What version of Normal are you practicing?

My friend Paul Levy launched a new podcast recently. This morning, I listened to the 1st episode and found it to be very reassuring in a raw and candid way.

Give it a listen!


Aren’t these exciting times (albeit uncomfortable)?

What’s next?

There are days when I wonder how any of us maintain our sanity because we are uncertain of the probability that we have a good grasp of where we are going. In fact, we might even have surrendered to a belief that there’s NOTHING we can do shape our Futures much less our “NOW”.

Just as we pick a direction and shift mental wheels along that azimuth, another signifant socioeconomical/political throws a cog in the wheel with far reaching disharmonic tones.

Choose your path . . .

Will you relegate your future to being just another lemming?

On January 1, 2021, I Labelled this new year the year of “NO EXCUSES!”

Shall we all suffer in downtrodden defeatism as “they” continue to rock our world, or will we show up and be present as we create our own version of “New Normal”?

Follow your Heart for your heart will lead you to people and resolutions we cannot fathom today.

Here’s a “PRO-TIP” . . . Work on this TOGETHER!

The Sky is NOT Falling, and . . .

The Real Estate Market WILL shift!

Most Real Estate Sales Professionals are optimists by nature.

This optimism is not learned! We were born with it; therefore, it cannot be destroyed.

Of course, even the consummate optimists sometimes waiver and wonder.

When will this MADNESS settle down, so we can get back to NORMAL?

covid has taught us a thing or 2 about our definition or “normal” hasn’t it?

Everything is moving . . . ALWAYS . . . As I type this blog post, wheels are in motion towards “Different”. What will Different be?



A new and improved (or not) version of what we have now?

Many optimists have relegated their thoughts of finding sanity in the market to a default that “better then before” is enough.

We are looking for a sign – ANY sign . . .

Is it true that we must simply “ride this wave” til it’s over . . . That we cannot do ANYTHING about it?

Perhaps a shift of perspective/mindset can help.

Let’s focus less on DOING and more on BEING!

Intentionally wake up every morning being the quintessential professional you are regardless of the weather.

Instead of characterizing the market as being “Excruciating” – “Frustrating” along with a string of expletives, take a deep breath and have a moment to count your blessings.

Practice moments of NON-action and notice how these subtle ways of being smooth the edges and Open Space for fertile possibilities.

It’s a whole new ball game

2/22/2021 isn’t just your average Monday!

THIS is the Monday that Nashville has THAWED from our 6 day rendition of winter.

For me, every Monday presents an opportunity for a whole new ball game.


Whatever happened last week is over, and we have this gift of choosing to our way through this slate of days ahead. Over the past weekend, we may have been able to think about things and summon the strength to reflect on the good and not so good happenings.

We Realtors often work with clients on weekends, but that doesn’t feel like work to us because we LOVE being with our clients as we offer advice and counsel and help them through this uncertain time of lifestyle transition.

This is work that feeds our souls . . . even in WILD times.

Today, I put on my statistician hat and studied a sampling of zip codes throughout Middle Tennessee just to get a rough gauge of Nashville’s Real Estate Market.

In every zip code I studied, there is 1.4-1.5 months supply of houses available . . . 4-6 months is “Healthy.”

These are the most challenging market conditions I’ve witnessed in my 28+ years as a Realtor.

Why aren’t more Realtors WHINING about this ridiculous market?

I think the answer is simple, Realtors have HUGE passion for serving their clients, and we rise to whatever adversity surfaces.

When we encounter difficult scenarios, we go to these bottomless wells of wisdom (each other) and share freely . . . and we are SO grateful to be in a profession which fosters a Spirit of abundance.

Even in tough times, we’re appreciative of each other, and we chalk up the disappointments as pavers for the road to success.

As each of us succeeds, so do we all.

Every Monday is a whole new ball game . . .

Let go of what has gone before and . . .


