Unseen Unheard Tragedy Surrounds Us

As the expiration of the statewide “Stay at home order” will expire April 30 here in Tennessee, I sense some excitement from lots of folks with expectations that things will now shift significantly upon the dawning of May 1.
I know this is not reality, and I believe there are many people who will remain in panic because they are in “Survival Mode” and are too proud to ask for help to put food on their tables and keep roofs over their heads. Maslow’s hierarchy of needs.

There’s already talk of a new (2nd) wave of covid that’ll be more robust than this one . . . arriving within 3ish months . . . just enough time for many people to right their ships only to face another horrendous storm. 
Of course, none of this may happen – no one knows . . . but we’ve learned (I hope) that preparedness for ANYTHING is important . . . and not possible because we must always expect to be surprised even when our early detection instruments sound alarms to warn us.
I’m thinking many people are in personal crisis – People whose resources are gone (Money, food, mounting debt, paltry handouts from the government, charitable organizations).
How do we help these people when we don’t know who they are . . . Especially when they are in denial and/or too proud to ask for help?
When the tornadoes hit Nashville, we KNEW who needed help, and we ALL rushed there and did whatever needed to be done. We knew who needed help . . . those whose neighborhoods were reduced to rubble.
Today’s crisis is just as horrific for many people, and we want to help them, but we cannot know where they are. Some are in million dollar houses, and others in “working class neighborhoods” all with no food or support. 
This crisis (As with all crises) does not discriminate . . . NO ONE is exempt, and I feel that EVERYONE is responsible.
In 2008, a friend and Father of a friend of Jessica and Allison’s killed himself because the economic crash left him penniless . . . and NO ONE – not even his wife – knew he was in trouble. I think of him often . . . If only SOMEBODY knew, he might not have driven to the middle of a local park, called the police to report a suicide (his own), and shot himself.
How many people are “out there” in this state of mind today?
The statistics of the COVID19 virus don’t tell this story.
So . . . Last night during a zoom call Board meeting, the question was raised: “What should we do for our membership?”
My idea was to reach out to everyone we can to let them know that we care and that all of their colleagues care and that, if they are in crisis wherever they are in this world, we are “here” for them”.
If this saves ONE SINGLE life it will have been a GodSend.
So . . . What can YOU do?

I wonder if you were to establish a “safe place” as a “Main Gathering Space” for your family, friends, work associates, neighbors, and acquaintances to gather for mutual support, what difference might it make for folks who feel emotionally destitute? This could be a closed Facebook group – A whats app – Email listserve – or any on-line platform (ZOOM) – Create a Bulletin Board (With Trello?) for members to post relevant issues and opportunities – and see what happens.

I believe this has potential to be a life saving/enhancing endeavor for all.
This is easier than you might think.

Simply issues an invitation to everyone you know.

The right people WILL show up, and together y’all will make a difference in the lives of many humans.

While you (as “organizer/Facilitator) can participate at any level, my advice for you is not to commit to any specific role other than Opening/Creating this safe space and “Caring for this space” rather than micromanging the how).
I think this is an important issue that merits being heard by as many people possible.
My belief is that this outreach is a responsibility of all humans
There now . . . I said it!
Hope your Wednesday is rich and fruitful

Let’s GO!

Where is #NashvilleStrong?

The bootstrapper creates value

Seth Godin‘s timing for this message is SPOT ON!

“One of the most powerful things you can do is build a useful business. An enterprise of value, doing work of substance, filling a need and finding independence.”

And to do it without raising money from a bank or waiting in line for a venture capitalist to smile at you is where freedom can be found.

When the Federal Government started giving free money, I noticed many of my fellow entrepreneurs, Independent Contractors, and Small Business Owners suddenly develop amnesia regarding how they built their businesses from scratch for all these years.

Blood – Sweat – Tears – Sleepless Nights – Making high stakes decisions with grit and determination – Like a mouse in a maze in search of that CHEESE. No obstacle was insurmountable . . . We always found a way to survive and even THRIVE!

The whole world flips upside down, and we suddenly DEMAND to be enabled . . . Stimulus money will never come soon enough, and when it does arrive, it won’t be enough and the attached strings will create complications that result in more drama later.

Where did that agility, that resilience, that fighting Spirit go?

In the past, Fire, Floods and Tornadoes have ravaged Nashville, and we have proudly risen to the challenge of being “there” for our friends and neighbors . . . Time and again, We’ve essentially rescued ourselves and each other before most of the “First Responders” departed their garages.

We took pride in our “bootstrapper” esprit de corps!

