Loss Prevention for Home Buyers and Sellers

I think I am right in having the premise that most of us REALTORS do what we do, in large part, to protect vulnerable home Buyers and Sellers from harm as a result of accidentally stumbling into a real estate transaction without representation. Nothing curdles my blood more than hearing stories of predatory entities taking […]

A recurring theme – Bigger results in caring less . . . or does it?

Seth Godin published this post today: Too big to care “As brands get bigger (and bigger might be as small as an organization with just two people in it), policies kick in. Policies and budgets and bureaucracy. The brand has become too big to care. I mean, it might be big enough to┬ápretend┬áto care. To […]

A drip is not a conversation

In April of this year, I and 2 of my team members participated in the NINJASelling installation at Greater Nashville REALTORS. This was 4 VERY full, motivational days of intense learning. For years, I’ve been aware of the NINJA selling program, and I haven’t signed up because I’ve been practicing and coaching my own “way” […]