Environmental Check-in – Is your office environment healthy?

Not a day goes by when I fail to see or hear someone with great passion proselytizing about the importance of taking care of the environment. I’m a believer in sustaining a healthy environment such that it continues to live and thrive and provide for us as we provide for it. Don’t we have just […]

Monday Morning Coffee – The mystical art of pricing a home in a fluid market.

Good Monday Morning! When the economy goes weird, just about anybody in the business of selling, well, ANYTHING faces an enigma of epic proportions. How do you find the right price? Price it too high, it doesn’t sell . . . and you end up in this “chasing the market” down – down – down […]

Your trigger . . .

I’ve coached a LOT of folks in my life. Coaching is fun for me because it’s a little like a treasure hunt. The prize is discovery of the coachee’s trigger. What’s a trigger? For each of us, there is this subtle nuance, niche, way of doing things, group of people, unique talent, relationships from the […]

There’s a lot of change going on out here!

So! What else is new? If things weren’t changing, we’d be bored, stagnant . . . dead. Not all of us like change. Fall is one of those seasons that I notice a substantially variable opinion of change . . . Some folks LOVE the cooler weather and relish the notion that snow may come […]

Who’s the packrat in your family?

I’m betting you know a packrat or 2! If you ask a true packrat why he keeps EVERYTHING, he’ll tell you because it’s worth SOMETHING and he might need it again one day. I’m a natural born┬ápackrat. I hate to throw ANYTHING away (just ask my wife). In fact when I do throw something away, […]