We are #NashvilleStrong

“This (covid19) storm ain’t nothin’ but a thang, and we don’t need no handouts”

Lead – Follow – or get out of the way!

We have our own answers/solutions right here within our own population.

Let’s tap into our richest mine of knowledge . . . our own citizens.

How can we do this in this theater of imposed isolation?

We gather together virtually and imagine possibilities . . . and we take responsibility just as we have in so many crises of the past.

This begins with useful dialog, and I am Opening space for this every Monday @ 11 AM (CDT)

You are invited to a Zoom meeting.
When: Apr 27 & Every Monday until it’s over, 2020 11:00 AM Central Time (US and Canada)

Register in advance for this meeting:

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.

Let’s GO!

Your invitation to join the Middle TN Real Estate “skunkworks”

Call me crazy, but I think NOW is the PERFECT time to begin the oh-so-important of imagining how we Realtors can exemplify the “Phoenix Rising” of our Real Estate Market post-covid.

I believe that we can manifest just about anything we can imagine and that WE hold the cards . . . We have fantastic opportunities ahead, AND it will be OUR responsibility to SEIZE and EXPLOIT every avenue available to create a market that’s better than before.

You are invited to participate in a weekly think-tank Zoom meeting.
This will be a conversation (not a webinar) – Your voice WILL be heard

Dare journey with us on this dangerous expedition as we intrepid Realtors conspire to create an AMAZING Post-Covid19 Middle TN Real Estate Market

Will you join our collective brain-trust? 

We will be the “Skunkworks” that imagines Game Changing possibilities as we move towards a NEW and IMPROVED Housing Market?

When: Mondays beginning Apr 20, 2020 11:00 AM Central Time

Register in advance for this meeting:

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.
Let’s GO!

Barry Owen
CEO/Principal Broker
Pareto Realty, LLC \pə-ˈrā-(ˌ)tō\

The Vital Few


I help people buy/sell houses in West Nashville & Brentwood As Owner and Principal Broker of Pareto Realty . . .I coach and support the “Vital Few” member agents of Pareto Realty in their pursuit of building and growing consistently productive niche businesses as they enjoy the healthy life rhythm they want and deserve.

Wellness Check-in!

Let’s keep our priorities top of mind!

For most people, consistency of checking in with close friends and Family is a natural happening.


We do this because we LOVE them, and we genuinely care about their well-being.

Just as with everything (Houses and Automobiles), we need “regularly scheduled maintenance” of all of the systems that comprise our HOS (Human Operating System) else they naturally fall into disrepair.

When disturbances such as Natural disasters and dastardly Viri, throw us “off our game” resulting in obliteration of any semblance of “routine”, we tend to “circle our wagons” and shut DOWN. We retreat within . . .

It’s time like these when we serve ourselves best by directing direct focus on the things that matter most for our personal well-being

Spiritual – Mental – Physical – Social – Emotional

Tune yourself up FIRST before serving others.

This emboldens us to “get out there and make a difference” for others.

Please do this for yourself and for us, so we can “pay it forward” . . . As we each participate in this “well-being exercise”, we build karmic momentum which self-perpetuates and fills the gaps for others.

The best way for us to practice this healing is simple and cathartic. Begin NOW with a “Wellness Check-in call” to everyone you know (Family, Friends, Acquaintances, Business Clients and Prospects) . . . and even people you don’t know (yet). Just ask them how they’re doing and listen to whatever they have to say. EVERYONE is craving interaction with other people.

If you REALLY want to lift a LOT of people up, follow the call with a handwritten note a week later.

No strings attached . . . Just because!

Make this a Habit that continues post quarantine, and my suspicion is that your personal and professional well-being will FLOURISH!

Start Your Engines

Does anyone know when the quarantine will be lifted?

Is Anybody Out there?

What will we do between now and that moment of hearing the savory news that we are “ALL CLEAR” to leave our confines?

Is it possible to make yourself useful?

Well . . . We can get ready to get ready to re-launch our businesses!

We can spend this gift of time to improve our processes.

We can build our “book of business” by reaching out to all the folks in in the world who might be contemplating taking advantage of our professional services . . .

Perhaps we lean towards optimism and pick a date in the future to begin scheduling appointments?

Of course, the date we pick may be too soon or not soon enough, but we’ll have some new knowledge of new business on the horizon.

My suspicion is that the mass of folks are living solitary lives of quiet desperation. (Adaptation of Thoreau).

All the while, the “Vital Few” are busying themselves preparing to LAUNCH immediately upon liberation.

This is a choice!

Will you become one of the believers who know there’s light at the end of the tunnel (even when we cannot see it)?

Let go of whatever fear you might have adopted and . . .

Let’s GO!