Go Ahead – SEND IT!

“If you want to change a root thought, you have to act BEFORE you think.”

This simple challenge hit me like a freight train this morning as I was reading “Conversations with God” written by Neale Donald Walsch.

Take yourself back to grade school. The teacher asks a question to the class, and you KNOW the answer, but you don’t raise your hand.

10 years ago, you thought of a BRILLIANT invention with amazing potential to make a significant change in the world, but you talked yourself out of it and never got around to creating it . . . 5 years later, someone else “steals” your idea and becomes rich and famous.

Yesterday, you were grappling with a difficult situation with a friend or colleague, and you wrote an email with a heartfelt apology . . . and for whatever reason, you didn’t hit “send”.

We all do this!

Can you imagine how many great ideas never realize their potential to create positive change in the world?


Send the email!

ACT on your inventions no matter how wacky they might seem to be.


Our Deepest Fear

By Marianne Williamson

Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. 

Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. 

It is our light, not our darkness

That most frightens us.

We ask ourselves

Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous?

Actually, who are you not to be? 

You are a child of God.

Your playing small 

Does not serve the world. 

There’s nothing enlightened about shrinking 

So that other people won’t feel insecure around you.

We are all meant to shine, 

As children do. 

We were born to make manifest 

The glory of God that is within us.

It’s not just in some of us; 

It’s in everyone.

And as we let our own light shine, 

We unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. 

As we’re liberated from our own fear, 

Our presence automatically liberates others.

The Power of Willingness

Years ago, I learned a POWERFUL lesson from Joe Stumpf.

Joe was my first real estate coach many years ago, and he taught me SO much in the 3 years I participated in his “By Referral Only” approach to sales.

Joe was the first coach to expose me to many strategies and habits for success . . . all of which I have heard consistently throughout my 28+ years of learning from MANY Real Estate EXPERTS.

I soaked up all of that wisdom with wonderment . . . could it REALLY be this EASY?

I’ve since discovered that virtually none of the things I heard/learned from Joe that I considered to be BRILLIANT were “original thought.” This was when I realized that all of the coaches were singing the same songs and packaging them differently.

In fact, I saw ALL of these tactics for sales success in print from the sales and marketing gurus dating back to the origin of sales . . . right about the time of cavemen and cavewomen.

So . . . why do we continue to buy these programs – most of which say the same things?

Great coaches inspire their coachees to perform at higher levels and hold them to a level of uncomfortable accountability.

Even still . . . most of us spend THOUSANDS $$$ and fail to realize much significant improvement in performance.


It’s not the coachs’ faults.

As a coach myself, I often muse about the apparent truth that most coaches care more about their coachees’ success than the coachees.

Back to Joe . . . He taught me something that I’ve seldom heard from other coaches, and this is NOT “Rocket Science”.

Success achievement is fueled by the sales person’s WILLINGNESS to do whatever it takes to succeed!

There’s amazing power in being WILLING to do whatever it takes.

When a person has that level of commitment, she will likely not have to perform these herculean feats after all.

Where there’s a WILL, there’s a way.

Quit making everything so DIFFICULT.

Stop overthinking and start focusing on DOING the right things each and every day like clockwork.

Do this, and you’ll find all the right people showing up at all the right times in the right places, and you’ll be standing here dumbfounded as to how EASY it is.

Being willing to do whatever it takes is super-fuel for those folks with dangerous, important and complex missions.

Here’s the best news . . . you were born with a full tank of this fuel within you ready to ignite your success.

Let’s GO!


PS – Pareto Realty is growing in 2021 – We are poised and ready to support and coach Realtors to higher levels of success. If you’re a Realtor desiring a fresh, new start to a (more) lucrative Real Estate Sales Career, connect with Barry Owen

10 Tips to BUY a House in a ZERO Inventory market

If you are in the market to buy a house anywhere in or around Nashville, TN you’re probably getting frustrated.

Our current condition is simple – In virtually EVERY price point and area throughout Middle Tennessee, there are more buyers wanting to buy than there are houses on the market . . . and the builders can’t develop and build quickly enough to fill the void.

The “WHY?” boils down to the massive migration of people relocating from higher cost of living areas of the country . . . Notably North and far West (New York, Michigan, California) to lower cost cities like the good-ole SOUTH. The covid situation exacerbates the problem because many people can now work from home even when their job may be in another state. For perspective . . . even before covid, there were @ 100 people moving into Middle Tennessee EVERY DAY.

