Will 2021 be your MIRACLE YEAR?

Below is my email to my agents this morning – Maybe it’ll be a catalystI meet with them every Monday Morning“HAPPY NEW YEAR!Let’s gather for our weekly check-in this morning @ 9:302020 is over – done – GONE!Does it feel different now that we’re in 2021?Was there a miraculous SWOOOSH of “Everything is better” energy washing over your heart […]

We Must Plant our trees before we want the shade

“Try hard not to create too much hope and fear,” for they only engender more mental gossip.” (The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying) “What stories are you creating in your mind as you tumble through your life experiences? When we construct this mental gossip, how attached to outcomes do we become? To what degree […]

I wonder . . .

How ’bout YOU? What’s the first thing YOU say to yourself each morning? To what degree does this first conscious thought frame in the whole day? Dread begets dread! Wonderment (Curiosity) begets energy and excitement. Begin with LET GO! and Let’s GO! Let every day be an exciting adventure, and don’t let Eeyore bring ya […]