When things don’t go as planned . . .

Who’s to blame?

We seem to be in a world of judgement and casting blame.

Every day, we encounter circumstances failing to happen according to our well-intentioned plans.

Critics salivate at the first whiff of disarray, and they POUNCE!

Who will take responsibility for this train wreck?

I believe it’s situations like this which bare the strength and integrity of all of us.

Some folks are quick to point fingers.

Others will instantly claim . . . “not my fault because that’s not in my job description!”

This is a human condition that’s not new or recent, and the best Leaders understand the value of these “learning opportunities”.

Yes! Leaders appreciate these emotionally charged times because it is when under extreme pressure they are able to witness who their team members are. The efficiency comes from observation of the visceral (primal) reactions and/or responses – Flight – Fight – or respond.

The folks who are cool under fire don’t waste time and energy with downward spiraling emotions . . . They immediately shift to “let’s do whatever it takes to get through this and complete our mission.”

From my perspective, the true Leaders of any team are the ones who willingly take responsible for the issue, pick up the dropped balls, and return to their rhythmic juggling.

Most REALTORS possess this trait in their DNA.

Yet another great reason to hire a REALTOR when you’re in the mood for a move.

Buying or selling a house is a HUGE transaction and life-style change.

Let your REALTOR drive the process (Attend to the details) such that you can focus on making sound decisions.

Outsized Interest Nashville?

But there’s always a but . . .

These days, it’s easy to brag on Nashville.

For sure, there are myriad impressive things we hear daily about Nashville’s propulsion to the top.

There are just as many things we don’t hear about Nashville’s race to the bottom.

Our newly elected John Cooper seems to have a “healthier” perspective than the outgoing Mayor.

Our public employees are over-worked and underpaid (Teachers, Police, 1st Responders, etc)

Inside the downtown core, we’re veritable whores for any companies that let it be known that they may be leaning towards establishing offices here.

Never mind the minor detail that the city is swimming in debt even as we offer these large incentives.

Absent are any visible signs that “preservation of the heart and soul of Nashville’s communities” matter.

Mayor Cooper has some interesting ideas regarding clawing ourselves out of this debt quicksand . . . beginning with ceasing the unnecessary practice of giving away the farm to attract more growth . . . . Instead of selling (or trading) real property (Valuable land), keep the ownership and Lease . . . . Reconfigure the flow of (some) money to pay down (pay off) some of these gargantuan debts.

As I write this, I am realizing that this is the same advice I would give a 1st time home buyer . . . hmmm.

3 Levels of meticulously designed luxury

I rarely feature homes for sale on my blogsite because – well – it’s primarily a site for “musings”, but THIS house is exceptionally well designed for the most discriminating buyer, so I couldn’t resist.

716 Split Rail Drive $989,000

REALTOR Heidi Jordan with Pareto Realty has just offered (listed) for sale this remarkable masterpiece with 1st showings to begin with a Champagne public Open House 9/22/2019 – this Sunday 2-4.

Plenty of room with over 5,200 square feet of pristine living space on 3 levels (6 Bedrooms – 4 Full Baths – 2 half Baths – Upper TREX Deck and Lower Screened deck) tucked into a private lot at the end of a dead end street = quintessential privacy.

Here’s what Heidi says: “WOW, this home is stunning! Masterly executed design and professionally decorated it’s a true turnkey! Upgrades are endless including a modern updated kitchen, beautiful great room, wine tasting room, gorgeous master on main with a modern fireplace and sitting area. Full finished basement (great for in law or teen suite) with 10 foot ceilings including living area, full bath/bedroom and bonus room. Screened in/open deck and 3 car garage with wooded fenced in back yard gives amazing privacy Don’t Miss IT!”

MLS Information and pictures here: 716 Split Rail Drive Brentwood, TN 37027

As a 26+ year Real Estate Sales Veteran, I count this house as one my favorites of all time.

For more information, visit the open house or connect with Heidi



What’s on the agenda?

I am a certifiable invitaholic!

Every day, I invite folks to engage . . . with me and others.

My why boils down to indefatigable curiosity.

This is a life-long pursuit to learn and experience things that are new to me.

Each of us has a circle of family, friends, work associates, acquaintances AKA a SOR (Sphere of Relationships). These are our “peeps”, and our total resource is our membership.

Our respective circles overlap-intersect in myriad ways, and the more we interact with each other, the richer our lives will be.

Every person and relationship has its own unique breath over time. Our connections strengthen as we discover mutual passion and take “personal ownership” of this passion through appropriate action.

