Contacts – Calendar – Documents . . . Dancing in the cloud!

During 1/2 time at Saturday’s soccer game, I did a quick check of email from my phone. There, I found the following “ToDos”: Schedule 2 additional houses for the Buyer client I would meet that afternoon Forward a Rental Lease Agreement to a prospect Schedule a coaching appointment Refer a contractor to a client Within […]

Monday Morning Coffee – Same Ball – Different game

It’s a soccer ball. The Players appear to be the same as in “normal” FutBol with cleats and shin guards and colorful jerseys. The field has 2 goals with goal boxes, boundary and center lines. But something’s different . . . EVERYTHING is smaller. The field, the goals, the number of players (3 per team […]

Monday Morning Coffee – Your Life Rhythm Budget

Some folks saw the word “Budget” in the title and have chosen not to read this post. “Budget” has a bad rap for many people because of implications of “Discipline” – “Restrictions” – “Boundaries” – “Rigidity” – “Creativity/Innovation inhibitor” . . . “Budget” often offers the perfect escape hatch from new ideas for PIC’s (People […]

Your best source of new business is right under your nose!

How do you get it all done? Build your business . . . Service your clients . . . Execute your marketing strategy . . . Handle all of the paperwork (compliance) . . . WHEW! Getting it all done can be EXHAUSTING. What we ALL need more of is LEVERAGE! How can we accomplish […]

Monday Morning Coffee – Memorial Day Tribute

“Everyone has a Veteran in their life!” I’m a Veteran who served 12 years and was fortunate not to have paid the ultimate sacrifice. For that, I am thankful . . . and because of that I am ever more appreciative of those who have – Some 1.3 MILLION of them who have persevered and […]