Are Paper scraps, postits, lists, voice mails, emails killing your productivity?

Do your lists have sub-lists?

How many leads have you gotten . . . then lost because you lost the napkin with the phone number?

How are you doing with your email? Do you have a magic number of “most number of allowable emails in the in-box”? Are they coming in faster than you can deal with them?

Are there scraps of paper and notes in sundry piles about your house?

How often does your head just SPIN on your shoulders from overwhelm because of all of the bits of information (CLUTTER) in your life that continually offer interesting distractions . . . and keep you from doing what really MATTERS?

How many GREAT ideas do you get every day . . . and then lose them before you can capture them on paper . . . or you get’m on a scrap or in a list only to find them 6 weeks later after the window of opportunity is WAY gone?

I’m not yelling at you . . . We all have these issues.

Our Raplex world feeds this disorganization machine.

It’s a conspiracy to kill your productivity.

There IS something you can do about it . . . if you CHOOSE to ūüôā

There’s this little process some folks call “Business Planning” . . . or “Strategic Planning” . . . or “Goal setting” . . .

I just call it a “Life Rhythm Plan” . . . and I teach/coach my version of this periodically . . . Just built a new curriculum for the workshop and learned some things that simplified the process and describe some of this here:

Tomorrow, I will work with 15 folks to GIVE them these tools with the hope that they will put them to good use . . . If the demand is here/there, I’ll do this workshop for another 15 – and another 15 . . . Why would I do this?

I have everything to gain as people around me get more and more organized and productive in their lives . . . All boats rise with the tide ūüôā

I’m just sayin’



Just call or email me if you’re interested in attending a Life Rhythm workshop . . . I still have some seats open for tomorrow.

Expose yourself! – A dirty little secret to success

Let it all hang out!

Let your hair down!

Be seen where it’s cool to be seen!

Don’t be a “secret agent” . . . GET OUT THERE!

Decide early each day to make DIRECT, HUMAN contact with as many people as possible before the end of the day.

Offer a class about something you know and invite people you don’t know (yet).


Be that exhibitionist you always fantasized (Keep it clean).

When’s the last time you attended an event and saw someone you know speaking to the crowd, feeling that twinge of jealousy, and thinking to yourself: Self! Why couldn’t that be ME in the spotlight?

I say it can be . . . Whenever YOU are ready.

All you’ve gotta do is step UP¬†and step out of your cave and take personal responsibility for your own passion . . . and invite others to your party.

There really are no rules here . . . it’s all about genuine human contact . . . and LOTS of it . . . EVERY day!

From that . . . you’ll build a reputation as being the “GOTO Person” . . . and the business will flow.


You can continue to be shy and reserved and mystified as to why more people aren’t discovering your rare talents.

Remove your inhibitions NOW!

Your career depends on it.

I’m just sayin’



Monday Morning Coffee – What are you offering other than low pricing?

Black Friday has passed.

What a racket THAT is. Retailers scream and yell at the public like a bunch of football coaches at 1/2 time in a close game in an attempt to stir us all into a buying frenzy.


Right on the heals of Black Friday comes Cyber-Monday (today) . . . the technology/geek/internet side of it . . . same thing, different team.

These strategies work on some folks. There are people who LIVE for these kinds of days and save their money and build their lists and study the ads and devise a military style strategic assault fueled by a visceral desire to kill the best deal that includes getting to the first store @ 3AM.

Most years, we hear of incidents of trampling when the store doors open.

I sleep through all of that, and yes “snoozers¬†lose” on the lowest pricing . . . I believe they gain on getting a better experience.

3 weeks ago, a local Book store Davis Kidd abruptly announced it would be closing resulting in a HUGE public outcry. There are “Save Davis Kidd” facebook pages and petitions being circulated.


For 15 years, Davis Kidd has offered a LOT more than low pricing. With helpful “Librarians” at your service, you could find virtually any book in print, relax in a nice chair and read for a while, and have a nice lunch in the cafe. Davis Kidd supported local writers and artists with frequent book signings and talks . . . and would stock locally written books not published by mainstream publishers – Like my wife Debbie Guthery¬†Owen’s book Ahh-Choo.

Davis Kidd offered  service and consistency and good people . . . not the lowest pricing.

We are sad to see them go.

In the real estate industry, we have a similar occurrence. There are firms that are “LOW PRICE” oriented firms. Their business models “charge” very low fees to their associates and offer very high commission splits. Real Estate Professionals are their customers. These firms rely on a HIGH number of agents to survive . . . With higher number of agents, the level of service these firms offer declines . . . quality (or existence) of consistent training . . . optimal Broker support . . . Coaching . . . comfortable office environment.

There are customers (agents) for these firms just as there are people who thrive on the Black friday experience . . . looking for lowest pricing with little regard for the quality of the experience.

