Wait for it . . .

Creativity and Spirit don’t know time.

Just because it’s “scheduled” doesn’t mean it’ll magically manifest exactly at the appointed time.

This is a hard pill swallow in this high tech “gimme NOW” environment in which we are swimming.

Whenever it starts will be the right time.

If you’re impatient and decided to rush things . . . or badger the source, odds are decent your yield will less than satisfying.

I know! We’re ALL busy people, and we hate to wait (hurts my engine to go so slow) . . .

So find something useful to do to occupy the time between now and when Creativity and Spirit choose to show up. Have faith that they WILL show up.

Last week, I had to learn this lesson AGAIN!

My calendar has a standing 2 hour appointment every working day with my computer to write (Blog, Website content, or the book I am writing). I figured that, if I were to write 2 hours every working day, I would easily complete the book I’m writing by mid July.

In theory, I was right . . .

Reality? NOT!

The unfortunate result was that I stalled – stopped writing altogether for @ 3 weeks because it had become a “chore” . . . something I HAD to do every day, whether I wanted to or not.

The July 4 long weekend brought me to my senses.

During the 3 day work week, I literally knocked out @ 8 days of work, so I had zero “obligations” during the holiday. July 4 was what it should have been – a grand celebration of the Birth of the United States of America . . . Nothing else!

Friday was void of obligations, and my mind was blissfully uncluttered . . . refreshed . . . rebooted! @ 10 AM I sat down at the computer and spent 2 hours designing the content for the Pareto Realty website extreme makeover . Earlier in the week, I was at an excruciating impasse . . . absent creativity & Spirit.

What happened?

The mental reboot opened enough space for Creativity and Spirit to work it’s magic.

When I came to natural stopping point, I shut down the computer and took the dogs for a walk and had lunch.

Creativity and Spirit didn’t leave, and I wrote for the remainder of Saturday and until mid-afternoon on Sunday at which point my brain was tapped . . . nothing left.

I’m not worried!

The muse will return when the time is right.

Quit being a control freak and allow things to manifest on their own time, and discover flow.

How to get the right people to come to your event.

I host MANY events large and small.

Some might consider me to be a “serial inviter”.

An idea pops into my head, or I notice an emerging issue or opportunity, or I see potential in gathering together a specific group of people, or I get the feeling that: If these people who don’t yet know each other personally were to meet in a safe space to explore a topic of common interest, some great things might happen.

So . . . I name the topic and issue open invitations to anyone and everyone whom I think might have enough passion for this idea to show up at a prescribed day/time in an appropriate location.

I then wait for it . . .

Will they come?

If they do RSVP, how many of them will actually show up?

Oh! There are so many things about which I could worry in this period between invitation and commencement of the event, but I don’t worry.

I know that the right people will come with their flavor of passion for the topic and whatever happens will be the only thing that could have. At the end, everyone will have learned and made a few new friends, and we usually come to realize that this is not “over” . . . It’s a commencement of new relationships and initiatives relative to the topic . . . and beyond.

Many hosts agonize about the details from conception to conclusion.

What if the people I think “should” attend, don’t?

What if more people show up than expected . . . and we run short on space or food and beverage?

Not a big deal! The people present didn’t come for the food or space . . . they came because they cared enough about the topic to put it on their calendar and show up.

The number of people who come is far less important than WHO comes.

The BIG WIN is whatever happens as a result of the juicy stew of ideas and conversation that has ensued.

There are some “Pre-event” things that the host can employ in order to attract the “right people” to your event.

Provide pre-event interaction through a digital connection space. The “YAPP” app is a handy tool for this . . . or create a “closed” Facebook group available ONLY to people who have registered . . . or maybe offer weekly or bi-weekly ZOOM meetings . . . There are myriad other connection possibilities.

Perhaps do the registration on a platform (Eventbrite or Facebook events) such that people can see who has registered. Folks are more apt to register if they can see known friends, colleagues, or other “people of interest” registered.

Offer creative pricing . . . 3 tiers . . . a limited number of “Eager” at 50% of full price – “Early Bird” Register by a certain date at 75% of full price . . . Beyond the Early Bird date and at the door 100%.

I’m not a big fan of “incentives” in the form of give-aways because those may result in folks coming for the prize and not because they have passion for the topic.

These are simple tips to attract the “right” people to your event.

Mostly, focus on effectively communicating the reason – the theme – for the event and enjoy whatever happens.

