What’s LUCK got to do with it?

When talking about a High Performing person, it’s easy to blame her success on LUCK! The green monster of envy often shows up, and folks might snarl and say things like: “OH! She’s just LUCKY . . . She has that Midas touch! Everything she touches turns into GOLD! . . . It’s just NOT FAIR because she […]

Time FLIES when you’re having fun – Don’t be a spectator

Just in case you haven’t noticed . . . Time passes whether you’re paying attention or not. Time flies when you’re having fun because you are ENGAGED and most probably more in alignment with your real PURPOSE while you are having fun (Otherwise, it wouldn’t be fun). It’s all those other, less interesting, times when […]

Monday Morning Coffee – Everyday Greatness

Good morning! This month’s book club book is Stephen Covey’s Everyday Greatness – Inspiration for a Meaningful Life. Follow the link to the “Pareto Store” where you can grab a copy so you can read along with us 🙂 How could you not be curious about a book by THAT title? I’m just getting through the Introduction […]

Innovating “Back to the Future”

100% of my coaching and business philosophy revolves around “ninja style” personal high touch business practices . . . Without fail, this leads to performance at very high levels . . . and ultimately attracts more clients. The irony lies in the simple truth that this is really not much more than innovating “back to the future” […]

How far will worry and anxiety get you?

I believe that worry and anxiety are the root causes of many health issues . . . High Blood Pressure, Heart failure, and even cancer. My wife believes that “resentment” is the leading cause of cancer. So . . . WHY do we fret so much? What issues do we solve by worrying? Worry and […]