Seller: “Should I disclose . . . . ?”

Hmmmm . . . . YES! Reminds me of the Rolls Royce dealer who (when asked the price of a car) quipped: “If you must ask the price, you cannot afford it.” Most anything that the Seller KNOWS about the PHYSICAL condition of a house (past or present) SHOULD be disclosed. So . . . […]

“You can’t work around issues until you know what they are!”

I know the Title is a BFO (blinding flash of the obvious) but it sheds some light on what we in the military would call a CF (Charlie Foxtrot – more affectionately known as a Cluster F___) ¬†which results in a quagmire of misunderstanding that is simply FUBAR (F’d up beyond all recognition). That’s a […]

Only “Locals” know this secret about Nashville – Country Living in the city

Most folks who aren’t from around here probably wouldn’t wander to the North and West 1/4 of Metropolitan Nashville (Davidson County) unless they just happened to be buzzing through to Clarksville or St Louis down I-24. Why else would you even go there? Well! If heading West on I-24 is your only perspective, you’re missing […]

Where can you find a condominium in West Nashville with a GARAGE for less than $150,000?

So . . . You want a condominium in West Nashville, do ya? You’re wanting to “downsize” and are not all that enthused about the notion of living in a typical condominium development with other people living over (or under) you. You don’t want a bunch of stairs . . . In fact, it would […]

Is Technology working FOR ya or AGIN ya?

We’re in a world of technological marvels. So much so, it may now be an unavoidable necessity for Personal and Business effectiveness. It may even be creating more of a generation gap than some of us think . . . What are YOU doing about it? Are you allowing it to overwhelm you as you […]