Let’s GO!

When you stumble into a fabulous new “concept” that you’re SO excited about that you cannot suppress your enthusiasm, DON’T hold yourself (and others) back.

A few weeks ago at the World Open Space on Open Space, I met a cool guy from Portugal. His name is Luis Gallardo , and he is the Happiest person I’ve ever met.

I wondered why?

How could any human be SO HAPPY?

His happiness is infectious.

I heard a few people talking about him, and the word “Happiness” was spoken multiple times.

When I returned to Nashville, I was working hard to get back to business, but I was finding myself distracted . . . I felt compelled to learn more about Luis. What is this thing he’s created? Is it legal?

Next thing I knew, my friend and colleague Suzanne Daigle connected me about . . . Luis!

I started digging in the internet, and very quickly found THIS website.

The more I read on that website, the happier I became.

As I read and explore, I thought “too awesome to be true!”

I decided that I would DEFINITELY want to participate in the 2020 event.

THIS short video sealed that deal.

Here’s the main page https://www.happinessfestival.world/english

and here’s the Vision https://happinessagora.world/our-vision

I decided that it would selfish and irresponsible not to expose this amazing movement to as many people as possible, so I decided I’d bring it to NASHVILLE, TN in the form of hosting an AGORA here (subject to approval)

This isn’t the kind of initiative a person takes on alone, so I’m inviting anyone/everyone who is an “influencer” to connect with me so we can collaborate, together, to host a life changing gathering that will make a difference here in Nashville and the world.


You don’t have to live in Nashville to do this . . .


Thanksgiving Ritual

Since 2015, Seth Godin has posted this post on the Monday before Thanksgiving!

Every year, I forward this to everyone I know because I believe that, whether you read any part of this message or do the whole gambit of reading it around the Thanksgiving Table, good will come.
Happy Thanksgiving!

If every day were Thanksgiving

A Thanksgiving Reader

In three days, just about everyone in the United States will celebrate the best holiday of the year: Thanksgiving. I’m hoping that this year, you and your family will help me start a new holiday tradition.

At its best, this is a holiday about gratitude, about family and about possibility. It brings people together to not only celebrate the end of the harvest, but to look one in another in the eye and share something magical.

In a digital age, one where humanity has been corrupted by commerce at every turn, there are very few Thanksgiving piñatas stuffed with coins, no huge market in Thanksgiving wrapping paper, no rush to the stores. We mostly save that for the next day, when the retail-industrial establishment kicks into high gear.

I’m delighted to point you to the Thanksgiving Reader . The file you’ll find there is free, it’s printable, it’s sharable and it might give us something universal and personal to do this Thanksgiving.”

I wish for you a fantastic day of Thanks!


Finding your Bearing(s)

In short . . . Your “Bearing” is where you are relative to a known point, circumstance, condition, disposition . . . and so on. My first exposure to this homonym (Word with multiple meanings) was relative to “Military Bearing” (see below article from the US Army). Even as Boot Camp Cadets (1981 for me at Fort Riley, Kansas), were we required to “maintain our Military Bearing” always and everywhere. Once a soldier, ALWAYS a Soldier, and this expectation rings true until death.

The difficulty with this “lifelong charge” is something I (And likely many other soldiers) is the multifaceted meanings of this word “Bearing”. To some degree, my 38 year “relationship” with this word has been formative with respect to character, integrity, personal responsibility, and leadership. The enigma is that this is not a word that can be defined easily because it’s more of a life pursuit than a clearly defined way.

One component of my training as a Combat Engineer Our was extensive “Orienteering” (Finding our way to various checkpoints across rough country with the aid of a map and compass) . . . Sometimes with a buddy or group and sometimes solo. Here’s the thing. Success relied 100% upon knowing the point of origin. Each “leg” of the course relied on beginning point being precisely defined. One leg could be 800 yards through rough terrain (Thick vegetation, hilly, with creeks, rivers, swamps . . . ) which is very disorienting. Occasionally, we would veer off course. The minute we realized that we had wandered astray, our ONLY viable way to regain the course would be to return to a known point.

How might this be useful for all of us as we navigate this thing we call life?

Do you know where you are now?

Spiritually – Mentally – Socially – Emotionally – Physically

Is your moral compass helping you find your way?

Where is your “Safe Place” – That “known point of origin” that you can always find?

We’re all a “work in progress”, aren’t we?

What’s YOUR “Bearing”?

Just for fun, I’ve included Merriam-Webster’s definition of “Bearing” followed by the US Army article.

Definition of bearing

Source: https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/bearing

1: the manner in which one behaves or comports oneself the manner in which one bears (see BEAR entry 2 sense 2f) oneself a man of dignified bearing… a confident and cheerful bearing.—

2a: the act, power, or time of bringing forth offspring or fruit a woman past bearingb: a product of bearing CROPthree bearings in a year

3a: an object, surface, or point that supportsb: a machine part in which another part (such as a journal or pin) turns or slides

4heraldry a figure borne on a heraldic field (see FIELD entry 1 sense 3c)The lion is a common bearing.


