How Clear is the Objective?

In business and life, we seem to use our time & resources (Money, Work, Energy) diligently and completely pretty much every day . . . to what end?


For what purpose?

I was in a meeting during which I heard many BRILLIANT ideas. I came out of the meeting energized and ready to GO!

Aren’t those brainstorming sessions fun?

When I got back to my desk, I realized that absent was ANY reference to our goals relative to this mountain of Dreams.

Who will be accountable, and how will we know how we’re doing as we “spend” our resources?

Was this a waste of time? . . . I think not because we DID learn more about each other. I come out of that meeting knowing all of the participants and the skill sets they bring to the project, so time was not wasted.

Our next filter is: “Are we passionate enough about this that we will reconvene to work on clarity of purpose?”

So many questions – eh?

The Gestation Period of a Real Estate Transaction May be Longer than you think

Yesterday, I was in a conversation with a non-Realtor who said something to the effect:

“You Realtors have it easy! When I bought MY house, it only took less than a month to close.”

Like shooting fish in a barrel for MY Real estate agent.



My 1st response was: “Your Realtor is an exceptional Professional, because she led you through a very complex transaction with minimal impact on your Psyche nor reason to worry.

Every Real Estate transaction involves as many as 40+ people, and the Realtor(s) are the quarterbacks.

Realtors – Home Buyers and Sellers (and their respective families who always want to have a say) – Home Inspectors (Structure, Systems, Termite, Radon, HVAC, & etc) – Appraisers – Lenders – Repair tradesfolk – Surveyors . . . and the list goes on . . . and no 2 transactions are EVER the same, so your Realtor must be alert and nimble when the inevitable SURPRISES show up.

We Realtors are fully present throughout the whole process and largely invisible getting things done while shielding our fiduciaries from potential harm.

and then there’s that thing about . . . when the transaction closes . . . your Realtor must ALWAYS be looking for new clients. I’ve been a Realtor for 30 years, and I am ever in awe of the professionalism I witness out there in the trenches cooperating with other Realtors delivering a smooth process – This Graphic is a great flowchart for this process.

I am proud to be a Realtor, and odds are good that YOU (or someone you know) is contemplating a change of lifestyle (Making a move), I would be honored if you will connect with me to schedule a consultation, so we can, together, get this process flowing.



Who do you know?

It seems that most of the folks I know rely on their smartphones for easy, immediate access to ANSWERS about – well – pretty much ANYTHING.

We have 24/7/365 access to any and every bit of information we could imagine with a swipe and a few taps, with our fingers, and VOILA!

Instant gratification happens in milliseconds, as we are rewarded with myriad websites serving relevant podcasts, YouTube videos, BLOGS, VLOGS, Facebook Groups . . . There’s LOTS of FREE “content” available for our entertainment.

Sometimes I wonder if there’s any such thing as “original thought” . . . as if EVERYTHING thinkable has already been thought and documented on the world wide web.

So . . . what is our worth to other people?

RELATIONSHIPS provide the leverage that fills in the gaps the World Wide Web cannot.

Some might mention that AI is nearing “relationshipish” quality . . . but I’ll take the position that the missing ingredient from this conversation is SPIRIT – SOUL – WISDOM.

How do we tap into this well of humanity in this cacophony of pervasive digital NOISE?

Let’s begin with deciding to being intentional about knowing the difference between digital or human.

Let’s do more “Inviting” and welcoming those who respond and show up. We know they will always be in the right place when we need them.

As I practice my career as a Residential Real Estate Sales Professional, I’m ever cognizant of the importance of relationships because these offer vitality . . . our life-sustaining water.

Success shows up when we, with clarity, invite others to walk with us.

I don’t “Sell” houses.

I build relationships with clients who are making BIG Lifestyle changes.

When you want or need to make a move anywhere on the planet, I hope you’ll connect with me . . . I’ll facilitate the details with soul.

The insanity isn’t just Real Estate in TN

OK . . . “Insanity” is a bit strong of a description of the unsettling we are experiencing in the Middle Tennessee residential real estate market . . . “Schizophrenia” might be more appropriate. As we Realtors do as we always do when the market transitions (morphs), we PAUSE – BREATHE – and RESPOND! We Open Space with each other in a variety of ways so as to work, together, our way through. I found a simple “definition” of Schizophrenia which just scratches the surface of this tragic Mental condition: “A mental disorder characterized by delusions, hallucinations, disorganized thoughts, speech and behavior.” There’s no way to reconcile what’s happening in times like these . . . Yet in my 30 years working in myriad market conditions, we Realtors have consistently been willing to do whatever it takes (Within Legal & Ethical Boundaries) to serve and protect from harm our fiduciaries with creativity and agility.

Our fiduciaries are precious home Buyers and Sellers who desire a change of lifestyle for whatever reason they may have which precipitates this want or need to move from here to “THERE”.

We Realtors lean into these tough circumstances always eager to LEARN how we can navigate these new environments regardless of the WHY the cheese was moved.

The most recent shift in the Middle TN market seemed to have happened in approximately a fortnight, and we Realtors didn’t miss a beat of the drum . . . We Realtors “Pivoted”, Adapted and never lost sight of the prize for their clients . . . “CLEAR TO CLOSE!”

I’m proud to be one of our local residential real estate professionals.

If you’re waiting for the “Right Time” to make your move, NOW is your best time, and I am poised and ready to safely Shepherd you through the process

Connect with me here

Hey Barry! Have you been working out on your Peloton?


Why not?

Well . . . (long pregnant pause) My head spins as I attempt to find a rational, viable reason.

The truthful reality stings as I realize that there’s no justification . . . A while ago, I missed my Peloton workout, and that seemed to open this cascade of denial of self accountability – Each time I missed that workout contributed to making it easier to not do it the next day.

Then . . . One day, I closed the door of the bedroom where the Peloton resides . . . out of sight . . . out of mind . . . guilt free (Except those moments when I needed something from the Peloton room and thought to myself: “I should start riding that Peloton again!” . . . but I didn’t because it was easier to close the door.)

This week, I have a few Doctor appointments which remind me WHY I bought that Peloton bicycle . . . I made a conscious decision that I want to live a long life – and I know that my 60 year body isn’t nearly resilient than as before.

We all fall off the wagon of good habits occasionally . . . Knowing this, how can we climb back on our wagons sooner than before?

When coaching Realtors, I often say: “We MUST have accountability to people outside our OWN bodies and minds in order to stay our courses.

Who will you trust to hold you accountable?


We’re all in this together.


I’ll be climbing on that Peloton this morning 🙂