Healing the World with Happiness

The World Happiness Festival 2020 is published to be March 16-22, 2020 . . . BUT . . . It’s already under way and gaining momentum. Click this link to join the conversation in the Nashville Agora Facebook Group (You’ve gotta request membership to participate). We are actively seeking any/all Local Middle Tennessee “Collaborators” to invite other “People […]

Counting impossibilities

Even from otherwise seemingly pleasant and even-keeled people, there’s seldom a shortage of naysayers. Much of my life is driven by “ideation”. New and interesting (to me) ideas flow through my overly active brain throughout every waking moment and likely also the unawake moments. My way is to unashamably “throw these ideas against the wall […]

Outsized Interest Nashville?

But there’s always a but . . . These days, it’s easy to brag on Nashville. For sure, there are myriad impressive things we hear daily about Nashville’s propulsion to the top. There are just as many things we don’t hear about Nashville’s race to the bottom. Our newly elected John Cooper seems to have […]