Your Multiple Personas Confuse us

Who is the REAL you?

Which one are you in this moment?

I sent an important message to a person about an offer I would be presenting.

Some hours passed with no response, so I followed up with a short message:

“Did you receive my message about 123 Main St I sent earlier today?”

Her answer:

“Yes, I received it. But you sent to the wrong email.  Instruction are on the MLS. We will let everyone know tomorrow”

6 hours pass . . . and I receive this message”

URGENT-123 Main St


I check my Sent email . . . and it clearly has the offer attached.

This is when I put on my Investigator hat . . . I was beginning to wonder about myself. Am I losing my mental capacity?

AHA! turns out she has 3 email addresses – The one in MLS, the one on all of her automatically populated forms, and the 3rd had this Title:

Transaction Coordinator, Certified Mentor & Realtor

Hmmm . . . Seems that email address would not deliver an attachment larger than 5 MB . . . so I sent it from one of the other 2 email addresses, and it delivered.


3 personas- each with her own email address, and somehow we (Her Subjects) must magically know which email to use for any given correspondence.

I’ve come the conclusion that this Realtor needs to hire a Transaction Coordinator and a Mentor . . . Or this Transaction Coordinator needs a good Mentor and Realtor . . . or maybe this Mentor needs a great Realtor with a solid Transaction Coordinator.


Most of us have multiple roles.

Don’t intermingle them to the extent that your “peeps” are confused.

Confused people seldom confidently take action.

Thanksgiving in the year 2020

The big day is 6 days from today!

No . . . I’m not ready, but then I cannot think of ANY year that I have ever been “ready” 6 days prior, but somehow we pull it together and give Thanks with all the trimmings just like every other year.

How much preparation is required to give thanks appropriately?

Driving to the office this morning, I heard news of a flipped car on I-440 just about a half mile after my exit, so it didn’t affect me, and I silently blessed the occupant(s) in that car . . . that they would be unharmed. When I got to the the end of the off-ramp at Murphy Road, I glanced to my right and there sat a car fully engulfed in flames. The driver was out of the car on his cell phone and the firetruck arrived as I departed.

I thought of all that we ALL have for which to be thankful. Life comes at us FAST day in and day out, and we do the best we can to roll with the punches and celebrate the wins with those we love.

In my mind, this year is no different than any other year. Sure! 2020 has been a BEAST of a year, and there is still plenty energy for gratitude. Begin with acknowledging you are 6 feet above and not 6 feet under.

From there, we all benefit from huge abundance in our lives . . . and we have each other to weather whatever storms may roll through.

Today, I caught the Thanksgiving Spirit and am shifting into “Day before vacation mode” (Isn’t it true that we can accomplish herculean feats when packing for a vacation?). I’ve gotta manicure #OwenHollow this weekend in preparation of hosting our Owen Family feast

I’m grateful for this life we are living . . . ALL Y’ALL!

Here’s my offering to you . . . It comes from Seth Godin.

This is “Training Wheels” for you to experience this Thanksgiving with deeper gratitude. Some old curmudgeons or antsy youngsters won’t want to participate, but do it anyway.

Follow this link:

This is a magnificent “Thanksgiving Reader” created by Seth Godin.

I am grateful for YOU even if we’ve never met. As you read this blog post, we are “together”, and we are sharing good will.

With love and admiration . . . Thank you!


When you know better

There’s always some assembly required in all things and pursuits.

Whatever it is, there’s a learning curve.

After all, this is the first time you’ve ever needed to assemble and learn how to use this thing.

Straight out of the box, this appears to be a simple operation, so you get right to work without even a glimpse at the instructions . . . or in the case of many electronic devices, no instructions included other than how to plug it in and turn it on. The rest is up to you and youtube videos.

You dive in and do your best. Things seem to be going well, until they’re NOT at which point you seek HELP, or you think you’ve completed the assembly, but there are 3 pieces left over . . . Uh-Oh!

Do you simply discard these parts and hope for the best, or do you worry enough about it that that you decide to research the mystery. What do you do if it turns out to be important parts that should have been installed in the 1st phase of construction? Do you destruct the thing, get the instructions and rebuild?

Have you just learned the same lesson you have just learned MANY times in the past? Here’s when you slap your forehead and chastise yourself for being such an impulsive serial noncompliant assembler!

All of the above applies to all facets of our lives – Relationships, Personal Habits, Professional habits and putting the wheels on the Generator you just bought (Me last weekend – 1 extra bolt not where it should be).