These low cost firms behave similarly to the retailers . . . they consistently¬†yell and scream at the REALTOR public about their low pricing and communicate a message “Why pay more when you can hang your license with us at such a LOW COST?”

Interestingly, other real estate firms (like Pareto Realty) who “charge” a fair fee and offer a higher level of service . . . and do not rely on having a huge number of associates . . . and (we believe) ultimately yield a better experience for the “end clients” home Buyers and sellers.

And . . . we don’t have to scream and yell at the general public about our pricing . . . it’s not our carrot.

Thank goodness there’s room in this world for both models.

I’m just sayin’

Hope you had a great Thanksgiving!



ONWARD! (Invitation) – Goal Setting and LIfe Rhythm for 2011

Thanksgiving was nothing short of wonderful – 3 full days of doing not much more than eating and being a sightseer in our own town of Nashville . . . and NOTHING that resembled work.

Today (day 4), the brain began sliding into gear with thoughts of what the next few weeks will look like before year end.

What can I accomplish before January 1?

What have I started in 2010 that I would like to FINISH in 2010?

What can I do NOW to create momentum to carry me into 2011?

What are my goals for my business and personal lives in  2011?

Who are the right people with whom I must align?

Do I have a clear vision of my PURPOSE this year as it relates to my life Purpose?

What goals must I set this year so as to increase my odds of reaching my 5 year and 10 year goals?

What mechanisms do I have in place to “manage myself” such that I continue on a steady course towards the accomplishment of these goals?

Where’s my accountability?

WHY am I doing all of this?

You’d think that with all of that going on in¬†my head, I might just implode.

My response to these thoughts begins with an evaluation of my “Life Rhythm” . . .

I evaluate my current rituals considering what specific things I do daily, weekly, monthly, and annually to keep myself and my business moving FORWARD through my goals.

Every year that I have done this exercise (which is EVERY year), I tweak my “way” albeit slightly to make it more aerodynamic and smooth . . . with less impact . . . such that I can DO more and plan LESS.

I now have it boiled down to 4 tools, all of which fit nicely in the leather day-timer bought 15 years ago.

1. Annual Roles and Goals Worksheet – A very simple “rolling 12 month” tool that Clearly displays up to 7 Life roles (Sales, Business Development, Financial, Personal, Community, etc) and goals associated with each role. This tool is the platform for prioritizing projects and performance waypoints each month.

2. Annual Calendar – For mapping out PERSONAL vacations and events for the year FIRST – Then holidays – Then Business . . . Becomes the basis of the schedule template

3. Weekly Worksheet – a simple tool that I create at the beginning of each week includes Roles and Weekly goals . . . People . . . and tasks . . . and a 7 day time-table to map out the week.

4. Daily activity – The simplest of tools . . . a log of calls and daily todos beginning each day with a blank sheet of paper.

The only other thing in that day-timer is the most critical component of my business . . . a printed copy of my database.

This system is LOW tech . . . ANYONE can use it effectively without the need for computers – although the lead generation strategies I use are very technologically leveraged.

Each year, I offer a 3 hour session and invite anyone who would like to come to learn how I use these tools . . . and provide copies of the tools.

Friday December 3rd @ 9:00 is the day . . . Mark it on your calendar and contact me IMMEDIATELY if you would like to attend – Space is limited.

My goals this year are higher than any prior year, and my confidence is stronger than ever.

Contact me if you are interested.

I’m just sayin’




The importance of coterminous Relations!

I asked my Facebook friends to give me ONE word from which I would compose an impromtu blog post . . . My friend from Down East (Maine) Kristen offered “Coterminous”

The online dictionary says:

“coterminous [k…ô äňąt…úňźm…™n…ôs], conterminous

adj 1. (Law) having a common boundary; bordering; contiguous

2. coextensive or coincident in range, time, scope, etc.”

and suddenly it’s all very clear to me.

We live in a world in which we are finding ourselves coterminous with an ever-increasing number of people.

Individual boundaries and range of contact with other beings seems to be growing exponentially daily as our ways of interacting transcend the physical realm.

I can imagine that this word first came to be in a world in which neighbors were coterminously connected by the fence between their yards . . . and their coincidental births in the same era.

Nowadays, I have “friends” all over the world many of whom i have never physically met.

Our coterminous relations fly around in the clouds . . . bits and bytes intersecting in a world with very few determinable barriers.

While this is fun for some . . . others find it all simply overwhelming.

With such range and scale, I’m thinking that our potential for doing good for others through our coterminous interaction is exponentially larger than life.

My only concern is that there is also that other side of the coin . . . Potential for depth of reach for those on the “dark side” is also coterminously present.

We each have more responsibility to behave now than ever . . . because we are touching more people with every stroke on the keyboard – or text – or mobile upload