Pricing a house right is not rocket science . . . but

DO NOT RELY ON ZILLOW ZESTIMATE! Even your PETS know not to trust the reliability of the internet. So . . . Why would you even fathom trusting the internet to determine the “Market Value” of your house? Through the years, internet information has misguided MANY house buyers and sellers resulting in MANY MILLIONS of […]

Your Top Game Changers for 2020

How much time, energy, and money has denial cost you in 2019? I know you know what this is. It’s that thing you know you should be doing but aren’t. This might be something you’re telling other people you are doing, but you aren’t. Or maybe it’s that thing you just can’t seem to find […]

Save yourself from yourself

I begin this post with a short story The Drowning Man A fellow was stuck on his rooftop in a flood. He was praying to God for help. Soon a man in a rowboat came by and the fellow shouted to the man on the roof, “Jump in, I can save you.” The stranded fellow […]

Honoring a Veteran is easier than you think

“A veteran is someone who, at one point in their life wrote a blank check made payable to “The United States of America,” for an amount up to and including their life.”— Unknown Most Veterans are humble folks who “laid themselves on the line” for a period of their lives to serve and protect our […]

The Opportunity Cost of Commission Breath

Everyone has standards . . . What are yours? Is your business Niche oriented? Perhaps you’ve chosen a particular subdivision, zip code, type of residence (House/Condo), or school zone, or theme (Waterfront or Golf or equestrian), Style (Mid-Century – Victorian – Contemporary) . . . or maybe you most enjoy working with 1st time buyers […]