Insanity = Doing the same things expecting different results

We ALL know better, yet we develop amnesia all too often.

Think about your routines (Habits) in your work and life.

In real estate sales (and likely most other sales careers) . . . and go ahead and acknowledge that you and EVERYONE is “in sales” to some degree . . . There are some ways of working which seem to be universal “instructions” which we hear repeatedly from Bosses, Coaches, Speakers, Authors, Trainers in all industries . . . I call these “Universal Life and work Hacks.

My suspicion is that you already “KNOW” all of this works, so why aren’t we all DOING it?

Every day – in THIS order using “Time Blocking”

  • Take care of yourself FIRST – Before going to your work place/mode
    • Spiritual
    • Mental
    • Physical
    • Social
    • Emotional
  • Do the most important (Vital Few 20%) work activities – Before 11:00 AM
    • Plan and Calendar (Daily, weekly, monthly, annually)
    • Prioritize and connect with all “A Business Opportunities”
    • Prospect – Lead generate for new business
  • Take a 2 hour break – Exercise, Lunch, whatever gives your a rest
  • The afternoon is for the Trivial Many 80% activities
    • Client appointments
    • Paperwork
    • Marketing
    • Training/Coaching
    • Financial Budgeting
  • Have a CLEAR “quitting time” – Not later than 5:00

This simple daily routine WORKS because of the efficiency it affords with respect to having clear FOCUS on everything you do.

and it provides a nice flow – A rhythm – a quality life

Here’s the fun part . . . Make this a habit, and you’ll find yourself getting more done each and every day whilst only working 6 focused hours (3 Morning – 3 Afternoon)

The icing on the cake is clearly communicating to all humans in your world what your time blocked day is and how important it is to honor the routine.

During 20% time (8-11 AM) no incoming calls or other distractions with emphasis on the crucial importance to preserve FOCUS.

There are many naysayers of these Habits . . . that it won’t work for them.

Just smile and enjoy your new-found life rhythm.

Play by your rules

The “true experts” are worthy of us heeding their advice!

After all, I would define “True Expert” as a person who has achieved Mastery in a specific field of expertise. Most experts in the field of Mastery knowledge agree that most mortals study and practice their art a MINIMUM of 10 years and 10,000 hours to build the solid foundation of knowledge and understanding.

Yes! There are some (VERY few) prodigious people who are born with unexplainable mental capacity and soar through the stratosphere seemingly effortlessly. These people are conventionally described as “freaks of Nature” . . . More PC folks might call them “1%ers”

When a person claims “Expert” status, where’s the proof that their pontification comes from a solid foundation?

We look for clues!

Most “true experts” aren’t out there claiming their expertness . . . They’re humbly doing their work and sharing it willingly with other “true experts” and the world with pure intention for betterment of ALL of us (and our planet along with all of the other animals and plants).

Don’t be so quick to believe self proclaimed “Experts”

The proof will always be in the pudding.

Stick this in your pipe and smoke it.

I am in awe of the MANY Real Estate Sales Professionals I know in this Middle Tennessee market who are quintessential true EXPERTS . . . and true Professionals.

These are the Realtors we wish to join Pareto Realty.

If you are following your heart (not the $$) and have great passion for achieving “True Expert” Mastery . . . Let’s connect!

We might be a good fit, and my experience is that when the fit of Team Member and company culture align, the results are AMAZING!

Just shoot me an email

Settling into 2021

We must begin with cessation of our obsession with hating 2020.

Every Monday morning, I create a theme for the week ahead.
This week is: “Finding Flow”
Essentially, this in response to my realization that I (and maybe YOU) have been running around like a beheaded chicken the past couple months as we have been orchestrating our many roles in our raplex lives. Coach, Trainer, Recruiter, friend, family member, psychologist . . . and myriad others.
Likely, you’ve been as I’ve been most of this year . . a veritable frayed knot . . . off balance – out of flow. Finding healthy life rhythm has been enigmatic. 
It is now time to settle in, regroup, rejuvenate, and focus on the people and things that matter most . . . No more new initiatives for a while . . . full focus on practicing what we preach with respect to finding personal and professional flow.
Some good things have happened this year! 
Let’s count THOSE blessings as we complete 2020 and prepare for 2021 to be better than before.
So . . . Let’s focus on on finding FLOW in these final 6 weeks of 2020.

PS – Stop hating 2020 – Each and every one of us learned some valuable things in the face of all of that uncertainty and fear . . . What doesn’t kill us makes us stronger!
Let’s GO!