Looking beyond the initial question

Coming from curiosity is a gift to everyone.

When we’re wearing our business hat, how often do we go beyond the initial dialog?

Is it always an exchange of information or a negotiation, or can it also include some level of warmer connection?

The most effective conversations begin with some form of FORD – (Family, Occupation, Recreation, Dreams) . . . so why don’t we do this more often in the business interaction?

When there’s even a smidgen of familiarity, pretty much everything goes more smoothly, and we all serve our clients better.

I’ve found this to be most useful on the front end of every conversation, and it doesn’t have to be weird.

“Oh hey Joe! How are you? . . . I saw your Facebook post about your daughter’s graduation. Is she heading off to college in the Fall?” . . . and then: “Of course, that’s not why you called, how can I help you?”

or . . . Hi Jim, I don’t we’ve ever met. Which company are you with? . . . Awesome! I know Susie who raves about your Broker. What do you like best about your company? . . . and then: “Of course, that’s not why you called, how can I help you?”

or . . . Hello John! Your name came up in a conversation a weeks ago. I had no idea that you are THE connoisseur of fine whiskey. I’d love to check out and sample your collection” . . . and then: “Of course, that’s not why you called, how can I help you?”

Give this a try! Find a little piece of commonality before getting down to business.

I think you’ll like the results.

TGIF, eh?

The yet to be read shelf groweth

Having been a card carrying prolific reader of books for many decades, I’ve decided to impose a moratorium on reading for “a while.”

How long is “a while”?

Well . . . I’m currently overwhelmed by the sheer volume of new knowledge that rushes into my field of perception. “They” say that upon which you focus expands, and “they” weren’t kidding.

Since I committed a month ago to write my first book, my reticular activator spooled up quickly. I’m finding myself making great connections with lots of other authors who vary from just starting to write to a few folks who have published several books.

Isn’t this wonderful? Here are all of these people showing up out of the thin blue air with amazing generosity to render useful advice. With much gratitude, I have connected with a handful of folks who have agreed to “meet” with me on ZOOM calls once a month for accountability and coaching.

While all of this is fine and dandy, there’s a down side . . . what I am learning is that there is such a thing as “too much” information – “too many” ideas resulting in distraction from the primary mission to write a book.

The “problem” is that every person I encounter has “a recommendation for a MUST READ book that will TOTALLY get me on the right path” to publishing my book expeditiously. I dutifully make note of the title and order a copy from Amazon immediately. When the book arrives, I open the package and think to myself: “When will I find the time to read this?”

After all, I’m operating a very busy real estate firm, coaching agents, and trouble-shooting transaction issues . . . AND writing a book. There’s not enough space in head to do all of that AND read all of these recommended books.

In my exuberance around this new project, I’ve potentially relegated the writing my book to the reading of other people’s books.

So . . . I now have 2 shelves of “Books to be read” (1 @ Office & 1 @ home)

I can now (guilt free) add books to those shelves knowing that each one will patiently wait for the time when I am ready to read.

Back to writing with my new-found, less cluttered brain.

Is your passion how you make your living?

How do you “make a living” . . . AKA earn money to pay for your needs and wants?

Do you have a JOB . . . or is it a Career?

If it’s a job, is this job a short term gig or a professional pursuit?

Are you enthusiastic about “going to work”, and do you feel fulfilled or empty at the end of each day?

Whatever it is, does it feed your soul?

Yesterday, I saw a facebook post that simply asked: What do you do for a living?

Without much thought at all, I typed: “I Help people (Organizations) self organize to find resolution to important and complex issues.”

That surprised even me because, for all these years, I’ve never had this level of clarity about “what I do to make a living.”

Arguably, I am entering my 5th “career” in my 40 years as a working man. Restaurant Manager – US Army Combat Engineer Officer – Real Estate Sales Professional – Real Estate Principal Broker & Owner of Pareto Realty – and am “spooling up” career #5 – Author and Open Space Technology “trainer & consultant” (Whatever that means).

I’m currently writing a book about what I really do for a living, and this has helped me understand that, regardless of which “job” I had, I was always doing the same thing for a living.

In each of these careers, what I was REALLY doing was: “Helping people and Organizations self organize to find resolution to important and complex issues.”

Through the years, I’ve called this a lot of different things – Coaching, training, leading, following, practicing . . . but in the end at the core, I’ve had ONE career with with 5 different “jobs”.

So . . . what’s the essence of you?

How does who you are (your passion) define what you consistently bring to the table when you are doing the work of your job?

Most importantly . . . Why might it be important for you to pause your busy self for a few moments to think about stuff like this?

I’d love to hear your “results” . . . I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

Charitable support from your heart

I can think of a bajillion reasons to be “too busy” to volunteer for your cause.

After all, there are at least another bajillion people with myriad “opportunities” for me to spend my time, energy, and money to help others.

I know your cause is important to you, and I respect that. In fact, I am grateful for your passion to support this undeserved underserved population . . . your work is and will make a huge difference.

The truth is that I am investing my charitable capital in some other deeply personal causes . . . causes for which I have a great passion.

I think this is true for most people. We discover our charitable passion in the experiences of our lives.

For me, Alzheimer, Addiction, and Suicide are diseases which I have witnessed within my own family and my whole sphere of influence. All 3 of these are killers . . . and all 3 are beyond my imagination of why?

So . . . judge not folks who choose not to contribute to your cause, for I believe every soul on this earth is carrying a (or many) charitable “burden” of their own.

Please continue to invite others to support your cause, and when they respectfully decline, thank them for the support they are giving to the causes for which they have passion.

Just confirming that your foot is on the gas?

This is the first full week of May!

Are you busy?

What are you doing that’s making you busy?

Is it the right stuff . . . the stuff that results in making money and/or fulfillment?

Personal fulfillment is important, otherwise it’s just another day in the grind.

If you’re thinking: “Another day of drudgery”, what needs to happen to make it “Another day in paradise?”

Something I’ve noticed about happy and successful people (REALTORS) is this Spirit of joie de vivre which precedes them as they travel through their days. We can sense this fabulous energy before these folks walk through the door.

Of course, we all have occasional “bad days”, and there are some simple ways to make those show up less often.

The first is to show up! REALTORS tend to be more productive when they (you) are engaged with each other because we’re a gregarious bunch. Not all of us are extroverts . . . We come in all sorts of personality types, and we all thrive on our own individual interpersonal flavors.

I’m indefatigable in my encouraging of the Vital Few REALTORS of Pareto Realty to be present in the office because I know that they feed off of each other’s energy.

Unfortunately, it’s all too easy not to show up . . . resulting in loneliness and potentially less productivity.

Every day, I hear more people talking about craving for more human to human interaction (less digital).

Beyond that are the basics. We gain confidence when we work within a defined process . . . some habits that we do like clockwork every working day. For most people, we have reasonable ability to have great focus early in the day (so we do the most important stuff early) . . . and we lose our grip on control as the day unfolds.

Other ways to boost positive results is to do the “Life Rhythm” NINJA every day
GratitudesAffirmationsMeditate/PrayExercise2 Handwritten notes10 FORD calls2 Hours of Lead Generation 30 Minutes CINC and 90 minutes SOI2 “Real Estate Review” meetings each week (Lunch)
This business can be easy with the right habits.
So . . . Be truthful to yourself. Are you taking care of yourself and your business?
If not, why?
There’s no time like the present to step on the gas.
Remember: As each of us succeeds, ALL of us succeed.