Your Process Expertise is your best Leverage

Every job/profession has a “process” . . . The way things happen to deliver the service or product the customer/client expects. The smoother the process AND the more pleasing the outcome for the Customer = repeatĀ and referral business. If you want to be famous for ANYTHING, have the smoothest process of anyone in your line […]

The Audit!

AACK! AUDIT? REALLY? Very few people have happy, positive reactions to news of a surprise audit. Whether it be the IRS, the Real Estate Commission, The Drill Sergeant, or your Mom’s “White glove inspection” of your room, every person who’s ever been audited KNOWS what’s there to catch and jitters about and hovers and attempts […]

The thrill of the Negotiation

It seems some folks came out of the womb negotiating. Debbie and I have 2 daughters and a son, and we are certain that all 3 will succeed at VERY high levels because of their innate ability to negotiate. Perhaps a part of the reason is that they all have heard us negotiating in our […]

“Can you Hear me NOW?”

You’re Invited Effective Communication (a Mastermind Session) Wednesday May 16 @ 10 AM Pinnacle Bank Belle Meade – 4328 Harding Rd Please RSVP by reply email Verizon made a HUGE impression with this phrase: “Can You Hear Me NOW?” As their little nerd with a cell phone roamed the country pushing the limits with their […]

Monday Morning Coffee – Networking IS for everyone

That word “Networking” sends chills up most people’s spines. Visions of slique, hungry business people gathering in a beehive of activity for the sole purpose of getting LEADS swirl through the heads of most folks as they consider whether to be or not to be a networker. The irony is that everyone already IS a […]