Beware Sheeple Tendencies

Joining the flock seems to be safe in unusual environs.

There’s a tendency to relegate individuality to blending into the midst of the mass of sheeple . . . hoping not to be noticed and singled out.

Dare you to be different than the others?

What if you’re WRONG?

What will other people think?

What will “they” SAY?

Does it matter?

My observation is that people who take the stance that “It’s none of my business what other people think of me” get talked about more than others.

These folks who PROUDLY STAND OUT from the flock endure insufferable name calling – “traitors” – “Renegades” – “Rebels” – “Outliers”

These are the intrepid explorers who strike out on their own to find the GOLD in the vast wild wild West.

As the economy begins to spool up after this massive COVID-19 disruption, we are all facing a blank slate. We do not know what “works” anymore.

Being that person others talk about is a good thing – even sexy because it’s training wheels for climbing from the depths of depression to acceptance.

Thank you to ALL of the Pioneers forging the way ahead for all of us.

For sure, we’ve all participated in our own, personal version of the 5 stages of grief – denialangerbargainingdepression and acceptance and each of us may be at different stages thereby presenting this wonderful cacophony commonly known as “Mass confusion” which indubitably converts to “MASS HYSTERIA” which controls . . . and prohibits any semblance of reason.

Yesterday, I facilitated 2 awesome discussions with over 30 Principal Brokers.
The general consensus was that we Realtors did not “close for business” so talking about “re-opening” doesn’t make much sense, BUT . . . 
These discussions revealed some of the things that will likely change in a lot of companies. I listen to all of them and then run it all through the filter of “Is this in alignment with the culture of Pareto Realty’s Vital Few?”

Almost ALL business owners are on the band-wagon of reducing or eliminating “Bricks and Mortar Office space”. There certainly are some firms (EXP) which do not have “real offices”, and they say that this is great for their agents “Because most of the agents don’t work from the office anyway” . . . I’m not (yet) sold on this being the best solution for Pareto Realty. I guess time will tell . . . as we all climb out of this COVID-19 thing, we will all be reevaluating pretty much everything we are doing. I think it’s crucial for all of us to ask ourselves and others LOTS of question and separate the sheeple from the people.

  • How important is ___________ to you and your business?
  • What are the odds that you will return to doing _________ once you emerge from quarantine?
  • Do you think that having ________ (or not) will be a “differentiator” from competitorss? Why?
  • Assuming we keep _________, are there any tweaks we need to do? 

Other HOT topics
– Virtual Showings are turning out to be very effective – MANY Appraiser issues – Value, condition, etc- Underwriting guidelines are changing daily with “verifications” of income and jobs being done often on the day of closing.
and finally . . . I’d be remiss if I failed to mention that my desire to grow Pareto Realty this year is high.

I am SO excited about possibilities post-COVID-19, I facilitate a weekly discussion and would love to hear and see YOU!

Here’s your invitation!

Hi there,

You are invited to a Zoom meeting.

Realtors conspiring to create an AMAZING Post-COVID-19 Real Estate Market . . . Every Monday at 11AM CDT
When: May 25, 2020 11:00 AM Central Time (US and Canada)

Register in advance for this meeting:

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The Gestation of Statistics

Every day, the world opens a tad bigger for all of us as we venture beyond the confines of our abodes.

It seems that every conversation reveals more freedom, and there’s more “pep in the steps” for those who’ve just had their first post-quarantine restaurant dine in experience (I had mine last Thursday).

The “experts” continue to be very skeptical about the rate at which “re-opening of the economy” and are cautioning all of us to be less eager. The fear is that we will get sloppy with our social distancing, and there’ll be a resultant flare-up of new cases of COVID-19 infections.

The New York Times published an article this morning reminding us to remember the timeline of the “average” case of COVID-19. If there is to be a spike in affected people, it will not show up in the statistics until 3-6 weeks from now. We are kids being freed from our “grounding” . . . and the experts may have just cause for concern, but the barn door is open now, so . . .

We Realtors “get this” lag from action to ramification because most real estate transactions happen to have a similar gestation period. The work we are doing now will bear fruit (commissions paid) in 30 to 90 days or longer. The monthly statistics only reflect what happened in the past.

So . . . enjoy the extra freedom with appropriate caution and practice”safe protocol”, and I think we’ll heal progressively until we settle into whatever this “new normal” will be.

Be Well!


Putting a Band-aid on a Compound Fracture

The lead story in The New York Times “Friday Briefing” REALLY got my attention this morning.

There is NOTHING partisan about this . . . It seems North American Leadership has failed us.

Both political parties have mis-executed egregiously when it comes to taking care of our Labor Force.

. . . and it seems that “more of the same” is in the works . . . as we all witness our politicians doing the same things expecting different results . . . Insanity personified!

The next email in my queue this morning was the daily post of The National Real Estate Post

National Real Estate Post


The words coming from the National Association of Realtors are many . . .

All hat . . . no cattle!

Obfuscation run amok as Frank and Brian so eloquently point out that NAR’s address to their 1.3 million membership is shallow at best – No meat on the bones – Too many adjectives and not enough verbs absent specificity as what they are DOING for their members. Their “assurances” to Realtors and the general public are aspirational with no “Forward Marching orders” whatsoever.

Rant over!

I know that we ALL will rely on the resources that our membership have already.

