How to build a bigger, more reliable real estate sales business without blowing your budget!

How are you doing with respect to leveraging your business relationships?
Are you and your vendors “Co-Marketing” such that you ALL generate more business?
If you are scratching their backs, are they scratching YOURS?
We are offering this FREE presentation entitled:
“Taking REALTOR/Vendor Co-Marketing To The Next Level”
Master Marketer Scott Layden will show you how to build a bigger, more reliable real estate sales business without blowing your budget.
He has some pretty unbelievable tools and techniques that his company uses to help their REALTOR partners close at least 10 extra sides per year.
He’s giving this information away AND feeding you lunch . . . along with his co-sponsor Quenn N. Crum with Clarity Title, LLC
You can pick and choose from his bag of option or go apply them independently, or find out if you might qualify as a partner with Scott.
You have nothing to lose and EVERYTHING to gain by attending this event.
Pareto Reatly coordinates these Lunch & Learn “Vendor Spotlight” events in an on-going effort to bring REALTORS together to learn from each other . . . meet new vendors . . . get new ideas . . . and have a nice meal together.
These are NOT . . . and never will be . . . “Recruiting” oriented . . . nor are they high pressure sales pitches by the vendors.
Hope you’ll join us on the 27th @ 11:30 . . . Location TBD at a local Brentwood or Cool Springs area restaurant
Seating will be limited, so RSVP by email to me . . . I’ll return email the location.
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How speaking your “Native tongue” may be hurting your business

Quit yelling at everyone around you in REALTOR speak!

Kinda like when you run into someone who doesn’t understand what you are saying . . . so you start to speak LOUDER and SLOWER, but you say the same words.

They don’t understand . . . and eventually walk away thinking you’re a jerk . . . and you walk away thinking they are stupid.

So . . .

If you are interested in working with more Home Buyers and Sellers, speak THEIR language . . . stop it with the “REALTOR SPEAK”.


It’s those words like “Mortgage Rate”, “housing inventory”, “Short sales”, “REO”, “Foreclosures” . . . these are every day words in the office, but don’t make a lot of sense to those who don’t speak the language.

The average human out there, based on the education they are getting by watching the daily news (local and National) is a real believer that now is a ridiculous time to consider buying a home and that your urgings for them to buy now are self-dealing.

Why should anyone believe you if what they hear from the “experts” in the media is that “Home Sales are down” “Values are down” and the real estate sky continues to plummet?

The only rational conclusion is that now is an impossible time to buy. With all the banks in turmoil, the myth is out there that financing is simply not available.

Is it your job to change their minds?

Should we go on a campaign to coerce Home Buyers and sellers to jump into the market and do their thing?

Here’s the truth!

The general non-REALTOR public is justifiably confused . . . and confusion leads to inaction even when WE know the planets have aligned PERFECTLY for the time to be JUST RIGHT for them be Buying and Selling Real Estate.

How do we get them to BELIEVE?

I think the answer is an “Old school” approach.

It begins with Real Estate Professionals doing what they do best . . . BUILD RELATIONSHIPS with the people in their lives. This should be a natural act for most (if not all) REALTORS although we know that no 2 people do it the same.

Just go out there and be a good friend. Good friends keep in touch enough that they have some level of awareness as to what’s happening in the lives of others.

How many good friends do you have? Is it so many that you can’t make some form of personal contact with EVERY one of them EVERY month?

The next step is your own personal “Myth Busting Program”.

Simple things, like: “The only people out there now who cannot get financing for a home are the folks who really aren’t in a financial position to buy. People with good credit are buying houses every day . . . and it really doesn’t have to require a large cash down-payment.”

“Odds are good, You can get more house for your money at a lower monthly payment now than you could have at any time in your life . . . that’s what low rates and a high number of houses for sale in the market does for you.”

Our lead generation efforts cannot be “coercive” or passive . . . they must be genuine and educational.

The deep, dark secret is that as more houses sell, the economy improves . . . That’s the economic food chain.

Go out and mingle with your friends and quit yelling at them with marketing gibberish and scripts and dialogs.

