Doing the Work without Inhibition

I tuned in to the “Blaze” presentation yesterday and was very impressed by a young lady (Emily Peckham) who graduated from college in 2018 – Got her real estate license – joined Keller Williams – Then proceeded to close 32 transactions in 2019 and is on track to close 62 in 2020 . . . I think she will exceed her goal. Her focus was on FSBO’s . . . 30 0f those 32 deals were FSBO.

You might ask:

“What kind of voodoo is she doing to take off as she has?”

The answer is simple – She trusted the process that KW was teaching. She mastered the scripts and dialogues and called every prospect 3 times every day for 10 days – or until she made contact and scheduled an appointment – whichever came first). When she listed a property, she would then “Circle Prospect” by calling EVERYONE in the neighborhood to let them know about the house for sale and simply say: “When a house goes on the market, other people in the neighborhood think about making a move. If you are one of those people, when are you available to meet with me to talk about possibilities.” 

It’s this level of indefatigable commitment that creates SUCCESS.

The “secret sauce” is learning a tried and true process and DOING that process precisely as designed . . . NO SHORTCUTS . . . NO DAYS MISSED!

What KW is teaching now is not different than it was when I was Principal Broker and Coach.

In my 10 years of coaching at KW, there were only about 10 agents whose businesses EXPLODED and are still very successful.

Why is this?

The ONLY difference between the agents who were SO successful and those who didn’t boiled down to their willingness and commitment to do the hard work of DOING the process we were training.

There’s a HUGE difference between “knowing how” and “DOING”!

There were times I would get frustrated when I saw so much potential in so many people but lackluster results . . . I often said: “It seems that I care more about your success than you”
Of course, ANYONE can do this. It’s not “Rocket Science”
Leads sourced from anywhere and everywhere aren’t different. A percentage of them are READY NOW and just don’t know how to start the process.
We know that persistent and consistent contact and follow up results in appointments and appointments lead to Clients who CLOSE and REFER their Family, friends, and work associates to the agent who served them so well.

All it really takes is for you to find within yourself the grit and determination to lose all inhibitions (Fears) and do the hard work of making REAL contact with LOTS of people – having virtually the same conversation with every person who answers the phone (Use the Funnel as a guide)

Having said all of this, I acknowledge that not everyone wants to do a high volume of sales. Most folks gravitate towards a pace and volume that serves their desired lifestyle and quality of life. Even that boils down to consistently doing the right things to create enough business opportunities to live the life flow you crave.
If this shoe fits ya, begin with working on tried and true strategies to up your game.
Let’s GO!

Barry Owen

Fostering Culture While in Isolation

The secret sauce for maintaining esprit de corps boils down to “Art of War Fundamentals”

Consider the following tenets I learned in US Army Engineer Officer training.

  • Mass – A synchronized, coordinated effort brings to bear a formidable force that enables smaller forces to overwhelm seemingly insurmountable odds of success
  • Objective – directing every mission toward a clearly defined, decisive and attainable end provides focused Purpose relative to who we are and why we are here doing what we do.
  • Security – is about KNOWLEDGE of our competitors and market conditions and trends – Local – Regional – National – Global. If we fail to be vigilant we risk being vulnerable as the market shifts over time. Everything is always moving.
  • Surprise – is THE most efficient and effective “weapon”. When we are surprised by unforeseen conditions we are at a disadvantage as we scramble to make sense of the new threat. COVID-19 was quite a surprise. Conversely, when we foresee opportunities which offer us a competitive advantage, we must be ready to respond rapidly.
  • Maneuver – To survive, we must consistently imagine possibilities and never stop innovating new and improved systems and processes. The mantra must be: Each and every “thing” must be better than before.
  • Offensive – Whenever possible, initiate the disruptions. This establishes your business as the “bar setter”. The mindset must be one of “Always moving FORWARD. Your rear view mirror is only there to detect your competitors’ efforts to overtake you as the leader
  • Unity of Command – Who is the “Sponsor” of your organization? This is THE “Leader – The BOSS with the ultimate responsibility for whatever and how things get done around here. This person has the most authority AND the most at stake – skin in the game – dog in the hunt
  • Simplicity – Clear and concise communications are essential. Complicated solutions lead to . . . complications . . . lack of understanding is THE most destructive force in the Theater of operations
  • Economy of Force – By leveraging people, systems, tools, defined processes, we design a way of being that results in more done with less effort. It’s all 80/20 . . . 20% of the resources yield 80% of the results. We call that 20% “The Vital Few” and the 80% “The Trivial Many”.

Now . . . Forget everything you might have learned in school, apply MOSSMOUSE in every endeavor you undertake, and I’m betting you’ll magically find yourself getting more done with markedly enhanced efficiency.

Back to the title:

Fostering Culture While in Isolation

MOSSMOUSE has served warriors well for thousands of years.

I believe this way provides everything any Business owner needs to survive and thrive in ANY and ALL market conditions . . . even COVID-19b
Let’s GO!

Your List of Unfinished Projects

How many projects have you started . . . and not (yet) finished?

Why haven’t you taken the time to complete them?

When will you get around to finishing them?

Were they important to you when you started them?

Are they less important now because they’re less exciting than they were upon conception?

How do you feel every time you notice you have not finished these things?

Do you kick yourself and think: “I really SHOULD finish that . . . one day”?

Everything on this list is CLUTTER in your life. It’s distracting and detrimental to your productivity. This list is a terrorist in your mind holding a share of your mind hostage with the ransom of paying attention and committing to take the time to FINISH!

You’re shoulding on yourself, and that’s not OK!

If the unfinished things were important, you would probably have already completed them. Instead, you’ve chosen the path of mental self-incarceration.

Do something about this NOW!


