The Power of Willingness

Years ago, I learned a POWERFUL lesson from Joe Stumpf.

Joe was my first real estate coach many years ago, and he taught me SO much in the 3 years I participated in his “By Referral Only” approach to sales.

Joe was the first coach to expose me to many strategies and habits for success . . . all of which I have heard consistently throughout my 28+ years of learning from MANY Real Estate EXPERTS.

I soaked up all of that wisdom with wonderment . . . could it REALLY be this EASY?

I’ve since discovered that virtually none of the things I heard/learned from Joe that I considered to be BRILLIANT were “original thought.” This was when I realized that all of the coaches were singing the same songs and packaging them differently.

In fact, I saw ALL of these tactics for sales success in print from the sales and marketing gurus dating back to the origin of sales . . . right about the time of cavemen and cavewomen.

So . . . why do we continue to buy these programs – most of which say the same things?

Great coaches inspire their coachees to perform at higher levels and hold them to a level of uncomfortable accountability.

Even still . . . most of us spend THOUSANDS $$$ and fail to realize much significant improvement in performance.


It’s not the coachs’ faults.

As a coach myself, I often muse about the apparent truth that most coaches care more about their coachees’ success than the coachees.

Back to Joe . . . He taught me something that I’ve seldom heard from other coaches, and this is NOT “Rocket Science”.

Success achievement is fueled by the sales person’s WILLINGNESS to do whatever it takes to succeed!

There’s amazing power in being WILLING to do whatever it takes.

When a person has that level of commitment, she will likely not have to perform these herculean feats after all.

Where there’s a WILL, there’s a way.

Quit making everything so DIFFICULT.

Stop overthinking and start focusing on DOING the right things each and every day like clockwork.

Do this, and you’ll find all the right people showing up at all the right times in the right places, and you’ll be standing here dumbfounded as to how EASY it is.

Being willing to do whatever it takes is super-fuel for those folks with dangerous, important and complex missions.

Here’s the best news . . . you were born with a full tank of this fuel within you ready to ignite your success.

Let’s GO!


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