Monday Morning Coffee – Whenever it starts is the right time!

Today is the day I saddle up and ride into town to visit the Tennessee Real Estate Commission to acquire the new firm license for Pareto Realty, LLC.

Sure! There’s some trepidation, and I have had several people ask me questions like:

“How could you even THINK about opening a new real estate firm in times like these?”

“How do YOU know how to do all of this setting up a company stuff?”

“How sure are you that your concept will succeed?”

There have been times when I’ve asked myself these questions and the truth is that my vision of what this company represents in the landscape of Real Estate Firms across the lands has been consistent and unwavering. I SO believe in this concept of creating a home for “The Vital Few” REALTORS whose commitment in life and business is one of performance, that I have had little fear of gaining enough traction to get this baby off the ground . . . Even in the worst of times.

In my view, “performance” is about a LOT more than how many sales a professional completes . . . it’s about finding a personal and professional rhythm such that life is in a state of FLOW . . . with fluidity and agility and ease of adaptation in an ever-transforming environment.

What better time to introduce an “animal” like this than a time of uncertainty?

Pareto Realty will be an anchor, a home base, a safe place, a harbor . . . where folks can come to rejuvenate and re-supply, and re-tool, and find camaraderie with other professionals of like mind.

Our office (when completed) is designed to be a “Mini-Google office” . . . Check out this video tour to catch the flavor

So . . . How do I know how to do all of this?

Funny thing is . . . I don’t . . . I started with this big vision because every one of my mentors has always told me that great things comes from taking responsibility for what you care about . . . and are fueled by pure passion.

My Father Harrison Owen developed a concept known as Open Space Technology (which he says is simply something he discovered that is always (and always has been) present in the world). His premise is that everything is in perpetual transformation and the world is one in which self-organization is the natural order of business.

the “problem” with humans is that they keep getting in the way of self-organization by their incessant (egotistical) need to CONTROL what simply cannot be controlled.

Open Space Technology has 4 Principles:

Whoever comes are the right people

Whenever it starts is the right time

Whatever happens is the only thing that could have

When it’s over, It’s OVER

and 1 Law – the Law of 2 Feet

If at any time you find yourself in a place where you are neither contributing nor receiving anything of value than it is YOUR responsibility to take yourself to a place where you CAN contribute and/or receive.

I also tend to mix in the ideas from Angeles Arrien with her fourFold Way

The Way of the Warrior or Leader is to show up, or choose to be present. (Take Responsibility)

The Way of the Healer or Caretaker is to pay attention to what has heart and meaning. (Follow Passion)

The Way of the Visionary or Creative Problem Solver is to tell the truth without blame or judgment. (Be Authentic)

The Way of the Teacher or Counselor is to be open to outcome, not attached to outcome. (Let it go)

Optimum health is expressed in most cultures as a balance in all four areas: Leading, Healing, Visioning, and Teaching.

so . . .

What I’ve learned from all of this is that when the vision of something is clear and passion is high, we tend to worry less about how we are going to get “there” . . . Some folks would say it’s dependent upon “Faith” or luck . . . that we just turn it over to God . . . which goes right back to Dad’s notion that when we stop trying to be so darned controlling of everything, things WILL simply happen through self-organization.

Besides . . . Isn’t luck when preparation meets opportunity?

It’s never crossed my mind that Pareto Realty will not succeed because of the roots from which it derives. I believe the right people will show up . . . that this is EXACTLY the right time for it . . . Excitement is high . . . and the “status quo” is OVER with respect the way things have always been in this market and economy.

I say that in times like these – If you have an itch . . . SCRATCH IT!

Do you have a vision of something great that you are suppressing “for a better time”?

Have you considered the notion that NOW might be the right time?

I’m just sayin”

Looking forward to serving home Buyers and sellers in Middle Tennessee impeccably and creating the quintessential environment for real estate professionals at Pareto Realty



What are the odds that “Marketing” will build your business?

How many marketing messages do you think the average American see EVERY DAY?

Have you ever considered this?

I googled it . . . Here’s what I found: “The average American is exposed to 247 commercial messages each day.”
Consumer Reports Website


Humor me and try this little experiment. Pause your reading of this post and look around you. Count every THING within your range of vision . . . every THING that is not nailed down . . . from the smallest to the largest . . . I’m sitting in my favorite chair in my living room with a partial view of the kitchen . . . I got 234 and the room is not “cluttered”- Over whelming

When you wake up tomorrow morning, COUNT every THING you DO for the first 30 minutes of the day.

With ALL of that “NOISE” in the background, how much space is left in your brain for paying attention to any marketing message that you are not seeking? If you’re in the market for a new car, your reticular activator will filter out all other marketing messages and you will ONLY notice ads for new cars.

So . . .

Do you rely on marketing to fuel your business?

If so . . . how is YOUR marketing message going to show up (get noticed)? What is it about your message that will cause your audience to READ it . . . and then take action?

How much money did you spend on this marketing and what was the return? Is it paying for itself? Can you tie any DIRECT business results to your marketing?

If not . . . Why are you doing it?

Is it an ego trip? Do you just do it so you can see yourself on that Billboard every day as you drive to office . . . or on that grocery cart every time you shop for food . . . or on the pharmacy bag when you buy your prescriptions?

Are you doing it to please your customers or clients? Many REALTORS admit that their display ads in the local newspapers and magazines have ZERO return, but they do them because they are hard evidence (for the seller) that they are doing SOMETHING to market the property.

I don’t buy marketing that doesn’t work.

