Relentless Accountability May Be Necessary

Most folks hate – yes – HATE accountability!

Many will shun accountability because they say it doesn’t work for them.

So if accountability doesn’t work, what does?

Are you just in that delusion cycle of chasing your tail – spinning in circles and not getting anywhere useful?

Have you adopted the fine art of naming the need to improve and then doing the same things expecting different results. Insanity defined.

NOTHING NEW WORKS for these people . . . EVER!

Lasting, significant change only happens when we solidify new habits.

According to this article:

  • Despite popular lore, it takes an average of 66 days for a new behavior to become a habit.
  • For some it takes less far less time (as little as 18 days) and for others it takes far more time (over 250 days).

The article doesn’t explore ways to decrease the time is takes to “set” a habit, so I’ll take the liberty of my observations while coaching Real Estate Sales Professionals.

My experience has been that, even when there’s an essential NEED to change, most people resist any form of accountability. My definition of accountability is simple: The person “holding you accountable” MUST be outside of your head – In other words, “Self-accountability” is rarely a long term solution.

Meet for no longer than 15 minutes every week to report TRUTHFUL action and then agree to the goal for the next week . . . nothing more.

With any habit forming, there must be establishment of ROUTINE such that there is persistent, CONSISTENT, right action.

In this way, we “normalize” this right action, and change happens.

Very few humans have the ability to maintain this level of discipline alone.

As a Principal Broker of Real Estate Sales firm, I know that many sales people who are independent suffer from “Roller-Coaster” results . . . The HIGHS are stratospheric, and the lows are catastrophic.

Learn to love accountability and enjoy consistent success.

Sabotaging your own success?

Posted by Barry Owen on Wednesday, August 26, 2020

Your most important daily decision

Your first important decision of every day is the FIRST decision of every day!


Even before our feet hit the ground, we likely define how the remainder of the day unfolds

Will today be an AMAZING day with lots of WINS and very few losses?

Is this to be a day chock full of HAPPINESS and JOY?

What if you’re dreading something about this day?

If we decide (choose) to go the route of the dark side – Doom and GLOOM, I assure you that a dark, ominous cloud will hang over our heads. Our level of productivity will also be dismal. We will find ourselves struggling to get along with – well – ANYONE and EVERYONE we encounter.

Of course, all of this avoidable . . . After all, we were the ones who chose this path.

Here’s the good news!

If, at any point throughout the day, we decide we want a kinder & gentler existence, we can so choose.

Or you can avoid all of the above by make the “right” decision before your feet hit the floor.

Your most important daily decision

Posted by Barry Owen on Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Focus Singularity

How often do you find yourself telling you to FOCUS?

We humans have created a toxic environment for focus.

Some might argue that maintaining focus on anything for any useful period of time is an impossible pursuit.

Let’s just give up on focus and work on being better multi-taskers.


How ’bout we each take responsibility for our own life?

Novel idea, eh?

That upon which we focus on expands.

The extent of the “success” of our life pursuits relies on our commitment to our singularity of purpose.

Let everyone else practice the “Jack of all Trades, Master of none” way.

Begin with Clarity!

When this thing is completed, what will it look like?

How will it feel?

How will it impact your life and lives of other significant people?

The answers to these questions frame the clarity that’ll provide the gift of knowing when we’ve arrived.

For this to work, you’re going to have to become a little less generous with your time and energy.

Create some boundaries by defining a daily chunk of time (At least 2 hours) in the morning during which you isolate yourself in a hermetically sealed space in which you have only the necessary tools to do this work of singular focus.

BEWARE! The entire world (especially those people closest to you) will conspire to interrupt and distract you from this mission.


Go into hiding in an undisclosed location if you must . . . Do whatever it takes to preserve this period of SINGULAR FOCUS each and every day.

Do this, and I assure you that you’ll get “there” faster than you can imagine . . .

and people will say your “new-found overnight success” is LUCKY!

We know the truth – That we diligently created this success over a long period of time with a daily habit of singular focus and doing the work necessary.

Lucky, indeed!

May the odds be ever in your favor!

I say more about this in today’s Drive Time Video

Where's your focus? Is it singular?

Posted by Barry Owen on Monday, August 24, 2020

Will Post COVID Training Return to IRL?

“IRL” = In Real Life

Maybe I’m just a cantankerous curmudgeon, but I miss learning with other people in the same REAL place.

For me, Virtual learning is less effective – less engaging – less “dimensional”.

We miss the real nuances of the “material” sometimes because it’s so easy for us multitask while “attending” virtual meetings/trainings. We don’t see “body language” other than facial expressions . . . or at all from those who choose to turn off video.

I’d venture to say that most people in virtual meetings are lucky to retain anything more than 50% focus on the information being disseminated.

The dimension I miss the most is the felt TENSION that we lose in a virtual space. In real life, we can actually INTERRUPT another participant to clarify or make a timely neglected point. In the virtual world, the moderator can (and most do) create an environment that negates any possibility of spontaneity . . . rather these fresh emergent ideas are relegated to the “chat” where they sit until the presenter takes a 10 minute breather to “respond” to these ideas which have hence become stale and somehow less important while parked in chat.

Will we “return to the REAL classroom” when the world re-opens?

I hope we will not have forgotten how to orchestrate a good, old fashioned, Spirited, dialog.

Having said all of that, I feel obligated to acknowledge a wonderful by-product of this Virtual environment . . . I’m witnessing people and families “Gathering Together” more frequently than we ever could have in pre-virtual times.



I think we’ll do just fine.


ibuyers – Should Realtors Be Scared?

ibuyers are propagating in myriad ways, shapes and forms.

We’re seeing them pop up in places we Realtors could NEVER, even in our wildest nightmares, imagine . . .

Like on the website bearing the namesake of our National Association . . .

Should we be alarmed?

Whatever happened to the notion that “Real Estate Sales is a LOCAL business?”

Aren’t the 3 most important words for real estate “LOCATION, LOCATION, and LOCATION?”

Are ibuyers changing this?

I think NOT!

Those who think ibuyers will pilfer “all” of our clients are experiencing a major case of amnesia.

Most home buyers and sellers will continue to choose to work with a Realtor because they know us Realtors to be LOCAL PROFESSIONALS.

They are hiring us for our expertise and guidance as they navigate an unfamiliar and complex transaction.

Don’t forget that EVERY Home Buyer and Seller is “in this game” with the dream of some kind of lifestyle transition. This is WAY more important than “just a transaction.”

The intrinsic value we Realtors provide is invaluable – Safety – Security – Confidence – Legal protection and compliance – negotiating strategy – and handling the details as “quarterback” of as many as 42 other people (Inspectors, Appraisers, Contractors, Lenders, Title Companies, other Realtors, etc)

All the while . . . some buyers and sellers will go the ibuyer/iseller way just as Buyers and Sellers will choose different Realtors for representation.

Don’t worry about the deals you don’t get . . . You’re not losing business. You cannot lose something you never had.

Focus on your niche!

Be famous to those you serve and know that there’s “enough” business for ALL of us.

. . . but you gotta get out there and earn it!