The Best Leaders – Always Present and Invisible

Yesterday, the leadership of Greater Nashville REALTORS orchestrated a fantastic day of learning and colleagueship (fellowship) for our members. Traditionally, this association has been on a rhythm of quarterly “Membership Luncheons” at Nashville Music City Center (Our prized Convention Center in the Heart of the City). These luncheons were just that – Lunch – With […]

You’ve heard about this, but did you listen?

We all have a bajillion new concepts and ideas popping into out field of experience daily. Just think of all of the information that hits us in any given day. We’re surrounded by prolific digital information via Google, Facebook, Email, Videos, Podcasts . . . not to mention the never ending intrusion of information and […]

It’s not that I don’t like people, but . . .

I sure get a LOT done on those days most other people are taking the day off. My plan for the week was to stay focused with my normal FLOW Monday-Thursday . . . and clean up of my accumulated messes today – Good Friday! Such a fabulous plan that was. Knowing this would be […]

Pros and Cons List – Happy Edition

When we are wrestling with important decisions, we seek clarity. Should I stay or should I go? Should I buy this? Is this “worth it”? (Time – Energy – Money) What’s the “Opportunity Cost” of opting for this instead of that? Is my judgement clouded by FOMO? (Fear of missing out) Who else cares about […]