I believe that any money I spend should be an INVESTMENT . . . not so much that it always yields a financial return as that it “does its job”. I buy a couch for comfort, aesthetic appeal, durability . . . I buy a car to take me places reliably . . . I go to a restaurant for the ambiance, the food taste and consistency, and convenience . . . If the return (experience) I get doesn’t meet my needs, I “fire” it and invest my money elsewhere.

Same thing with marketing.

so . . . How DO you bring business to your business?

Begin with knowing whose wants and needs your business has the best chance of fulfilling.


Now consider WHERE this customer is?

How does your customer prefer to communicate?

Now . . . Knowing all of the above . . . What ACTION can you take to bring your business within the range of view for this customer?

this action may include some component of marketing . . . but that’ll never work in a big way unless you lead with a serious dose of intentional and DIRECT interpersonal communication. You’ve gotta dive into their pond and swim with them, or you’re just another one of those “247 commercial messages each day”.

I’m just sayin’



OBTW – ummm . . . This message also applies to personal relationships 🙂

Are you still alive?

That might be a question I would have of a family member who I haven’t heard from in a while.

In my Family (Which is a very eclectic mix from Episcopalian including a Bishop Grandfather and Priest Father . . . to Catholic where we currently go to church . . . and a whole collage of Jewish relatives on both sides of our families), the question “Are you still ALIVE?” arises as a “Jewish Mother guilt trip”.

My first reaction when that question hits me is one of backpedaling as I feebly attempt to justify my prolonged disappearing act . . . and my response is one of gratitude as it sinks in that I was missed.

How often do we get so busy and self-absorbed that we forget to reach out to those closest to us?

How often do we get in the dumps and start feeling sorry for ourselves and hide in shame hoping that things will just magically sort themselves out?

I hope I’m preaching to the choir and not just baring my own soul in a moment of transparency . . . I know that we all have these moments.

I also know that when those moments occur, I am never in search of a Knight in shining Armor kind of “swoop in and save me from all of these trials and tribulations” person . . . I am always most “saved”  by the person who just shows up out of nowhere and simply says: “Hey! I haven’t seen you in a while and was thinking about you. How are you?”

A sales career is enigmatic in the sense that the best salespeople are the people who are best with interpersonal relationships. These are the folks who are the life of party – funloving – happy-go-lucky . . . Yet most sales people are “Independent contractors” and are solo out in the field.

What this means is that they have LOTS of relationships with many people . . . The only issue being that those relationships have the additional boundary of professionalism . . . these are relatively shallow relationships. To be “transparent” with a customer or client may be viewed as unprofessional.

So . . . It can be very lonely to be a sales person . . . capiche?

This is where the HOME comes into play.

Where have we ALWAYS gone throughout our lives when life sucked?


We go home where we know we will be loved unconditionally . . . and will find candid and constructive feed-back. 

I believe that our offices should be this “home” in our professional worlds. If we disappear for a while, who at the office will notice?

I had a conversation with an agent today who said: “I haven’t been to my office more than 3 times in the past 3 months, and nobody’s missed me.”


I think that’s negligence.

In ANY office . . . EVERY associate deserves a level of attention akin to family . . . and if it’s not there? I believe that’s the wrong office for ya.

As Broker @ Pareto Realty, my covenant to all my associates is a quarterly Career Review at a MINIMUM . . . and my invitiation to them is that if they will utilize the CRM tools I provide for them at no cost to them, I will keep an eye on their performance continuously over time . . . and will step in any time I see room for improvement.

There ain’t no excuse for agents falling through the cracks in a Real estate firm . . . that causes much unecessary angst and negatively impacts families and self esteem.

I’m just sayin’

(stepping off the soap box)



A new baby is born in Nashville

Hoping you’ve had a fantastic week . . .
Pareto Realty is here now . . .  In Nashville.
This isn’t just any ole new Real Estate Company . . .
Pareto Realty is the manifestation of a very clear vision.
Home for “The Vital Few” . . .
Our name origin comes from Vilfredo Pareto who derived the 20/80 Principle in the early 1900s . . . We are most interested in being the 20% (vital few) who produce the 80%.
Fueled by pure passion for creating the quintessential firm for Real Estate Professionals whose goals include personal and professional PERFORMANCE at a high level.
We are bringing together a tasty blend of high technology, sophisticated marketing, Performance oriented training and consulting, and superior (FUN) office environment . . . all the while never taking our eyes off the fundamental balance of “Live, Work, & Play”
We’re excited and ready to get this baby ROLLING!
We are NOT a “Recruiting Based” Real Estate Office model . . .  We know that our model will not fit every REALTOR out there.
We feel we can most positively affect the Local Middle Tennessee Real Estate Market (and economy) by reaching out and inviting you in to our Guest Vendor Presentations (Wednesdays), “Instructional Sessions” about timely issues we REALTORS are facing (Thursdays), and Masterminds – My favorites (Fridays). we will post details of these opportunities on our website and will periodically send invitations..
I hope you’ll come to some of our educational or mastermind offerings and share and learn with us.

By all means, contact me if you’d like to learn more about Pareto Realty . . . I love to talk about it 🙂
Let’s all get back to work now and get this market MOVING!
Pareto Realty is currently (and always will be) under construction . . . Our Firm’s mission is to improve EVERY day.

Barry Owen
Principal Real Estate Broker
Pareto Realty, LLC
The Vital Few
PS – My role at Pareto Realty is Principal Broker and Coach . . . for EVERY one of our associates.
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Barry Owen
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