Just as we do when facing devastating destruction from a Natural disaster, we will self-organize around the issues and opportunities for which we have passion and each and every one of us will contribute to finding our way through this morass . . .

One of the mantras of Combat Engineers makes it clear:

LEAD – FOLLOW – or get out of the way.

OK Leaders!

which of those paths will YOU take?

Doing the Work without Inhibition

I tuned in to the “Blaze” presentation yesterday and was very impressed by a young lady (Emily Peckham) who graduated from college in 2018 – Got her real estate license – joined Keller Williams – Then proceeded to close 32 transactions in 2019 and is on track to close 62 in 2020 . . . I think she will exceed her goal. Her focus was on FSBO’s . . . 30 0f those 32 deals were FSBO.

You might ask:

“What kind of voodoo is she doing to take off as she has?”

The answer is simple – She trusted the process that KW was teaching. She mastered the scripts and dialogues and called every prospect 3 times every day for 10 days – or until she made contact and scheduled an appointment – whichever came first). When she listed a property, she would then “Circle Prospect” by calling EVERYONE in the neighborhood to let them know about the house for sale and simply say: “When a house goes on the market, other people in the neighborhood think about making a move. If you are one of those people, when are you available to meet with me to talk about possibilities.” 

It’s this level of indefatigable commitment that creates SUCCESS.

The “secret sauce” is learning a tried and true process and DOING that process precisely as designed . . . NO SHORTCUTS . . . NO DAYS MISSED!

What KW is teaching now is not different than it was when I was Principal Broker and Coach.

In my 10 years of coaching at KW, there were only about 10 agents whose businesses EXPLODED and are still very successful.

Why is this?

The ONLY difference between the agents who were SO successful and those who didn’t boiled down to their willingness and commitment to do the hard work of DOING the process we were training.

There’s a HUGE difference between “knowing how” and “DOING”!

There were times I would get frustrated when I saw so much potential in so many people but lackluster results . . . I often said: “It seems that I care more about your success than you”
Of course, ANYONE can do this. It’s not “Rocket Science”
Leads sourced from anywhere and everywhere aren’t different. A percentage of them are READY NOW and just don’t know how to start the process.
We know that persistent and consistent contact and follow up results in appointments and appointments lead to Clients who CLOSE and REFER their Family, friends, and work associates to the agent who served them so well.

All it really takes is for you to find within yourself the grit and determination to lose all inhibitions (Fears) and do the hard work of making REAL contact with LOTS of people – having virtually the same conversation with every person who answers the phone (Use the Funnel as a guide)

Having said all of this, I acknowledge that not everyone wants to do a high volume of sales. Most folks gravitate towards a pace and volume that serves their desired lifestyle and quality of life. Even that boils down to consistently doing the right things to create enough business opportunities to live the life flow you crave.
If this shoe fits ya, begin with working on tried and true strategies to up your game.
Let’s GO!

Barry Owen

Fostering Culture While in Isolation

The secret sauce for maintaining esprit de corps boils down to “Art of War Fundamentals”

Consider the following tenets I learned in US Army Engineer Officer training.

  • Mass – A synchronized, coordinated effort brings to bear a formidable force that enables smaller forces to overwhelm seemingly insurmountable odds of success
  • Objective – directing every mission toward a clearly defined, decisive and attainable end provides focused Purpose relative to who we are and why we are here doing what we do.
  • Security – is about KNOWLEDGE of our competitors and market conditions and trends – Local – Regional – National – Global. If we fail to be vigilant we risk being vulnerable as the market shifts over time. Everything is always moving.
  • Surprise – is THE most efficient and effective “weapon”. When we are surprised by unforeseen conditions we are at a disadvantage as we scramble to make sense of the new threat. COVID-19 was quite a surprise. Conversely, when we foresee opportunities which offer us a competitive advantage, we must be ready to respond rapidly.
  • Maneuver – To survive, we must consistently imagine possibilities and never stop innovating new and improved systems and processes. The mantra must be: Each and every “thing” must be better than before.
  • Offensive – Whenever possible, initiate the disruptions. This establishes your business as the “bar setter”. The mindset must be one of “Always moving FORWARD. Your rear view mirror is only there to detect your competitors’ efforts to overtake you as the leader
  • Unity of Command – Who is the “Sponsor” of your organization? This is THE “Leader – The BOSS with the ultimate responsibility for whatever and how things get done around here. This person has the most authority AND the most at stake – skin in the game – dog in the hunt
  • Simplicity – Clear and concise communications are essential. Complicated solutions lead to . . . complications . . . lack of understanding is THE most destructive force in the Theater of operations
  • Economy of Force – By leveraging people, systems, tools, defined processes, we design a way of being that results in more done with less effort. It’s all 80/20 . . . 20% of the resources yield 80% of the results. We call that 20% “The Vital Few” and the 80% “The Trivial Many”.

Now . . . Forget everything you might have learned in school, apply MOSSMOUSE in every endeavor you undertake, and I’m betting you’ll magically find yourself getting more done with markedly enhanced efficiency.

Back to the title:

Fostering Culture While in Isolation

MOSSMOUSE has served warriors well for thousands of years.

I believe this way provides everything any Business owner needs to survive and thrive in ANY and ALL market conditions . . . even COVID-19b
Let’s GO!