Show me you care more about your success than I

I’m always available to meet with Real Estate agents looking for a new business home. I consider my “Barriers to entry” into a Real Estate sales career with Pareto Realty to be relatively low for the right people. There are only 3 requirements prior to scheduling one of these “Mutual Interviews”. The applicant must: go […]

Denial of Self-Sabotage?

What is it that you do that’s counter-productive? What are your bad habits that hang out with that dead moose under your desk/Bed/Dining room table? Ah yes! You DO know what these things are, and you can’t help but know about the dead moose because it’s really stinky, the cloud of flies is oh-so-distracting. Every […]

Hey! I’ve been thinking about you!

Spirit works in amazing ways when we listen. Last week, I attended the NINJA Selling Installation at Greater Nashville REALTORS. Dennis Giannetti was our “NINJA Installer”, and he was magnificent as he presented “The System” beginning with lots of mindset work . . . For sure if you want to make a significant shift in […]

Consistency + Intensity = Flow

The macho people in the world exude INTENSITY! The marathoners are all about endurance. Teams strive for FLOW! While both of those are “necessary” for high performance in our Spirituality, physical condition, relationships, our work, and our over-all well-being, Consistency is the special sauce. Intensity is our horsepower . . . It’s what pushes us […]