Connections . . . What good are they?

Are you “Well Connected?” How many “Friends do you have?” Do these “Relationships” fulfill you (personally and/or professionally)? How many of these “Friends” do you REALLY know? Of those you really DO know, with whom do you interact with frequency at anything other than a shallow contact? Where are they? Facebook? Twitter? Skype? Linkedin? Branchout? […]

Monday Morning Coffee – A Dose of Home Sales Statistics Truth Serum

If you don’t like the statistics you’re hearing, change the channel . . . You’ll find wildly different stats and analysis while you surf. Before polluting your mind with statistics that aren’t necessarily relevant to YOUR house and/or decision to sell a house, consider the following. Most folks are hearing the “National Media Experts” talking […]

Pulling the trigger of Change

The wistful comment: “I just wish everything could stay the same” is commonly the first response when reality begins setting in that change is in order (coming soon). The tragic news is that “Everything is Moving” (ALWAYS) and that this world is and always has been in a state of transformation. We cannot seal ourselves […]

Monday Morning Coffee – Practicing Independence

Happy July 4th! I sure hope you have a FABULOUS day CELEBRATING our Independence as a country. While you’re at it, celebrate your FREEDOM . . . and do it all safely (and responsibly). For most folks, holidays are good reasons to take a day or so off work and be a bum around the […]