The most powerful appropriate action is an invitation to a gathering of people of “like mind” to explore a well defined theme.

Invariably, the right people will show up each with individual perspective regarding the theme.

Most folks would call what I have described above a . . . “Meeting”

The best meetings are those in which everyone present has a voice.

The challenge is figuring out how to be sure that all voices are heard.

Of course, there are many “filters” which might render some voices silent – unheard.

Egotists come with “my way or hit the road”

Introverts who have much wisdom but are short on the courage to speak.

Extroverts whose voices and personalities fill up all of the available space with noise and energy.

People with Positional power (“leaders” – Bosses – “Experts” – and yes . . . even “facilitators” or “consultants” who feel the need to impose their status (prowess) on others who are “less worthy”)

There’s an easy “fix”!

  • Invite anyone and everyone who has passion for this theme and promise them that they will be heard.
  • DO NOT publish a predetermined “agenda”
  • Arrange the chairs in a circle because circles create communication.
  • Begin with stating the theme (“This is why we are here together”)
  • Describe the Process – “Every person here will have a voice”
  • Create the Bulletin Board – Invite participants to submit topics relevant to the theme for discussion
  • Open the MarketPlace – prioritize the topics
  • Go to work . . . Each person who has submitted a topic will “convene” a session
  • Gather Proceedings – Notes taken from each topic session
  • Prioritize actions as a result of the meeting –
    • Do now
    • Launch a new initiative/project
    • “Some day” projects

Meetings CAN be useful for all participants.

Hopefully, this post will help you understand how.

All in the interest of getting more done with less effort.

Final thought – GOOGLE less and engage more!

The 1 Star Review Reality Check

This morning, I posted this message on Facebook:

“Thinking about taking my F150 to a West Nashville Mechanic for service and repairs rather than driving to Franklin dealership . . . any recommendations? I was considering Terry’s but am a little concerned about some of the reviews”

I knew about Terry’s Service Center because I drive by it every time I go to COSTCO. It looks like a popular and clean operation . . . I checked the reviews and most were VERY positive 5 Star reviews . . . What troubled me was the visceral nature of the (very few) 1 Star reviews. After reading these stories of negative experiences, I couldn’t help but think there had to be some merit to them, so I published the post.

Within minutes, 2 of of my Facebook friends (who I actually know, like, and trust) recommended 2 other service centers – Lawson and son Auto Repair and Polly’s Service Center. A scan of the reviews for these 2 yielded the same result – 98% RAVING 5 Star reviews and 2% 1 Star Reviews (which left the impression that they were all dishonest crooks hell bent on preying on the innocent, uninformed public.)

2 consecutive reviews @ Polly’s:

5 Stars – “Polly’s Is a throwback to an earlier era. It’s a gas station with a large garage operation attached. Their experienced mechanics are good at diagnosing problems and giving you straight answers. You actually get to talk to the mechanic who worked on your car! They will tell you how long your service will take and charge reasonable prices. If you are the kind of person who likes buying local, this is the place for you.”

1 Star – “Had a negative experience at Polly’s. Took my car in last week after hitting a curb and asked them to look at it due to the odd noise my car was making and to make sure my wheel wasn’t messed up. They reported nothing was wrong. I paid the hour of labor and the car still makes the noise. I went back today and basically was told by the mechanic he didn’t have time to ride around and listen for the noise and I should just go to the Ford dealership. Don’t waste your time with Polly’s.”

How do we reconcile this dissonance?

Could it be that ALL of these 5 Star reviews are co-conspirators in this clandestine scheme to cheat good people out of their well deserved convenience, fair pricing, and quality repairs?

Because I’m a curious guy, I decided to continue my research . . . to dig deeper into the reviews.

The things I noticed about the 1 star reviews:

  • They were all from 1st time customers
  • The owners responded to most of them with invitation to call and discuss. I’m betting few (if any) did
  • Most of the issues boiled down to “failure to communicate”

These 1 star reviews were from disgruntled customers who threw temper tantrums while hiding behind the safe veil of digital distance. I’m pretty sure that, if given the opportunity, (within reason) these business owners would have made things right . . . The thing is, these angry people never gave them a chance.

There’s no accounting for crazy people.

So . . . I’m wondering at the usefulness of many of the reviews out there . . . especially the 1 star reviews.

If those folks had invested the time and energy it took to spew vitriol instead on reaching out for real dialog, I think this world would be a slightly better place.

Wishful thinking, eh?

Seek to understand!