6a: the situation or horizontal direction of one point with respect to another or to the compasson a northerly bearing b: a determination of positiontake a bearing c. bearings pluralcomprehension of one’s position, environment, or situation. The ship lost its bearings in the fog. helping new employees get their bearings d: RELATIONCONNECTION —often used with on facts that have a direct bearing on the question. They assured us that their personal feelings had no bearing on their decision. alsoPURPORT the bearing of that remark

7: the part of a structural member that rests on its supports a beam with 4 inches of bearing upon the wall

Military bearing is conducting oneself in a professional manner to bring credit upon oneself and the Army at all times. It is the ability to project a commanding presence and confidence, uphold standards, and doing the hard right over the easy wrong in both good and bad situations both on and off duty. Simply acting the way Soldiers and leaders are expected to act, presenting a professional persona. Military bearing comes from pride in oneself, pride of being a Soldier, a leader and in service to the nation. The way a leader carries them self with the knowledge and understanding that military bearing is continuous and that his or her actions and military bearing will lead to criticism, both positive and negative. Understanding that their military bearing will define the way in which other leaders, Soldiers and the world views them. Accepting that military bearing does not end at the end of the duty day when the uniform is removed. Often the only contact the civilian population has with a Soldier is during off duty hours. This is when they will make their judgments and opinions about Soldiers and the Army in general.  . . . Please click this link for the full article https://www.armyupress.army.mil/Journals/NCO-Journal/Archives/2018/January/Military-Bearing/

Think – at least – Twice

My personal rule is not to buy on impulse.

Often, the Universe conspires to cause me to violate this rule.

There are some times when I am unsuspecting and vulnerable to these “attacks”.

I fall for the “GREAT DEAL!” or

“If you don’t buy this NOW, you’re gonna miss a HUGE opportunity because supplies are limited.”

Or the timing just happens to be “perfect” . . . An unexpected financial gain shows up just as that “PERFECT” widget becomes available.

“All the COOL people like me already own one of these.”

“We’ll make it VERY convenient for you buy this from us.”

There are a few companies here in Nashville who are proliferating the radio, Billboards, Bus space with ads inviting Home Owners to “Sell your house without the hassle”. All you’ve gotta do is tell them your address and answer a few questions, and they will immediately send a CASH offer and will then let YOU decide when you move.

This level of convenience comes at hefty cost which is OK as long as you don’t (ever) know how much money you’re “leaving on the table”.

Your first think is: “This convenience is SO awesome!”

Your 2nd think might best be along the lines of: “Wait! These companies are buying the house, making very few improvements, and then selling the house at a PROFIT for them.” If this weren’t true, they’d be going out of business.

Your 3rd think might be the question: “How much $ would my house fetch if I were to sell it in the open market?”

My suspicion is that most of the home-owners selling their houses to these companies are abandoning 10% to over 20% of their equity. Of course this is fine and dandy if the convenience is “worth it”.

BUT . . . Wouldn’t you WANT to know the likely open market selling price before selling?

Well – You CAN!

Simply contact a LOCAL REALTOR and request an appointment to give you an opinion of value before taking action. A local real estate legend Richard Courtney is running an ad on the radio that boils the BS out of it. Essentially (paraphrased), He makes it clear that he (and other REALTORS) are NOT in the business of BUYING your house (at best terms for them) . . . he is in the business of SELLING your house for MORE money than any other company or REALTOR can.

This is true for most real estate sales professionals.

Look for and Learn the truth before leaping.

My inspiration for this post came from daughter Jess who didn’t like the $450 quote from the dealership to fix her car window . . . so she thought and researched and found the right part for $45 on Amazon and installed it herself thereby saving @ $405.

Unless you’re independently wealthy with unlimited money, think more than once.

Inviting conversation

In your daily interactions, how many of the words you speak are inviting conversation?

Monologue or Dialogue?

Do you tend to talk TO – AT – or WITH most other people?

Do you find yourself conversing differently with different people?

For those people you talk TO or AT, why not WITH?

Are some people not deserving of engaged interpersonal communication?

Are they “less” in some way?

Is the differentiation due to Status or perceived “worthiness” relative to knowledge or expertise of the topic of discussion?

Is it possible that ALL people have worthy insight in conversations in which they chose to participate . . . because they have enough passion for the topic to show up, be present, and claim their voice?

Sure! Some folks’ speech is less than eloquent with limited vocabulary and a seemingly clunky dialect.

How much richer might our human experiences be if we were to abstain from judgement of “presentation” based on first impression?

Give this a try . . . Invite more people every day to engage in conversation WITH them regarding any topic of interest.

Slow down and pay close attention.

Savor the unexpected wisdom that you have the great fortune and Honor to discover.