OFFLINE Digital Strategy?

For years, I have been coaching the “Vital Few” agents of Pareto Realty to build a niche business with 80% of “marketing” by leveraging relationships.
Every day is about connecting with real people OFFLINE!
These are your “SOI – Sphere of Influence” contacts . . . The people you know, like, and trust who know, like, and trust YOU. A healthy business thrives when there’s a steady flow of new relationships.
When we have a mindset of building relationships instead of “selling houses”, we tend to be more successful with “homing” more people who become lifelong friends and advocates.
Most of us REALTORS work too hard doing the wrong things . . . We make things more complicated than necessary when what we know really fuels success is human to human interaction.
Below is one of the slides Nobu Hata displayed at the TNREALTORS Broker Summit a few weeks ago. Imagine this: the Director of Industry Outreach and Engagement Strategy for the National Association of REALTORS® is encouraging us to “Get people offline”.
Engage and win!.

How’s your current strategy working for you?
What can you tweak to employ more human engagement?
Give it a try!
I think you’ll like the $$$ results.

Getting what you need – not want

You might want what you need . . . or need what you want.

Sometimes, what you need isn’t what you want.

Similarly, what you want isn’t what you need.

How do we reconcile this?

Today, I was cleaning up my Google Drive, and I stumbled across this quote that I needed to hear today.

Interestingly, I wasn’t cleaning the drive because I wanted to find this . . . I was actually looking for something else that I thought I needed now.

I was wrong . . . Turns out I really had no clue what I needed now . . . and I received it anyway.

Here it is:

“If you’ve been wishing for love, you may suddenly find yourself in the company of a smart new friend. If you’ve been hoping for (and working toward) major progress at work, a new love could pop up from out of nowhere. If you want to grapple with a big family issue, your career could take off in a brand-new direction. All this means is that though you can’t always get what you want, you sometimes get a generous replacement”

My lesson . . . quit trying so hard. Focus on the right things (that matter), and you’re needs will manifest regardless of your wants.

(I think there’s a lesson in this for Home Buyers . . . Knowing the difference between needs and wants and acknowledging that letting go of expections may very well lead to scoring more needs than anticipated.)

There’s this great conspiracy afoot to deliver everything you need to you (not from Amazon) – Pay attention and quit getting in the way of the delivery by cluttering the way with frivolous wants.

There now . . . I said it!

(I think)


Short weeks can be the MOST Productive

Happy Birthday America!

July 4 – Independence Day is on a Thursday this year.

Many families will be on vacation for the whole week. This is the first “in season” week for most of the vacation destinations North of the Mason-Dixon line. All schools and Universities are on Summer Break. Here in Tennessee, the weather is HOT and STEAMY, so people are seeking cooler climes or migrating to lake, river, or ocean retreats from the grind.

Others are taking a “Long weekend” opting to leave Wednesday and return to work on Monday.

For those of us not travelling this week, we are enjoying the relative peace.

The absence of all of the vacationers provides a much welcomed decrease in over-all activity. It’s not that we don’t like y’all being around . . . It’s just that we can get SO much more done while you’re away.

We relish the minimal interruptions that disrupt our focus, and we enjoy the hyper-productivity that results. This morning, I followed my normal routine – Reviewed and revised annual goals – Decided which projects I would tackle this month – Created a schedule for this week which includes enough “completion” to have accomplished a full week’s worth of work . . . in 3 days (Mon, Tue, Wed).

This morning, I decided that I was even going to amp up the productivity another notch (or more) by pretending to be going out of town after work on Wednesday for a WEEK.

When you leave town for a full WEEK (or more), isn’t it A.M.A.Z.I.N.G how much you can get done in the 2 or 3 days prior to departure? You’re busy tying loose ends, getting things in order, making “touch-base” calls to all clients to let them know you’ll be away, and you’re tidying up your business and handing it off to you “back-up” partner in your office.

This amplification of productivity is literally nuclear.

Give it a try . . . Invoke “SUPERYOU” and knock the ball out of the park for today the next 2 days while your competition is sleeping (or away).

Then enjoy your own long weekend staycation content that you’ve completed one of your most productive weeks EVER . . . in 3 days.

Hmmmm . . . I wonder what all of this says about how we can optimize our resources (Time, Energy, Money) under “normal conditions.

Begin with insulating yourself from distraction during the times you’re focusing on “dollar-productive” activities.

Hoping you enjoy a fun and safe July 4 Celebration!