The Traditional CMA Approach May Lead to Disappointment

The Real Estate Market in the past several years has lulled us into a comfortable state of complacency. We REALTORS could pretty much have our way (and let our home Sellers have THEIR way) when it came to pricing homes . . . It was pretty easy . . . Do a cursory Comparative Market […]

The client does NOT have Imputed Knowledge

Let’s start with a dictionary definition from ‘Imputed knowledge means the knowledge attributed to a party because of his/her position, or his/her relationship with or responsibility for another party. Such knowledge is attributed for the reason that the facts in issue were open to discovery and it was that person’s duty to apprise him/her […]

Is your marketing creating the change you desire?

“When you’re marketing change, you’re offering a new emotional state, a step closer to the dreams and desires of your customers, not a widget.” (From This Is Marketing by Seth Godin page 78) 4 pages later, he offers some sage advice to REALTORS entitled: “No one is happy to call a real estate broker”. I’m […]

Let’s kill the change while it’s still young

Oh my! Why do some people have make things SO difficult? Just when we start getting used to THIS way of doing things, someone feels compelled to CHANGE something. Why can’t we just leave things well enough alone? What we are doing now works . . . It does what it’s s’posed to do and […]

Dangling Threads – Procrastinated Completion

How many projects on your list are almost completed? Why are they ALMOST completed? What’s happened? At the beginning, you had such great energy for each of these projects and tackled them with vigor. As you approached the finish line, you took your foot off the gas? Was there some other slique, new project distracting […]