Scarcity makes way for rapidly rising PRICES both in resale houses (Competitive Buyer bidding), and new construction. (costs of labor and materials).

Buying a house in this market isn’t for the faint of heart, but I’m going to give you 10 tips to increase your chances of landing the right house for you.

  1. Hire the right Realtor – Note: I said HIRE the right Realtor which means that you sign an exclusive Buyer representation agreement (Contract). Ideally, this is with a Realtor you already know, like and trust. If you do not know any Realtors, reach out to other people you know, like, and trust to recommend Realtors. Meet with those recommendations. This is not to be taken lightly because THIS is the human who will be working the magic to help you identify and BUY the right house in the right place at the right time. TRUST is paramount in this relationship, so you make speedy, informed decisions.
  2. Hire the right Lender – Odds are good that the Realtor you hire will recommend a lender with an already baked-in established relationship. When a Realtor and Lender are in sync, impossible things happen. These are the 2 essential Co-Captains for the duration. With seamless communication, things don’t fall through cracks and danger signs ahead provide preemptive ACTION thereby decreasing the possibility of gut-wrenching surprises. This lender will help you find the right terms for your loan. Other than CASH, Conventional financing is your least path of resistance but will likely require more down-payment than FHA/VA both of which carry an unfounded bad reputation with some Sellers. Work with the lender to secure a Loan Approval (subject only to Appraisal and final underwriting in hand) prior to looking at any houses.
  3. Closing date: Arrange your near-term life such that you can accommodate the Seller’s wishes regarding Closing Date and even the Possession (move-in) date. Your Realtor will likely contact the Listing agent prior to structuring your offer so as to pick up on the seller’s desires . . . This makes it possible for your (buyer) to build a SIMPLE and CLEAN offer . . . One that is easy for the Seller to ACCEPT with minimal changes.
  4. Bring Cash – At the closing, the Seller will be receiving CASH. In a multiple offer situation, many buyers will focus on PRICE with the rationale that the highest price will win the house. This can be problematic . . . What if the appraisal doesn’t align with the inflated price (More on that in #7)? The more cash you can bring to the table increases the likelihood of a WIN. When all of a Buyer’s purchase ability is financed, this speaks weakness . . . Asking the Seller to pay Buyer Loan Closing costs and prepaid expenses gives most sellers pause. Consider tips 5-10
  5. Competitive Strategy – Every purchase and sale agreement has myriad contingencies and requirements. How SIMPLE and CONVENIENT can you (buyer) make it possible for the Seller? What can we do to decrease complexity and uncertainty? Waive non-essential things like Home Warranty or other “Special stipulations”? . . . Craft an offer that’s “Just the Facts” – Keep it Simple!
  6. Pay fees traditionally paid by the Seller – When the buyer takes care of those pesky expenses, that cash goes right to the bottom – into the smiling seller’s proceeds – Like Title expenses and HOA transfer fees – I won a house because I recommended the Buyer to allow the seller to leave a crawlspace FULL of debris – It was creative, and we had a garage sale to dispense with it 🙂
  7. Appraisal – All too often, the frenzy of buyers drives the price above the realistic appraisal value. All-cash Buyers will sometimes waive the contingency on satisfactory appraisal. For the rest of us mortals who must have a loan, this can be problematic and often results in failure of that deal. Exuberant buyers sometimes take wild (less creative) chances – roll of the dice. The savvy Realtor and Buyer might propose a lower Price and come up with ways for the buyer to pay some of the Seller expenses.
  8. Inspection – The home inspection is another piece that can blow a deal apart. We Realtors are seeing MANY houses coming on the market “underconditioned” . . . Like the seller put lipstick on the pig . . . A coat of paint and throw it on the market . . . The flaws reveal themselves to the home inspector who tells the real truth. “Handy” buyers might offer to do a pass/fail inspection – accept it warts and all, or walk away from the deal. Others might even waive the Inspections altogether. We are seeing a fair number of deals crash at this stage of the game because the sellers are in the frame of mind that they can toss it back on the market and re-sell it in a few hours.
  9. Realtor Commission – PLEASE understand this is NOT a strategy to REDUCE any Realtor commission . . . Realtors deserve every penny of their commissions. Typically, the Seller offers X % of the Purchase Price to the Buyer’s agent. This offer is made in the MLS and confirmed with a Commission Agreement. It IS OK for the BUYER to pay part or more of the Buyer agent’s commission thereby reducing that commission expense to the seller. Yet again – another creative way to add benefit to the Seller with cash – straight to the bottom line.
  10. Escalation Clause – This is a tactic that Realtors either LOVE or HATE (there’s no in-between). The Buyer submits an offer with language something along the lines of: “Buyer will pay $1000 more than the highest competing offer up to $XXX,XXX”. Things can get very interesting if there are multiple offers with escalation clauses – Makes my head spin. In my opinion, this is risky business. It smells like an auction, and we Realtors are not licensed to conduct auctions. More so is that many Sellers get “turned off” by the game playing tactic. I’ve seen many of these escalation clauses be summarily rejected.

