iphone? Droid? Netbook? ipad? QR Codes?

WOW! If you want to be a techno geek with all of the most current gadgets with all the chic bells and whistles and apps, you better be pulling in some jack (money) because that industry is as fluid as mercury. As soon as you think you’ve got the latest and greatest, you learn of […]

The Family is growing – Another Baby . . .

The Pareto family is growing. Pareto Realty, LLC came into the world September 15, 2010 and is healthy, well adjusted and has a very happy disposition. Apparently, the gestation period for Pareto offspring is @ 19 weeks because yesterday a sibling was born . . . Pareto Reserve entered the world kicking and screaming and […]

CLAIM that “Professional” designation

I’m here to argue that (regardless of your choice of career, age, gender, Spiritual beliefs, nationality, race, color or socioeconomic¬†background and current stature) YOU have just as much a right to CLAIM yourself to be a “Professional” as anyone. That’s right – “Professional” is an equal opportunity designation. (although many people don’t claim it). So […]

Why should you specialize?

Good afternoon! I guess it can be a bit counter-intuitive . . . You want more business, so you think you should expose your brand to more people and perhaps expand the reach of your business by being more of a generalist . . . THE REALTOR for ALL people . . . but . […]