The Right People Always Show up!

. . . but what if the wrong people show up? The title says: “The Right People ALWAYS Show Up!“ There’s a strong implication, then, that it’s not possible for the WRONG people to show up? WHOA! Let’s pause, regroup, and consider the mental chaos that might be happening in our reasonable minds. Let’s start […]

OMG! I didn’t bring my phone to the Celebration

In today’s all pervasive digital environment, it’s common knowledge that if there aren’t any pictures or video, it didn’t happen. We are expected to document each and every experience and publish this “proof” that it happened in all of our myriad social media in real time . . . even better if we do a […]

Let’s make hay while the sun is shining

Good Morning!Very little (if any) rain is in the forecast this week in Middle TN . . . YAY! Spring has sprung in Owen Hollow –¬†Looks like Imma gonna hafta cut some grass next weekend.In today’s Http://, I talked about “deciding to start” . . . That’s my theme for this week. With the seemingly […]