It may not BE about you!

These days, I’ve noticed a hair more anxiety in the air. Things just aren’t happening as many people wish (or expect). I know in the real estate industry, every deal is 4 or 5 times as difficult to consummate as they were a couple of years ago . . . and each deal carries more […]

Monday Morning Coffee – “Working” IN or ON your business or Life?

Most of us spend most of our time┬á“working” IN our life and/or business. What I mean by this is that we tend to let “what needs to be done” control our every waking hour. “What needs to be done” is what’s on the ToDo list . . . It’s our routine of waking up, feeding […]

REALTOR Open House – Skunkworks – Developing your Business

Inviting you to a multi-purpose EVENT at Debbie Owen’s listing @ 1027 Holly Tree Farms Road – Brentwood – Tuesday 9/21 Stop by Amy Wyatt’s listing @ 1108 Holly Tree Farms Road on your way to Debbie’s This is SO exciting . . . You just MUST come ­čÖé You’ll preview 2 great houses Debbie […]

Don’t forget to ask the question . . .

For most all of us, our┬ádays┬áare filled with meetings and conversations with family, friends, work associates, and clients. That’s what we humans do. We communicate with each other to figure things out . . . to work with others to coordinate things, for advice and counsel, or to gain their support or business to help […]

Fear based lending?

I think I’ve decided that I like┬áMY role in a real estate transaction better than the role of the Loan Originator. Why? Of course, there are frustrations and delays and unpleasant surprises along the way in most transactions these days . . . and the burden is on me to “handle”/manage all of the sundry […]