2018 (1)
80. Tour Championship

2019 (1)
81. The Masters

What happened?

2010 broke the winning streak, and consistency all but disappeared culminating in ZERO wins for a 5 year period.

Tiger Woods didn’t quit during those down years. For sure, he had some “issues” happening in his life (Health, relationship, etc) that were huge distractions for his career. I don’t, for a minute, believe Tiger ever quit. He was in a MAJOR funky slump.

This happens to all of us. When things are going well, we are in rhythm. Opportunities seem to present themselves. Of course, we must do the work of seizing these opportunities and getting the most from them.

It seems that there are opportunities than we can handle, and this feels great because we can start making some choices. We can begin to specialize and be more choosey about who we will serve what and where.

These winning streaks happen because we are doing the right things consistently and diligently. We are “ON our game”

Then it comes to a grinding HALT, and the stuff we’ve been doing that has always worked mysteriously stops working.

Where’d the good mojo go?

Lest ye starve, you’ve gotta do something to get back into production.

STOP! Doing the same things isn’t yielding the same or better results, so it’s likely time to take your flow out of balance.

Pause the game!

Think back to that 1st successful year of business you had eons ago.

What did you do then to build the business from scratch?

I’m betting it was along the lines of Building a database, feeding it every day, and communicating with all of your peeps in a systematic way.

In short . . . you put your full effort into building relationships with everyone in your sphere of influence.

Those are the relationships that lead to business.

Now that those relationships are re-established, you can return to your healthy rhythm and flow.

Channeling Freedom Shock to good purpose

Freedom Shock is unbridled passion!

These things – obstacles – shackles – chains – overbearing people – stupid rules . . .

They hinder our creativity.

They’re holding us back.

Sometimes, they’re self imposed limiting beliefs or believed boundaries.

We’ve been told this cannot be done – It’s impossible, so don’t even waste your time trying it.

Some folks will say you’ll make a fool of yourself if you do that.

Others will say they tried it, and it didn’t work for them, so it won’t work for you.

I say: What if they’re WRONG?

How long will we allow “them” to define our realized potential?

How great will it feel to prove them WRONG when we try and succeed at that which everyone thought not possible?

For sure, that’ll be a great feeling . . . exhilarating to say the least.

We will want to celebrate, and we SHOULD celebrate!

Beware the energy of Freedom Shock. This is that adrenaline rush we get when we achieve the impossible. Pure energy bursting forth . . . POWERFUL energy that, if channeled appropriately, can propel the accomplishment to even higher degrees of success.

This is where wisdom is important. Wisdom knows that “unbridled passion” can be dangerous if not channeled towards useful purpose . . . resulting in “flash in the pan” – “Burn-out” – “Crash and Burn” – “short-lived” pursuits that dash dreams.

This we CAN control!

Are your 2019 Goals still relevant?

For many folks, May is about that time of year when folks start realizing they’ve fallen off the wagon of diligently pursuing their goals for the year. We don’t do this intentionally. It happens naturally as we gravitate towards that comfort zone where life is a bit less dynamic. It’s nice to be “familiar territory.”

Next thing ya know, you’re having the same 2019 as was 2018 – and 2017 – and 2016

Is it time to adjust and renew our vows/commitments in 2019?
Can you believe it?
We’re 1/3 the way through 2019 already!
Where are you with respect to your goals for the year?
Do you see need for adjustment of your priorities?
What are you doing now that isn’t providing the benefit you thought you’d get from it?
If you’re disappointed, what happened?
Have you (honestly) given it your ALL?
Most folks who don’t achieve their goals blame the goal and/or process . . . when the reality is usually lack of consistent effort and focus.
Those folks who trust the process and simply DO go further faster – Just ask the hare!
Unless, of course, it’s time for a change – a shift – new goals.
If that’s the case for you, now is a great time to shift your mindset to permission based goal setting. We are all in a world full of opportunity, and it’s up to us to claim our individual fair share of the unlimited abundance available.

Trust the process of setting goals and achieving them.

Trust the people who help you by supporting your efforts and holding you accountable.