Pareto Realty is a new real estate firm in Nashville, TN with a fundamental business model based on “Performance Orientation Mindset” . . . This is not a “Sales VOLUME” approach . . . It is a relationship approach . . . Simply good people helping good people make informed home buying and selling decisions. Our idea seems to be contagious . . . Looks like our family is growing quickly, and with each new member we are excited about the whole new batch of friends 🙂

I’m just sayin’



Environmental Check-in – Is your office environment healthy?

Not a day goes by when I fail to see or hear someone with great passion proselytizing about the importance of taking care of the environment.

I’m a believer in sustaining a healthy environment such that it continues to live and thrive and provide for us as we provide for it.

Don’t we have just as much responsibility to our Mother (Earth) as she has for us?

What happens when the environment changes and becomes less fulfilling for animals and humans?

Historically, a few things happen . . . Beings with the ability to do so move on to a healthier and more fulfilling places . . . others evolve/adapt . . . and many simply shrivel up and die.

SHIFT your thinking now from that huge picture!

Scale it down to your office . . . Where you work.

Is this an environment in which you are feeling fulfilled?

When you go there, do you feel energized (or drained)?

Are people there with whom you can freely discuss issues of the day without concern for judgement?

Do you learn something new every time you go there?

Will you go out of your way to stop by the office just to see folks?

Is there “office drama” that sucks you in and affects your performance in life and business?

When you dream about your office, is it a nightmare or a happy dream?

Do you feel supported . . . unconditionally?

Bottom line: Is your office environment toxic or nourishing?

Based on all of the above, I think you really only have 3 questions to ask yourself.

1. Should I just “die” and get out of this business altogether? Acknowledging that the toxicity comes from within and that my lack of passion for my work is a significant factor?

2. Can I adapt and make it work? Is it worth the time, energy, effort to change my own ways in search of peace and harmony just to avoid the pain and agony of moving on (or dying)?

3. Should I pack my bags and find another place where I can feel fulfilled and supported . . . Where I get what I need to perform in business and in life?

The only thing I know for sure is that most folks resist change and some will resist change at such a high level that they will delay the inevitable for months and even years – Living in a toxic environment – and would almost rather change themselves or die before moving on to a different, more vibrant pond.

There’s only ONE person on the planet who can answer these questions for you . . . YOU!

If the shoe fits . . . WEAR IT!

I’m just sayin’



BTW . . . For the first day in MONTHS, the environment changed while I was walking the dog . . . over a mile from home . . . raindrop the size of a watermelon hit me on the nose . . . Dog was groomed yesterday . . . I knew it was soon to down-pour . . . Do I give in or move on? I proved that I can run a mile VERY fast without having a heart attack 🙂

Monday Morning Coffee – The mystical art of pricing a home in a fluid market.

Good Monday Morning!

When the economy goes weird, just about anybody in the business of selling, well, ANYTHING faces an enigma of epic proportions.

How do you find the right price?

Price it too high, it doesn’t sell . . . and you end up in this “chasing the market” down – down – down – reducing the price over time to somewhere below the price you probably would’ve gotten had you priced it right in the beginning.

Price it too low . . . 42 offers show up and it sells in the matter of a few days . . . and everyone involved walks away from the transaction wondering how much money was left on the table.

Whose responsibility is it to get the price right?

Doesn’t everyone have a stake?

The Seller is interested in making the most amount of money possible . . . and the Marketer (REALTOR) doesn’t get paid unless the house sells.

Some folks would say that it’s up to the real estate professional to determine the price. The truth is . . . Deciding the price is the SELLER’S role. The Marketer is in charge of the process of attracting potential Buyers, negotiating, consummating the ultimate deal.

So . . . the REALTOR provides information and interprets that information such that the Seller can determine her price . . . This information reveals the probability of the house selling within a defined period of time based on the current inventory of available, competitive houses currently on the market and the rate at which houses sell in the area – that is, how many close each month.

So . . .