Here’s how . . . Make a list of any and all of these projects which are in the purgatory of “started and not finished”.

With a clear head and your full attention, sort into 5 categories:

  • Procrastinate – Let it linger as “someday” and give yourself permission to be guilt free. These are things you will enjoy doing when you have the time.
  • Abandon – You HATE doing this and cannot fathom why you started doing this one in the first place.
  • Complete – AHA! This is something that is IMPORTANT and is already VERY close to being done. Do this IMMEDIATELY because all that’s left is crossing a few “t”s and dotting a few “i”s. There should only be ONE thing in this category
  • Tackle – This is an important thing that’s bigger than a “ToDo”. It’s a worthy project to work on over time. You already know how to do this and already have the tools and materials.
  • Delegate – This is important stuff that you do not have the foggiest notion as to how to do it, don’t have the appropriate tools, and will risk bodily harm to yourself and others attempting doing it yourself. (Think felling a 60′ tree that’s 30′ from the house) “Delegate” is a word that’s code for “I know how to do this, but I’m going to Hire a professional because I don’t have the time”.

You’re welcome!


Confidence in your power within

The best coaches are those who have mastered the art of “Tough Love”

They “teach” us how to fish instead of giving us a fish.

It’s kinda like an “Intel Inside” thing . . . Humming along inside while being always present and invisible above the surface.

I have the word “Strategist” in my email signature block for a reason. I believe that all people have within them everything they need to do whatever needs to be done. It’s already baked in at birth. As a Coach/Mentor/Principal, the most egregious thing I could possibly do TO anyone asking my advice is to “should on them.”

When I consult with Home Buyers and Sellers and offer perspective and possible paths to moving things forward, I am VERY careful not to usurp my clients’ individual power by daring to enter the realm of making a decision on their behalf.

When I am coaching a Real Estate Professional facing a snag, hiccup, quandary, quagmire, or dealing with a completely irrational, egotistical, maniac, I always know that I, as a dis-engaged 3rd party, could ride up on my white stallion and save the day by taking over the negotiation . . . and I know this would be a disservice to everyone involved. If I were to take the reigns, the only learning that happens is the creation of dependency upon Barry to solve any and every issue that rears its ugly head.

I believe this dishonors the worth of the coachee.

Always better to offer wisdom . . . Simple things like – Take a deep breath – go for a short walk outside – change your mode of communication (from text to Voice or video or in-person meeting) – suppress your inclination to take offense at the other person’s escalating frustration – LISTEN and RESPOND rather than reacting.

All of the above is a good start – The coachee must do the rest all by her/him self.

This is magical because, at the end, the coachee can proudly declare:

“Look what I did!”

and I can then fade into the sunset . . .

Yes you do have the power

Posted by Barry Owen on Friday, May 8, 2020

Nashville’s Guardians

I have a LOT of respect for Metropolitan Nashville Police Department.

Nashville’s Finest serve and protect us Nashvillians ’round the clock and accept the possibility of personal harm and even the “ultimate Sacrifice” of death in the line of duty.

On all of their vehicles, you’ll find “Nashville’s Guardians” subtly emblazoned on the fender.

These fine Men and Women care deeply about maintaining law and order and the SAFETY of all of our citizens from the myriad ways we can be harmed by criminals aplenty.

I believe Realtors are also “Guardians” of the rights of Home Owners, Buyers, Sellers, Landlords, Tenants, Investors and these Licensed Real Estate Sales Professionals are indefatigable when it comes to “policing our own” as we self-enforce our Realtor code of Ethics.

Within EVERY real estate market, there are many “wolves in sheep’s clothing” who prey on unsuspecting Home Sellers and Buyers by offering “too good to be true” benefits for “Buying direct” without the use (protection) of the representation of a Realtor. “They make wild claims of “Hassle-free” process – “Move when YOU want to move without having to worry about the inconvenience of preparing your house for the market and then the distraction of having to allow showings to prospective Buyers.”

If it sounds too good to be true, it probably IS!

The folks who fall for these “great deals” often later lament the EXPENSIVE “gotchas” that show up throughout the process. Costly “repair requirements”, hidden fees, selling prices lower than market . . . For sure, there’s a REAL cost for this convenience.

Having said all of this, there are some people who think they NEED the “convenience benefits” because they’ve gotta move NOW . . . in desperation!

My advice to anyone and everyone contemplating a move is to meet with a LOCAL Realtor before signing ANY agreement to buy or sell “off market.” You might be surprised with the information a Realtor will be able to share with you to help you accomplish your goals with minimal inconvenience.

  • Due to covid-19 restrictions, the number of physical showings is few for most home sales because Realtors are providing high quality photos/videos and “walk-through” tours with ZOOM or facebook Live etc
  • Inventory of available houses is likely relatively low so seller competition for Buyers is low.
  • In most areas, pricing has NOT declined as a result of the Pandemic
  • Your Realtor will work with you to prepare the house for the market utilizing his/her many “allied partners” who specialize in home sale repairs and staging.
  • In most “off-market” transaction scenarios I have witnessed, the unrepresented (by Realtor) parties have netted LESS money than they would have had they hired a Realtor.
  • . . . and the ZINGER . . . In my 27 years as a Realtor, the ONLY transactions that I have seen lead to litigation (lawsuit) are ones in which there was no Realtor involvement

All of the above sets the stage for THIS:

Open Door has announced that they are on their way back into the National Real Estate Market. They are beginning in Phoenix and Raleigh-Durham and will likely be back in Nashville as soon as possible.

I’ll let the video below tell the rest of the story . . . BEWARE housing black market.

This is a hard hitting 6 minute video that does a good job of calling them out on their unscrupulous ways . . . AND advocating for hiring a REALTOR to sell or Buy.

Let’s GO!