When the weather outside is frightful

Most of the schools in Middle Tennessee are closed today due to the forecast of apocalyptic rainfall. It’s not so much the rain that’s the concern . . . It’s the VOLUME of water that’ll be deluging the creeks and Rivers and the low points. One might wonder why we Nashvillians can’t seem to figure […]

Sequestering yourself from solicitors

When in your place of business doing your thing called “work”, interruptions of any kind are counter-productive, right? So . . . why do we allow them? My prescription for optimal personal and professional performance calls for 2-3 hours of FOCUS at a high level of INTENSITY during that time when we are most mentally […]

How do you know if you are winning?

All of us have different ways to measure our success. For some, it’s fulfillment, Happiness . . . a feeling of accomplishment. Some others are all about the numbers (Business-centric) . . . Number of calls dialed, conversations had, conversions to appointments, then conversions to client, then closings (Volume, Gross revenue, Profit). Then there are […]

Freedom Shock!

Thor got loose last night . . . Thor is the innocent looking one on the left. He’s got a great, loving disposition. Looks can be deceiving! There’s a veritable hellion imprisoned in that calm and endearing presence. 90% of the time, he oozes with love and affection. The other 10% of the time, he’s […]

SMART Marketing

Throwing money at marketing to see if it’ll stick ain’t the path of least resistance to a successful business. Every day, I “run the gauntlet” of ads and connection requests from “Marketers” on Facebook, Linkedin, Email, text . . . They all promise the same thing. If I give them (Enough) money, they’ll deliver gobs […]