Agent and client are forming a partnership based on 2 decisions:

Seller decides (Based on Absorption Price Analysis and her own perceived needs) the listing price of the house.

the Agent, then, must make a business decision as to whether or not to accept the job of marketing the house at that price based on how he feels it aligns with his perceived opinion of the reality of the market.

If the alignment isn’t there?

This is one instance in which I think both Seller and agent both would behoove themselves to choose NOT to do business together.

This post derives from an educational session I attended on friday at the Greater Nashville Association of REALTORS Middle Tennessee Convention where Zan Monroe revealed just a few of the mystical ways of the “Ninja Seller”.

I liked the initial premise of giving the Seller the power (and the responsibility) to make decisions and the real estate professional the responsibility of reasearch, knowledge, education/advising the Seller to aid in this decision making and execute a smooth PROCESS.

We are all in this together.

What I know for sure is that the planets have aligned in a twisted conspiracy to make THIS potentially the best financial time EVER to buy a house. Mortgage Rates are are lower than ever, and the inventory has dwindled enough that a new hosue on the market that is priced right WILL sell quickly.

Additionally, projections are that the Middle TN real estate market will APPRECIATE as much as 3% in 2011 . . . One of the top 5 appreciating markets in the US. 

This is a “sweet spot” for Home Buyers . . . If you or anyone you know needs more (or less) space . . . or simply has a hankering to move to a different area, contact me so we can get the process started.

I’m just sayin’

Hope you have a fantastic week,


Your trigger . . .

I’ve coached a LOT of folks in my life.

Coaching is fun for me because it’s a little like a treasure hunt.

The prize is discovery of the coachee’s trigger.

What’s a trigger?

For each of us, there is this subtle nuance, niche, way of doing things, group of people, unique talent, relationships from the past, etc . . . something inside that IS the key to converting effort into high achievement.

Anyone can achieve at an extremely high level . . . Not everyone will . . . regardless of their level of effort.

Malcolm Gladwell wrote a book  The Tipping Point: How Little Things Can Make a Big Difference

Gladwell defines a tipping point as “the moment of critical mass, the threshold, the boiling point.”

It’s what causes your effort to “tip” over your own personal threshold that I am calling the “trigger”.

This isn’t about how hard you work.

This isn’t about luck.

This isn’t about “Doing the right things” or “following the model”.

All of those things are useful so that you’re springboarding off those who have gone before you . . . not re-creating the wheel.

This isn’t even about desire (drive) to succeed – or lack thereof.

This is about finding that magical trigger within you that, when discovered (and pulled), accelerates your success beyond your wildest dreams.

Interestingly, the top 5% performers in any pursuit or industry often appear (to the casual observer) to have met with sudden and instantaneous SUCCESS with no perceptible change in what they do or how they do it . . . Everyone just wakes up one morning and notices that Joe’s business has taken off like a rocket ship.

What did Joe do?

He found his trigger!

And it did NOT happen over night . . . He had to do all of that other stuff and probably needed a little luck, but the thing that created the “sudden success” was his discovery of his trigger.

Something subtle like he woke up at 3 AM and realized that ALL of his closest friends were RENTING apartments, rates are low, and there’s zero-down or low down financing available . . . and Joe loves a great party . . . and if he could just sell ONE of his friends a cool pad . . . and host a “house warming party” on that pad, all of his buddies might want a pad of their own.

Next thing you know, Joe sells 50 pads.

So . . . If you’re trying REALLY hard with not much to show for it, maybe it’s time to pause the game and take a step back and think about things. What/where’s your trigger?

Here’s a promise . . . You DO have a trigger and you DO have the capacity to achieve high performance and the economy has NOTHING to do with your level of success.

What is that 1 degree that takes your water from 211 to 212 degrees?

One final thought . . . A trigger on a gun that’s not loaded isn’t very useful . . . Finding your trigger doesn’t guarantee success if you do not have FOCUS, clear vision, authenticity, drive, commitment.

Don’t make this more complicated than it is . . .

I’m just sayin’



I LOVE helping REALTORS “get” this . . .

guess what? Home buyers and sellers have their own triggers, too . . . and there ain’t gonna be a transaction until we find that trigger and pull it 🙂