Monday Morning Coffee – Your Technology Line in the sand

Where do you draw YOUR line in the sand with respect to technology? Were you completely affronted by the recent switch of TV signals from Analog to Digital? I know that shift in technology rocked a LOT of people’s worlds because it required attaching a new gizmo to the TV and losing the “rabbit ears” . […]

19 Years Later . . .

When I first decided to get in the business of Real Estate Sales (1993), I noticed something about this industry.   It’s a bunch of independent contractors who could ALL benefit from an occasional Open Space Event as a way of learning from each other and building relationships . . . but pulling that off […]

We’re cooking up some good stuff here in Nashville

Here in Nashville, TN our weather is still Blissfully COOL and the market is heating up 🙂   In September, I opened a new firm named Pareto Realty and we’ve been creating ever since.   The one thing we believed from the beginning is that LOCAL BUSINESS MATTERS . . .   We believe that the REALTOR […]

Innovative use of “downtime”

My mantra for several years has been: “Keep moving . . . FORWARD . . . ALWAYS” . . . with the unsaid underscore reminder that the “moving” is never about getting AWAY from someone or something . . . always moving forward, towards something new and important. I believe the REAL secret to success […]

Full Throttle!

When flying, odds are good that you want the pilot to be 100% committed and FULL THROTTLE down the runway . . . Just to be sure the plane gets off the ground. You’re also fully invested in that pilot staying focused and aware throughout the flight . . . and as committed as ever […]