I and ALL of the Vital Few Realtors of Pareto Realty are poised and ready to serve anyone and everyone who’s in the mood for a move.

BTW! Many folks ask us: “Is this a good time to Buy or sell a house?

My answer is ALWAYS: “YES!”

Buying/selling a house happens as we live, and our wants and needs shift and shape.

Where we live is a representation of who we are . . . Don’t deprive yourself by staying in a place that’s not fulfilling . . . Life’s too short!

Following Heart Grants Wishes

Every day, without fail, Seth Godin publishes a blog post. For MANY years, Seth’s often pithy and provocative thoughts are among the first notions I entertain each and every day . . .

Some of these thoughts are “RIGHT ON!” and some are “not so much”, and ALL are appreciated and often quoted by me in my own blog posts as I “run with” the seeds of thought Seth has planted for the day.

Today’s post from Seth is in perfect synch with the cacophony of ideas swirling about in my head . . . Recently, I have been working on being more intentional about the Intentions, Desires, Wants, Perceived NEEDS which I “allow” to frame in my consciousness NOW.

This is a very powerful thing . . . CHOOSING wishes that align with passion invites the entire Universe to co-conspire with us to create the conditions that are favorable for the granting of these wishes.

“I wish for more money” is VERY different than “I wish to be doing work that feeds my soul”

When we feed our souls, our wishes often mysteriously come true.

Follow you Heart!

Below is Seth Godin’s post this morning!

Careful what you wish for

Because wishes don’t always come true, but wishing takes a lot of time and energy and focus.

What you wish for determines how you’re spending a juicy part of your day. If you wish for something you can’t control, that might fill you with frustration or distract you from wishing that could lead to productive work.

Better to wish for something where the wishing itself is a useful act, one that shifts your attitude and focus.

Realtor NINJA Obstacle Course

Here in Middle Tennessee (Nashville and surrounding cities), the real estate market is sizzling.

The same is happening in many other areas in the country as the migration from HIGH COST OF LIVING areas into lower cost of living areas continues.

Simply stated, there are MANY more Home Buyers than there are houses on the market. These market conditions are excruciating for EVERYONE as most Buyers are stepping into multiple offer scenarios on EVERY ONE of the (very few) houses available for sale. It’s not uncommon for a Buyer to have to write several offers on several houses only to learn 48 hours later that “The seller accepted another offer . . . not yours!”

We Realtors have become “Strategists” at a very high level.

Every transaction is an Obstacle Course for us to DEFEAT!

How can we (in good conscience ) advise our Buyers to construct offers containing few (if any) contingencies to protect the Home Buyers from harm?

Seemingly, only the CLEANEST offers result in a Binding agreement – Waiving Inspections and appraisals, paying fees that Sellers customarily pay are some of the suggestions of most agents, and we sometimes deploy them, but only as last resorts. Often we can take a breath and come up with tactics that bring successful results without giving everything away.

This lunacy has created a new breed of Realtor which I fondly label “Realtor NINJA Wizard”s.

THESE are the Realtors who aren’t whining . . . They bound out of their beds each morning with VIGOR as they spool up their brains so as to be able to conjure up amazing, never seen before ways to WIN that rare, coveted abode for our clients. Like a pack of squirrels defeating an obstacle course.

We “Vital Few” Realtors of Pareto Realty are highly evolved and prepared to tackle any and ALL of these Strategic Obstacle Courses . . . and we even grin as we do it. 🙂

This competitive Spirit is baked into our DNA, and we are always co-conspiring to imagine new (Legal and Ethical) Advantages for our Home Buying and Selling clients.

If you’re in the mood for a move, Connect with any of our agents to get your House Buying or Selling process process rolling.

If you are a Realtor anywhere in Middle Tennessee and are not tickled pink with your current company, connect with Barry Owen to schedule a time to talk. If we’re a “right Fit” You WILL succeed at a higher level as a result of our culture of mutual support and productivity

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