What do we know about this person?

As Principal Broker of Pareto Realty, I am quintessentially available to the most importance people in my Real Estate Business world – The Vital Few REALTORS of Pareto Realty.

Every day, I have many opportunities (I get to do this – not “I HAVE to do this”) to help Agents work through myriad transactional issues. These are IMPORTANT issues relating to IMPORTANT transactions, and favorable outcomes are IMPORTANT to the most IMPORTANT people in our business world – Our Home Buying and selling Clients.

The foundation of our culture at Pareto Realty is, and has always been, that as each of us succeeds, so do we all, and the real winners are our clients.

I approach every one of these issues with curiosity, so I ask LOTS of questions. I want to know the Who – What – When – Where – Why of the scenario before we consider the How . . . How we will address this complicated and important issue.

Most of these conversations begin with the agent very passionately regurgitating the “What is happening?” . . . THIS is the naming of the “problem” . . . Once named, we can then clarify other important details like the timeline of events from the beginning until now (The When) and the Where (Where are the clients buying or selling?). Those are the “Details” and they only describe the chain of happenings that got us where we are now.

Invariably, the MOST important factor to finding resolution centers around the WHO. Of course, I know my agents well, so I already know their unique disposition, way of communicating, preferred mode of communication (Text, Phone, etc)n and personality profile (DISC).

I ask who this other agent is? This is a quick check-in because having been in this business for over 25 years I know a LOT of agents. If it is an agent I already know well, we can often solve the problem simply by my realizing that what we have is a “clash of dissonant personalities” . . . I can then coach the agent to adjust the style of communication such that a Spirit of cooperation can emerge.

If I’ve never heard of (or know well) the agent, we do some quick research to see what we can learn that might help us find our way.

How long has the agent been licensed?

What is this agent’s Company Affiliation?

What is this agent’s experience?

How many houses (Selling and Listing) and where ( Are they in their “Comfort Zone” in terms of area of expertise?

Often, these questions lead to a win-win strategy to lead all parties to successful resolution.

There are other “Whos” to consider . . . What can we learn about the Buyers and Sellers that might help things?

What are their respective motivations – their WHYs for being where we are (Buying and Selling THIS house)?

Invariably the “HOW” suddenly becomes clear somewhere along this line inquiry at which point we implement the winning strategy.

In my experience, most all issues boil down to failure to communication effectively.

Slow down and practice this “What – Where – When – Who” adventure and enjoy getting HOW faster.

Smiles all around!

Your Process Serves everyone

The best professionals have a process for everything they do.

Airline pilots, re-fuelers, mechanics, and flight attendants diligently and precisely follow the same pre-flight checklist prior to EVERY flight. We all depend on them doing this thoroughly because the stakes are very high. If they get sloppy, we all might perish.

Same goes for Surgeons and Attorneys and Mortgage Loan Officers and REALTORS and auto mechanics . . . Well . . . and virtually anyone and everyone whose job is to serve others.

In every transaction , there are 2 things . . . The Process . . . and the product (outcome). Those folks we serve expect and deserve a smooth process and mission accomplishment in terms of getting what we need and/or want in exchange for compensation.

It follows on, then, that the PROCESS is a critical component of our business.

Over time, one of our most important business functions is creating a process, tweaking it every day (To adjust for more efficiency or shifts in response to dynamic market conditions), communicating the steps of the process to our customers/clients in a systematic way, and delivering this great service consistently the same way every time.

Your process should serve EVERYONE including YOU! It must include clear boundaries to preserve time for self – Pauses to shift mental gears – time for cleaning up messes – defined modes of communication.

The better defined our systems become, the easier every transaction will be.

Interestingly, there will always be some potential customers/clients who don’t like our process and want to demand us to abandon our process and play by THEIR rules . . . Communicating our process early in the relationship susses these folks out , and we can mutually agree that we might not be a good fit for each other.

Wouldn’t you MUCH rather nip this at the bud early than endure a transaction rife with distraction and conflict?

So . . . What’s your process!

Think daily about how you can improve and communicate this process.

Live a happier life!