The Right People Telling your Story

Making your case

Conventional wisdom:

Find a large group of people.

Explain why you’re better.

Prove that you are the right answer.


How it actually works:

Earn attention from precisely the right people.

Gain trust.

Tell a story.

Create tension.

Relieve the tension by gaining commitment.

Deliver work that’s remarkable.

They spread the word.”

YES! Seth Godin NAILED it!

Early this week, I finally succumbed to the reality that would not likely EVER “get” quickbooks.

Truth is . . . I don’t speak it’s language. It’s so “robust”, I’m overwhelmed and frustrated with my inability to use it effectively.

Why was I using it?

Because conventional wisdom is that “EVERYONE” uses Quickbooks . . . that is . . . if they want to be a cool business owner.

I queried the awesome IBN (Independent Broker Network FB Group) for an alternative and quickly received 5 alternative platforms.

I checked each one out, and spoke to me as being right for me.

I signed up and Connected a few accounts and found it to be awesomely “appropriate” for my business.

They sent me this email today:

This IS how “it” really works!

Do you know who your right people are?

How are you actively gaining their trust such that spread the word?

Pareto Realty ain’t for everybody and certainly not a “Conventional” Real Estate Firm.

After all, we “Vital Few” understand that you want to buy or sell your house without having to learn this complicated process . . . Simply . . . You make the decisions, we’ll handle the process.

If this resonates with you, let’s talk!

You’re always welcome!


I see you’ve been a loyal customer for years

Cell phone service and internet/TV carriers are famous for rewarding NEW customers more than existing customers.

These are the companies which have bought into the race to the bottom with SCALE and VOLUME focus.

For these companies, every day is a new day to conceive and offer an unending array of #toogoodtobetrue AMAZING incentives to entice us to leave our current provider.

I seldom pay attention because I know what’s happening . . . bait and switch marketing . . . There’s ALWAYS a “hitch”.

For those people who LOVE a GREAT deal and have no loyalty in their DNA, these schemes are alluring and sexy. They frequent the revolving door of getting more stuff for less money regardless of the inconvenience of never ending change. This is #thrillofthehunt living at its finest.

Meanwhile, the rest of us find this game unsettling. After all – When we chose to buy from this company, we were caught in the “delusion of grandeur” that we were getting this great deal because the friendly sales human actually CARED about us.

A few days or weeks pass, and we feel betrayed when we see a commercial promoting an even MORE amazing incentive . . . If we had known THAT deal was coming, we would have waited a few days to buy . . .

Even worse is when we stay with a company for YEARS, and we see those companies rewarding the new customers instead of loving on us, their loyal long-term customers.

Many folks are figuring this out and “we’re mad as hell and we’re not going to take this any more”

Guess what?

Some of these companies are starting to “get” this.

For some of them, they’re getting it because they’re seeing their competitors getting it . . . but are they authentic or simply playing the game?

Do they really care or are they faking it?

Wolves in Sheep clothing?

The fakers are losing traction because we are getting smarter. We are discovering that “Air TV” is digital and FREE and never goes down when the internet fails. Yep! There’s an antenna on my roof in #owenhollow, and I receive over 50 channels with crystal clarity.

Here’s the GOLD!

There ARE some companies who do, indeed, CARE!

I believe T-Mobile is one of them . . . especially after my experience yesterday. Not only did the representative exhibit patience and understanding, but also did the unfathomable . . . As we were completing the order, she sweetened the deal by “covering some fees because she noticed that I’ve been a customer for years.

Keeping existing customers is WAY less expensive than finding new ones.

Thought for today:

How much effort (Time, Energy, Money) do you spend each day/week/month/year attempting to “attract and CAPTURE” new customers/clients?

How might your business improve if you were to shift some of those lead generation resources into loving on your loyal former and current clients.

Repeat and referral business is the “Air TV version of “Lead Generation”

We practice this principle here at Pareto Realty, and we would be honored to have the opportunity to treat you to a smooth Real Estate process as you buy and/or sell your next house. We know that making a move is a tumultuous and very personal life event.

We’re eager to meet with you!

Let’s GO!

2019 Residential Real Estate Observations for Mid TN

The statistics are unfathomable . . . So I’m not going to tackle reporting those in detail.

Instead, let’s talk about things from a more holistic approach.

What kind of market is this? (STRONG)

Where are the HOT spots? (EVERYWHERE in Middle TN)

When will things turn – cool down? (NOT in the foreseeable future)

From the perspective of this native Nashvillian (Yes – There ARE some folks living here who grew up here), How does it feel to experience all of this change/growth? (Exhilarating and overwhelming)

Do we lament the quickly transformation of every nook an cranny, or do we embrace and celebrate the relatively newfound fame and fortune? (We’re resigned to the reality that this movement has HUGE momentum and is not going to taper any time soon)

What’s next? (NOBODY knows . . . The Mantra is “Enjoy it while we’ve got it”)

It seems that Nashville is FULL . . . yet businesses continue to relocate here bringing with them MORE people and MORE buildings and more of EVERYTHING that goes with the title “IT CITY”.

