Damages resulting from Inattention

Just about anything that’s ignored degrades over time. Drive a car long enough without maintenance, and it’ll fall apart. Live in a house long enough without fixing things that break, and it’ll destroy itself. Being in denial about our physical health symptoms, and our bodies will shut down. Failing to keep in touch with friends […]

We don’t buy houses by the square foot

We buy many things by the pound. Meat, Cheese, Dog food . . . or by the volume . . . Beer, Milk, Gravel . . . Pricing houses is more art than science. Sure, many REALTORS will initially do Price/Square foot analysis when working with a home Seller to determine a “great” listing price, […]

The Primary Reason Houses sell under market value

The initial listing price sets the stage. THIS is one of the largest issues in real estate markets in transition. Of course, ALL real estate markets are ALWAYS in transition, so the target is in perpetual motion. Not only are all markets always in transition, but sub-markets within those markets can swing FAST from HOT […]

Keep it smooth by communicating the process

Buying or selling a house ain’t rocket science. It’s a process that’s “mechanically duplicatable” over and over and over and over. We REALTORS know this and are able to develop models and systems to create efficiencies throughout every transaction . . . to smooth the edges and keep things smooth. We know that our clients […]