If I were to get into details, this topic could turn into veritable suspense drama.

My hope is that this sheds some light on the importance of having professional Realtor representation with every purchase and sale of real property.

Of course, I’d love for you to choose to work with me or any of the fine “Vital Few” Realtors of Pareto Realty

Drop me an email, and Let’s GO!


On being in the right place

One of my BIG goals for Pareto Realty in 2021 is to grow our team to 40 “Vital Few” members.

For me, THIS is a very important and complex doing.

It’s a difficult endeavor because WHO these new folks are is most important.

Will they be the “right” people with great diversity of culture, beliefs, perspectives, ideas . . . who honor our differences and leverage our strengths – believers of the simple premise that as each of us succeeds, we ALL succeed?

Knowing that there is always potential for conflict within any group of humans, will these passionate humans take responsibility for holding the space of our collective culture by acknowledging our differences with a willingness to bend as we challenge each other to perform at our smoothest potential?

I’m in conversation a with a few prospects (Mutual Interviews). I am refreshed to hear them being VERY careful about this process of finding their “Right Place” – one which feels like family and has an environment that supports an optimal level of “production” . . . to support the quality of life they want and deserve. When we feel “at home” with our work team/family, we are happier, healthier, and more productive.

In the Real Estate Sales industry, there are myriad business models. Some of these have very high degrees of difficulty to understand . . . “splits” to the company range from “100%” (which is never the truth, else how would the company make money) all the way to 30% of the gross commission.

My advice to new agents trying to decipher which plan is best for them is to disregard the “splits” and the other “bells and whistles” and focus on what you get for your hard earned money in the way of appropriate coaching, training, and solid Broker Support . . . AND the ambiance of the place.

How do you FEEL about the Broker and other members of the company you might know?

Having been a Principal Broker for over 2 decades, my observation is that, when an agent is in the right place, the results are nothing less than flourishing – with relatively minimal effort.

All of this boils down to HAPPINESS!

You DO want to be HAPPY . . . Don’t you?

PS – If you’re anywhere in Middle TN and not “feelin’ the love” for your current company, and are contemplating exploring the other side of the fence to see if it’s “greener pastures” . . . I’d be honored to meet to learn if Pareto Realty is a “Right Fit” for YOU!



Begin with quiet

Most of us humans think WAY too much!

We even think while sleeping . . . about things that happened yesterday and what’s likely to happen tomorrow.

We wonder, worry, anticipate, strategize, and negotiate in our minds.

When the alarm sounds, we hit the ground at a full-on SPRINT to take action to clean up the debris we’ve conjured up.

Waking up each morning facing a veritable mental minefield isn’t fun or useful.

If this resonates with you, try this!

Place a straight backed chair in your favorite room facing your favorite view.- Mine overlooks Owen Hollow.

Take care of yourself with 15 minutes of peace and quiet.

Sit with good posture – Straight back, Knees at 90 degrees with feet flat on the floor – hands resting on Thighs (Palms up or down) – set a timer for 15 minutes and sit in silence with eyes open.

At first, your attention will wander to all of that clutter in your mind – dismiss each distraction as they surface and resume your quiet.

When the timer sounds, close your eyes for a moment and then intentionally move into the opening of your day with much less mental clutter.


Close each day in the same way, and you’ll soon find that your sleep will become more restful and your days will be more productive.

(pssst – Training wheels for meditation)