When isThe BEST time to buy and/or sell a house?

This is an often asked question of Real estate sales Professionals.

As a seasoned Real Estate Advisor, I feel that my most sensible response MUST be along the lines of:

“Why do you ask?

While this is assuredly NOT an ANSWER . . . it IS a question which opens space for “Peeling the onion” of your WHY.

Often, this space opens wonderful opportunities for curiosity . . . “Let’s imagine the possibilities ahead if you were to take the plunge in this process of Buying and/or Selling a house. How could this move change your life?


Are you entertaing this move because of News of housing prices or interest rates rising or falling?

Is this a desire for a lifestyle change – Moving from the burbs into the city – or vica versa?

Has your family grown in number and size of people?

Maybe you’re toying with the idea to move to that place where you’ve ALWAYS wanted to live on the beach?

Perhaps, you’re secretly wishing to change your job which happens to be in another city.

Here’s my bottom line . . .

If you’re thinking about making a move . . . Just DO IT!

Serve your WHY NOW!

Let go &

Let’s GO!

Why in this mundane world would you want to deprive yourself of living your dream?

Anything less than that for a few dollars or lower interest rates or inconvenience is squandering your vitality!

I’m poised and ready to take care ALL of your Home Sale and/or purchase virtually anywhere on Planet Earth

Give me a Holler, and let’s talk about your Why!



When the Student Is Ready, the Teacher Will Appear

I have been a student of Real Estate Sales for 30ish years.

Through all these years, my teacher comes in the form of Economic seasons. My most profound learning comes from Gary Keller who simply stated that : “No matter how smart you think you are . . . NO ONE can Time/predict with accuracy the timing of any market.”

It’s enigmatic!

The best Realtors are ADAPTIVE – Light on their feet – nimble and . . . studious.

I started this career in a “Zero-Inventory-market” (1993) working mostly with 1st time home buyers . . . meeting other agents in parking lots @ 2 AM. I learned to be willing to do whatever it takes to WIN in terms of finding that right house at the best price and terms or sell their house at the best price and terms (within Legal & ethical Boundaries) . . . In those days , we didn’t have the internet – We Realtors had to communicate via telephone and send docs via fax . . . and often, we had to MEET IN PERSON to present offers.

My mentor Sue Chilton told me to cherish these low price point grunge sales and keep in touch with those clients because those 1st time buyers become first time SELLERS AND 2nd time Buyers, and they will refer their Friends, Family, and work associates. I have one client who has bought 8 houses and has referred 12 clients through the years.

There’s always a market because most people are “moving up” or “moving down” or seeking a change in lifestyle . . . ALWAYS!

and so on and so on and so on.

I’ve served hundreds of families buying & Selling houses . . . I’ve launched new real Estate firms (KW and my own brand Pareto Realty) . . . I’ve coached many Realtors into production . . . I’ve been Principal Broker for a couple decades and am now choosing to do what I MOST enjoy doing . . . working with Home Buyers and sellers.

My areas of focus are North of Nashville – Whites Creek & Joelton (where my beloved @OwenHollow is) and Williamson County (Franklin – Leipers Fork & Nolensville.

For years, I’ve offered my services as “Your Sole (soul) source for ALL things real estate for ALL people. I can advise, consult, find and refer reputable Realtors anywhere on the planet.

I love building teams around accomplishing other people’s Dreams.



Everyone can be an “Expert” . . . Especially those with “credentials”

When I was a Trainer/Coach with Keller Williams (many moons ago), I had a Coachee who launched his career by putting himself through EVERY Real Estate sales course and certification known to exist ( There are more than 30 “Realtor designations” listed on the National Association of Realtors) Website, and innumerable non-Realtor designations/Certifications.

Wet met weekly for a solid YEAR, and EVERY meeting was all about the courses he was taking. Try as I did, he would NOT do ANYTHING other than attend Classes . . . This was exacerbating for me, because I wanted him to be “SUCCESSFUL” by MY STANDARDs (Selling houses and making money).

52 meetings . . . ZERO houses sold!

I wondered if he were “independently wealthy” with no pressure or drive to sell houses.

and then . . . on the 53rd meeting, he said: “NOW, I am ready to sell houses! How do I do this?

Within weeks, he, very diligently focused on doing EVERYTHING I coached him to do – Built his Sphere of Influence database, Identified his chosen niche, began networking and committing 3 SOLID hours of lead generation EACH & EVERY day like clockwork.

His sales Flourished, and he now has a highly successful team.

Whenever it (whatever it is) starts is the right time!

Smiles all around

I like being in places where people are smiling.

Happiness is contagious!

We ALL have our own “Happy Places” . . .

Who are the people who smile when they think of you . . . and while you smile, you think of them . . . smiling?

Where are the places which bring smiles to our faces immediately upon thinking of (or visiting) them?

I like to smile, so I tend to hang out with other people who smile.

I also happen to LOOOOVE Nashville Hot Chicken.

So . . .

One of my favorite Happy Places is Hattie B’s – Nashville West because it seems that there are an inordinate number of Happy people (Including those who work there) hanging out there.

Where are your happy places?


Go there more often and spread more smiles.

THIS is a contagion worth spreading . . .

Let go . . . & LET’S GO!