Don’t Let Emotions Supersede the Written Agreement

Often in life, things comes out of left field and unexpectedly hit us in the head. We didn’t see it coming. Everything was going swimmingly, then WHAMMO – Right upside the head! Perfectly laid plans seem to unravel instantly. We think: “How could THIS happen to US?” Emotions kick in and the new spanner in […]

Next year is going to be . . .

There are a lot of folks talking about “Next Year” I hear more doom and gloom than optimism, and I wonder. If you’re on the dark side of the equation and believe that this lift we’ve had this year is just a “Fool’s Spring” and that everything is going to plummet into the depths of […]

Monday Morning Coffee – The Power of “Thank You!”

How many times do you hear “Thank You!” each day? How many times do you SAY “Thank You!” each day? When you hear “Thank You!” and/or say “Thank You!” how does it feel? An unexpected, unconditional “Thank You!” goes a LONG way in today’s world. My daughter Allison has perfected the “Thank you!” My estimation […]


Wine Tasting, Art Show, Music & Door Prizes The Enclave 2600 Hillsboro Pike (21st Ave South) Nashville, TN  37212  Oct 6, 2011 4:30 – 7:00 p.m.       Come visit Nashville’s most convienent luxury urban mid-rise, one and two bedroom, condominium complex in “The Village”.  Units will be available for viewing and there will be a Wine Tasting, Art […]

In the wake of an Earthquake . . .

The East coast (and our Nation’s capital) shook yesterday. Like the earth was a dog shaking water off after a swim. There are some “wise” people who predict that 2012 is the year that everything ends as we know it today, and any time a large event happens (Whether it be a geological quiver or […]