One thing I’ve noticed . . . everything is going more vertical.

New houses on smaller foundations 3 (or more Levels) with rooftop “outdoor living spaces” instead of Decks in fenced yards.

Mixed use buildings are taller than ever and each one is a veritable self-sustaining village including retail, grocery, restaurants & bars, Hotels, Office, apartments (rental) and Condominiums (purchase) . . . all at unbelievably exorbitant (by “old Nashville standards”) prices.

I’ve yet to hear an economic expert dare whisper anything akin to any sign whatsoever that this pace of growth will lessen.

“They” say that the real strength comes from the fact that that most of the development is funded with CASHOLA . . . therefore, there’s less of the potential downsides of borrowed money fiascoes (Bankruptcies and forelosures).

More concrete . . . Less green stuff (trees and Grass).

Oh yeah!


With no foreseeable solid plan for alleviation (MSA Mass Transit) . . .

We have ALL of the professional Sports teams – Football, Hockey, Baseball, Soccer and AMAZING Festivals and MUSIC MUSIC MUSIC.

The icing on the cake? (Nashville (Davidson County) is in deep financial tapioca . . . The Mayor has gone so far as to say the city is “in receivership to the state of Tennessee” and is operating without an approved budget.

Here’s what you read all of the above to learn . . .

House values continue to rise, but the pace of appreciation has slowed (that’s a good thing).

This is a GREAT time to buy and sell houses! The inventory of available homes is “healthy” in most sub-markets of Middle Tennessee with 2-5 months of supply.

This market has struck a rhythm that is “friendlier” than any market in the last several years because there is less “competition” (Fewer multiple offer scenarios) for the Buyers.

The things that have always been, still are:

Buyers must position themselves at the beginning of the process by securing rock solid loan APPROVAL . . . AND having a strategy (if necessary) to sell their current home in order to be able to close on their next house.

Sellers must position themselves well by preparing the house impeccably for the market and being willing to price their house to be competitive in the local market.

It still holds true that Home Buyers and Sellers have more profitable and smooth transactions when they engage a REALTOR to represent them in the transaction.

There are MANY people/companies entering the market advertising “Convenience” . . . They offer to buy your house at a “fair price” with CASH, and you get to choose when you move. Rest assured that the folks who opt in to those “opportunities” pay dearly (10-15%) for the convenience.

ALWAYS begin your real estate purchasing or selling experience with hiring a LOCAL Real Estate Sales Professional to represent YOU every step of the way.

If you are are anywhere in Middle Tennessee, my hope is that you will connect with ME or one of the “Vital Few” REALTORS of Pareto Realty to schedule a confidential consultation.

Pssst . . . We’re growing, so you’re going to start seeing more of our signs in more yards.

Follow this link to learn more about Pareto Realty and how we are different than the others.

A step – In the wrong direction

“One small step for (a) man – One giant leap for Mankind”

When a business focuses on improving “convenience” in the purchasing process, who benefits?

Under the guise of “Convenience”, I believe many companies are missing the point.

The more I think about all of the ways those who “serve” us consumers more “conveniently” are actually stepping in the wrong direction.

How is pumping your own fuel more convenient . . . or learning the Self-Check-out at the grocery . . . or placing your order at the kiosk . . . or ordering on-line for pick-up or delivery?

So, how is it more convenient for the customer to have less interaction with the “expert” in every transaction? What if you have a question that’s never been asked before, so there’s not (yet) an answer in the AI Chat or “Help”?

This is a matter of scale.

When the scale is HUGE, the companies seem to have the attitude that it’s OK not to offer personal touch because they can “afford” to lose the customers who want it . . . They provide only the level of service required to complete the transaction with the mass of (wo)men who lead lives of quiet desperation.

Who benefits most? The business owners, until things shift at which point they’ll suddenly “care more”.

Many banks are catering to this with more interpersonal (Living Room feel) in their branches.

I had an experience with the local Carrabbas this week and mentioned it in today’s Drive Time Video.

Hockey – Your Work and Life

How many shots attempted result in a puck finding the back of the net?

For the 2018-19 season, the Nashville Predators had 2678 Shots on goal.

They scored 236 goals . . . 8.8% success.

I’ve watched a lot of Hockey this year, and have been fascinated by the seemingly zero correlation between shots attempted and goals scored in any given game. Some games will have 40+ shots with not much showing on the score board, while others shoot minimally and rack up double digit points.

As much as we’d like to say it boils down to luck or skill or divine intervention, there’s no rhyme or reason at the end of the game.

When the coaches and players answer the question: “Why didn’t you win this game?” the answer is usually something along the lines of: “Well – This just wasn’t our night.”

These are the best Hockey Players on the planet. Should we expect better results? Is it good enough that they did their best given the circumstances?

I’m betting Hockey players need lots of therapy. They’re VERY competitive by nature as evidenced by the sheer physicality of the game. Unbridled passion that often yields insignificant results.

When you’re playing YOUR game, what are your standards for results?

Are your expectations of yourself and your team realistic?

Is there room for “This just wasn’t our day?”

Don’t be so hard on yourself . . .