Settling into 2021

We must begin with cessation of our obsession with hating 2020.

Every Monday morning, I create a theme for the week ahead.
This week is: “Finding Flow”
Essentially, this in response to my realization that I (and maybe YOU) have been running around like a beheaded chicken the past couple months as we have been orchestrating our many roles in our raplex lives. Coach, Trainer, Recruiter, friend, family member, psychologist . . . and myriad others.
Likely, you’ve been as I’ve been most of this year . . a veritable frayed knot . . . off balance – out of flow. Finding healthy life rhythm has been enigmatic. 
It is now time to settle in, regroup, rejuvenate, and focus on the people and things that matter most . . . No more new initiatives for a while . . . full focus on practicing what we preach with respect to finding personal and professional flow.
Some good things have happened this year! 
Let’s count THOSE blessings as we complete 2020 and prepare for 2021 to be better than before.
So . . . Let’s focus on on finding FLOW in these final 6 weeks of 2020.

PS – Stop hating 2020 – Each and every one of us learned some valuable things in the face of all of that uncertainty and fear . . . What doesn’t kill us makes us stronger!
Let’s GO!


All you need is a little Rhythm

Exasperating times, Eh?

In times like these, we are quintessentially poised to do AMAZING work on ourselves and our relationships. Rise to these challenges.

Embrace these opportunities to take stock in who we are individually and collectively. Mayhem, turmoil, CHAOS reduce pretty much everything in our experience to rubble.

It’s time to circle the wagons, re-supply, and spend some quality time noodling the largest question of them . . . WHY?

Yeah! It’s time for us to self-organize and make lemonade with these lemons.

A good start might be opting in to my Invitation for you to explore your own personal Life Rhythm.

This isn’t “Life Balance” . . . It’s better than that.

Each of the next 6 Wednesdays (Beginning 10/14/2020) from 10:00- 12 (Or when it’s over), we will meet virtually (Zoom).

This Life Rhythm workshop is a participatory workshop that has potential to significantly improve your (and your family’s) quality of life . . . because we’re going to learn what it means to “take care of yourself FIRST such that you CAN then take care of others.

This first session asks BIG questions . . . Helps you identify roles in life, what and who are VITAL to you and introduces a very palatable way of re-wiring your mind to be more healthy with a comfortable way of having the accountability necessary to positively effect substantive, lasting change in your life.

10/21 “Budgeting” your time and energy

10/28 Working IN your Business

11/04 Working ON your Business

11/11 Working on YOURSELF

11/18 Putting it all together and COMMENCEMENT of your newfound life rhythm

And it’s virtual, so you can participate from wherever you are in the world – FREE

Here’s a link to the Facebook event

Whose Life are you Living?

Many people are ever in search of “life balance”.

This is an excruciatingly elusive, fickle thing . . . Balance!

Y’see! The problem is that balance is an illusion . . . because EVERYTHING is ALWAYS moving.

It’s as if the entire Universe is conspiring to disrupt any and all appearances of balance forthwith.

I have witnessed perfectly reasonable, intelligent humans obsess about maintaining a pristine life of peace, harmony, and balance only to find themselves being disappointed and frustrated about their inability to “Get it” . . . Just about the time you think you’ve got it – something moves.

Be kinder to yourself than this!

Acknowledge that you are NOT in control over everything within your field of vision and/or experience.

Recognize that seldom does anything of significance happen according to our well laid plans.

There’s nothing wrong with you . . . You’re “normal”!

Let’s pursue a healthy life rhythm which honors the ebb and flow – the ups and downs – and the excitement of surprise. Be malleable, flexible, nimble and accepting of outcomes we haven’t expected.

Let go!

All of this is easier said than done!

I know because I’m just as prone as anyone to struggle against the natural order and flow.

I have put together a workshop that serves fairly well as “Training Wheels” for finding your own personal Life Rhythm.

This morning, I decided to offer it FREE on ZOOM – and if it works – streaming on Facebook Live.

6 Consecutive 2 hour sessions beginning Wednesday October 14, 2020.


All of these are 10:00 til it’s over or Noon (whichever comes first)

1)Who are you, and Why are you here NOW? 10/14

2) Budgeting your Time, Energy, & Money 10/21
3) Working IN your Business 10/28
4) Working ON your Business 11/4
5) Working on your SELF 11/11
6) Achieving Consistent Persistent Rhythm 11/18

This is participatory workshop . . .

Are you ready to find your OWN personal Rhythm?

Join us!

Social Media is not a panacea for all our problems.

It seems the new way of dealing with issues begins with inflammatory posts on Social Media.

I think this cheats the possibility of coping with the grief that comes in response to unexpected circumstances.

For sure, things going your way is eminently important, isn’t it?

In this environment with the capability to publish in real time, the default for many people is to rip off a tirade of epic proportions regarding this egregious affront to all of humanity with the megaphone of twitter, Facebook, Instagram . . .

Before you know it, the world is sure to be coming to a cataclysmic apocalyptical event.

The gestation from the initial violation to the end of the world can be as short as 35 (or so) seconds as the Social Media post becomes viral.

My observation is that this is a very unhealthy happening because it denies any possibility of processing what just happened.

What we need is a measure of time to allow for reasonableness to have a chance to manifest,

Let’s remember the fine art of responding instead of reacting . . . and intentionally practice the PAUSE!

Take whatever time it takes to process what just happened.

Indubitably, you’ll experience Denial: “This did NOT happen, Did it?”

then anger: “OMG, this REALLY irks me!”

Then bargaining . . . “I’m going to tell my friends this, and together, we will DO something about this.”

Then depression: “The damage has been done . . . Woe are we!”

and finally acceptance: “Maybe this wasn’t as bad as we first thought.”

Remember – Once you post ANYTHING on the internet, it’s there – forever.

Practice the pause, and I promise you’ll have less stress and more happiness in your life.

Less Dark or More Light?

Ah! the subtleties of perspective . . .

Are you worried about things nobody knows?

When will Covid settle down?

Will this home inspection uncover a major issue?

Will the house appraise at more than the selling house?

For those who think from the perspective of:

“That upon which we FOCUS EXPANDS”,the mantra is a rhythm of striving for “Better than before

All the while, many others are experiencing the very same conditions/circumstances and are struggling to decrease their misery.

The good news is that we all have the power of choice.

If you are finding yourself doubting yourself and obsessing about all of these “HORRIBLE” things happening in the world, I hereby invite you to shift from these self limiting beliefs by choosing to believe that YOU are the architect of your own life while here on Earth.

More Light . . . Lean FORWARD towards generosity and abundance instead of fighting the fight of escaping circumstance over which you (or anybody else) has control.

This morning’s Drive Time video speaks a bit more about this.

Be kind to yourself!

Posted by Barry Owen on Wednesday, October 7, 2020